WIAW #94

Good Morning! I’m linking up with the WIAW friends for a weekly catchup once again. I made a quick overnight trip down to New York City on Friday…I wanted to get back to Boston before the storm came on Sunday. I heard about a bus company with cheap fares and ended up booking a ticket for a good deal. The bus worked out pretty well…the only minor issue was on the arriving bus the driver seemed to feel that driving a huge bus downtown through the Upper West Side…specifically Columbus Ave!!! Sheesh! Overall though it  was an efficient way to make the trip down I was able to accomplish most of what I had hoped to on this short trip.

I wish I could say this getaway was 100% purely for vacation purposes but it was not. I haven’t mentioned but my current job contract ends in June and I’m starting soon to look for my next one. I’m hoping to stay on the East Coast at least and avoid a huge geographical move. I’m not looking at New York exclusively but just starting with some locations close by first. I spent some time looking at prospective neighborhoods and apartments based on some possible hospitals. Once a contract is posted there is often a small window to decide and I like to have a grasp on some logistical things before hand. I took a break though and enjoyed the gorgeous weather on Friday afternoon
IMG_3508The forecast called for rain storms both days so I dressed warm and while it did rain and was cooler on Saturday it was breezy and 75 on Friday. Please excuse my terrible wind blown hair. I’m experimenting with growing my hair out and somedays it is hard to manage!
IMG_3509The flowers were delightful to see in the neighborhoods and looked so bright and cheery!
IMG_3506I even made a quick stop at Macy’s and saw their annual flower displays depicting regions of the US. The entire first level had huge displays of real flowers. I didn’t stay long as I needed only stopped by to try on a pair of jeans that had been out of stock in other stores. Unfortunately I wasn’t thrilled with the fit so left empty-handed.
IMG_3504Dinner on Friday night was at Bareburger. I had it on my list of a place to come back to. I tried Elk for the first time and really liked it. I ended up being there while their happy hour drinks were on special and this Brooklyn brewed beer was just $5.
IMG_3519On Friday night I went and saw Bright Star. It just opened and has gotten rave reviews. Steve Martin created the North Carolina bluegrass musical and I thought it was fantastic. I would highly recommend it. The story of the musical had me hooked and the musical and signing was superb. As soon as I arrived on Friday afternoon I headed to the theatre in hopes of getting a $30 rush ticket to the show. I lucked out with nabbing one to the Friday night show.
IMG_3524Saturday morning I got a relaxing slow start at the hotel. I was actually able to sleep in a little bit longer than usual which was nice. I snacked on the this blood orange I picked up the day before as I got ready to leave
IMG_3526I took the short subway ride downtown to Oatmeals for breakfast. I’d been looking forward to a bowl of their deliciousness and it did not disappoint. It was rainy so I had some mint tea to warm up
IMG_0189I headed over to Brooklyn to briefly get an idea of a neighborhood over there that I was looking at. I made a detour and checked out Haymaker’s Corner Store which is a vegan store that I’d read about. I didn’t buy anything but they had an interesting assortment of products. There was a mixture of small and name brand companies. Not much really caught my eye but it was interesting to see.

I headed back to Manhattan and after a couple stops in the SoHo area I headed uptown for lunch. I made my way to Peacefood and enjoyed this tahini sprout sandwich which I had last time I was there. It was just as I remembered and made for a great quick lunch. I also got a chocolate chip cookie as I was leaving and ate it as I walked though some more areas.
IMG_3530I ended up walking from near 85th to around Columbus Circle and covered a lot of ground. I ended up running short on time of getting back to my hotel and checking out and heading to the bus. I stopped by Whole Foods to grab some baby carrots to eat on the bus. After checking out I headed to the Midtown location of Beyond Sushi which was near my hotel to grab some takeout to eat on the bus. I’d seen others mention this vegan sushi restaurant and wanted to check it out. I got a little assortment and it was very good. Not heavy on the rice as some rolls and sushi can be and was made fresh to order. It was quick and they were great with omitting some ingredients. I was starving after all the walking and I’ll defiantly check them out the next time I’m back.
IMG_3536Well that’s all from my quick trip to New York. I hope you all had a great weekend and didn’t any storms or rain and snow that we got here in the North East. It was snowing and freezing cold here but hopefully it looks like milder temperatures are on the horizon. Fingers Crossed!

Have you ever been to NYC?
If you’ve lived in the New York area and have any neighborhood or town recommendations I’m all ears!
Anyone else dislike jean shopping? I really need some new jeans and finding a new brand and style is so draining!


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7 Responses to WIAW #94

  1. I was born on NYC, and most of my family still lives there! Welcome:) sorry it’s been seasonably cold.

    All the food looks good to me- I always love your eats!


  2. Stephanie says:

    I’m so jealous of your eats! Especially that elk burger from Bareburger. I see they have Sir Kensington’s condiments on their tables so that definitely looks like my type of restaurant. Glad you enjoyed your time in NYC. I haven’t been there since 1997, but I remember not liking it at all. Too many crowds and Yankees fans for me.


    • I agree with you about the crowds in NYC. I try to avoid the mob scene areas like Times Square at all costs. I did find some quiet neighborhoods with some neat character which was nice. Nice to research and check out the lay of the land before moving. I had never tried Sir Kensington before but had seen it at Whole Foods. It tasted really good!


  3. It looks you’ve had so many delicious eats! And SPRING is in full force. I love spring.


  4. So glad you got to hang in NYC and sheesh!! You made the most of it! Everything you ate and did sounds perfect! I love Bareburger. Their sweet potato fries….YUM! I was hoping to get to Oatmeals during out trip but it didn’t happen. I’ll just have to make a special bowl of oats to make up for it:)


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