WIAW #97

Wow It is hard to believe it is the last Wednesday of April and that it will be May in just a few days. It feels like summer is on the horizon now! I had a good week around here. My Mom and sister flew in on Friday and spent some time visiting Boston for the first time. Although I briefly saw my Mom in February I really hadn’t had a good visit with either of them in almost 2 years. It was really special to have them make the trip out and to catch up in person.
IMG_3603I’ve still been dealing with my knee unfortunately. I ordered this foam roller off Amazon last week thanks to Stephanie’s recommendation. I finally decided since it wasn’t getting better and getting a bit worse that I really needed to make an appointment with an Orthopedic doctor. I saw him yesterday and then went for some X rays and an MRI. I’m waiting for the MRI results but the thought is the symptoms are consistent with a tear of the meniscus 😦

Here’s a look at the meals I had yesterday for this week’s WIAW.

Since I had the day off work I ate breakfast in daylight and not super early as per usual on work days. I’m still mixing in the Vital Proteins collagen powder in the oatmeal each morning. The mandarins around here seem to be really crummy and not worth the price tag. I picked up some Cara Cara oranges instead as they were $0.99/lb. While not super sweet they are growing on me.
IMG_3610In between my appointments I stopped and grabbed this Kevita for the first time. Another recommendation by Stephanie. It was really good!
IMG_3606I ended up getting home right at lunch and was ready to put my leg up and eat. I discovered though that the almond cream cheese was kinda moldy in spots and was going bad. I salvaged a little bit and threw the rest of the container in the trash. There wasn’t much left in the container but I was looking forward to it for lunch. I just added tons of jam instead to the other piece.
IMG_3607I also had some super firm raspberries. Nature’s candy!
IMG_3608I honestly forgot I had vanilla almond milk in the cupboard until I used some to make muffins last weekend. A cold glass was a great addition to lunch. Used my favorite NY glass.
IMG_3612I think I’ve become a fan of the combination of nutritional yeast and sriracha. I’ve been having the pair for dinner lately and loving it. I know it is a strange sounding pair but it is really good. I added some browned ground turkey to a sweet potato and it was a great combo. Carrots on the side while visiting with my Mom and sister. I’ve tried reintroducing some old foods which I had stomach reactions to previously. While some haven’t been successful I’m hoping to trial spinach and greens soon. I’ve been craving salad lately.
IMG_3609I was driving my Mom and sister to some rural areas around Boston on Saturday and stopped by a Target to pick up a few things. I stumbled upon these brownies from Nature’s Bakery and picked them up to try.
IMG_3615I had planned on trying them but we decided to watch the movie Sherpa from my DVR that aired on the Discovery channel the other night. It’s about the sherpas who work on Everest and the unfortunate devastating tragic loss last year. It was a great film. Seeing as it was movie night I popped us popcorn instead. (Old Photo)
IMG_3340That’s a wrap on my day. It started to rain here so I’m hoping the old saying ‘April showers brings May flowers’ is true! Hopefully you have a great rain free last week of April. Happy WIAW!

Have you had a meniscus tear?
Are you a Cara Cara Orange fan?
Are you looking forward to May and the summer like me?


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10 Responses to WIAW #97

  1. Sorry your knee’s been acting up! Hope it didn’t get in the way of time with your mom and sister!


    • Thanks Faith. Hope you’re settling in back home after your trip. Looking forward to your recaps. Hopefully you were able to bring back some favorite things you’ve been missing 🙂


  2. Oh, Kate, I’m sorry that your knee is not doing well. Praying for healing! Also that chocolate looks really good! I love discovering new varieties of chocolate. Those raspberries look just perfect!


  3. I’m sorry to hear about your knee! I’ve been having knee problems for an embarrassingly long amount of time hoping it would help itself, but I know that I need to finally make an appointment to just get it looked at.


    • Thanks Morgan. I’d been holding off as I thought it would get better and not wanting to be a burden to the health system. Eventually though it was time to get it checked. Hope you knee gets better. Belated congratulations on your recent arrival!


  4. I’m the queen of recommendations apparently. I created a “favorites” page on my blog for even more recommendations. Sorry to hear that your knee isn’t getting better. Hopefully the doc can figure out how to best help you. Have a great week!


  5. Feel better soon!! Take care of yourself


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