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WIAW #100

Wow I can’t believe this is my 100th time joining up with Jenn, Arman, and Laura for the WIAW fun. Its been fun connecting and making new friends and connections through the blogging community. I’ve been thinking a lot and … Continue reading

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WIAW #99

Welcome to another WIAW and thanks for stopping by. I had a couple more doctor visits since last week and am no longer as laid up with crutches. I am able to walk on my leg but am wearing the … Continue reading

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WIAW #98

Good WIAW Friends! Thanks for stopping by on this first Wednesday of May. It’s been a big week around my world this past week. I got the call from my doctor last Thursday about my MRI results and the news … Continue reading

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WIAW #97

Wow It is hard to believe it is the last Wednesday of April and that it will be May in just a few days. It feels like summer is on the horizon now! I had a good week around here. … Continue reading

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WIAW #96

Happy WIAW friends! It has been quite an eventful weekend for me. It was really cool to be in Boston and see the spirit of the city come alive for the race. Back in January I signed up to be … Continue reading

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WIAW #95

Happy Wednesday and thanks for stopping by for the weekly WIAW linkup! I had a low key weekend here. I aggravated my IT Band, calf, and knee last week so ended up taking it easy on the couch resting. I … Continue reading

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WIAW #94

Good Morning! I’m linking up with the WIAW friends for a weekly catchup once again. I made a quick overnight trip down to New York City on Friday…I wanted to get back to Boston before the storm came on Sunday. … Continue reading

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