WIAW #95

Happy Wednesday and thanks for stopping by for the weekly WIAW linkup! I had a low key weekend here. I aggravated my IT Band, calf, and knee last week so ended up taking it easy on the couch resting. I did end up finalizing and submitting my taxes finally which had been on the ‘to do’ list for a while. This weekend starts the marathon events here in Boston. The ads are all over buses and trains and this week was also opening day at Fenway. It is quite a busy area. If you or anyone is running the marathon let me know! My apartment is right on the route near the finish so it is a prime viewing spot hopefully.

Breakfast on the couch of oatmeal and mini oranges.   I made a quick outing to Costco to stock up on a few things and went to the Whole Foods next door for a couple things. I made a quick stop at the Lucky jeans store in the same complex and tried on a pair of jeans. They fit well but they didn’t have the inseam I need. I’d have to order online. Now I need to find a sale or promo code to get a deal. Aparently they charge quite a bit for shipping which seems crazy in this day and age. I need to search some other stores or websites perhaps to buy them at.

I really wanted avocado toast but the avocados at Whole Foods were terrible. They were all mushy and over ripe or under ripe. They were kinda pricy and I didn’t want to chance a dud for $2. I passed and just bought another container of almond cream cheese from Kite Hill that I talked about recently. I enjoyed fresh Costco berries on the side instead.   I grabbed a mandarin orange during one of my trips to get the ice pack from the freezer mid afternoon.

I picked up this Liquid Ninja sriracha sauce at Whole Foods. I had read it was their exclusive and made without funny ingredients. I have been recently trying to reintroduce some foods that I had been avoiding due to allergy and irritation concerns. Unfortunately that didn’t seem to agree with my body. I kept dinner easy tonight and cooked a fillet of salmon which I flaked up and put on top of some frozen TJ rice. I drizzles some sriracha on top and it was really good. The sauce had great flavor and not spicy as much as a little hot.  Added cherry tomatoes and baby carrots while resting and catching up on the DVR.
img_3544Snacked on some jelly beans and these pomegranate fig bars that I found in NYC the other weekend. They have a different texture compared to the regular variety but the pomegranate flavor was good and on point.
IMG_3546That’s a wrap on this week. I am off to rest up for the busy marathon and spectator congestion this weekend….and hopefully find a massage therapist with some availability this week too!

Have a great week. Are you a fan of the Boston Marathon? Do you watch the race? I have previously and it will be neat to see it in person and feel the energy.




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2 Responses to WIAW #95

  1. I hate when avocados are too ripe or not ripe enough, that ruins my day haha!


  2. Your big bowl of creamy looking oatmeal looks so good!


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