WIAW #93

Happy WIAW once again friends! Can’t believe it is March 30th today. I was out walking around Back Bay in Boston on Saturday and ended up walking past the finish line of the Marathon where this sign was posted
IMG_3492It was quite cool and windy and the area was packed as there was a huge Anime convention happening with people in costumes everywhere. I hurried to the train station and then home to warm up and escape the madness and crowds!

I picked up this package of Blackberries again at Costco the other day and they were really good. No duds or rotten ones in the bunch.
IMG_3497 2Had some for breakfast when my standby walnut and flax oatmeal. I over judged the water amount the ground flax always thickens it up nicely when that happens. I’ve been seeing hemp seeds everywhere and have wondered about them. Have you tried them? Do they thicken like ground flax? I tried chia seeds but wasn’t a fan as I couldn’t get them to thicken quickly and they always seemed to get stuck in my teeth 🙂

I headed out for a walk and to do some shopping. I am really liking the older style to Boston and the brownstone style buildings. So much character in this city….even the street lamps in the photo. I wanted to find some jeans but gave up after trying a couple stores with unfriendly and not helpful staff. I did get a pair of pants at Lululemon. I had tried them on a while ago but just couldn’t justify the regular price. I noticed they went on sale online drastically so I stopped in to try them on again. The store ended up having the style and color I wanted so I took it as a sign and picked them up!
IMG_3487Lunch was this meal basically but 2x the berries and  instead of the orange I had a mug of hot lemon tea. I forgot to snap a photo as I was trying to quickly warm up 🙂
IMG_3473I mentioned last week about picking up a jar of nutritional yeast. I have tried it and am definitely a fan. I am convinced that the other jar I had may have been old or spoiled as this one tastes much better. I stored the last jar in the refrigerator as the jar said but have been keeping this one in the cupboard. Any tips on storage would be great! I have been adding it to most dinners and especially liking it mixed with tomato sauce. After getting home late the other day from work I threw a potato in the oven and after showering and changing it was ready. I browned a turkey sausage and mixed the yeast and sauce together. It was really good despite looking not very appealing!
IMG_3477I wanted something warm tonight so I thawed a pack of Shrimp from Sizzlefish that I recently ordered when they had a sale. While the pasta cooked I warmed the sauce and cooked the shrimp simply with some pepper. They cooked so quickly which is a huge plus for rushed nights.
IMG_3484I then topped the pasta with tomato sauce and a spoonful of nutritional yeast and topped it with the diced shrimp. It was fantastic!
IMG_3485Some popcorn to end the day along with a fig bar. I was browsing on Pinterest and noticed people raving about amish popcorn kernels from Indiana. Wondering if they are really worth trying. I see Amazon sells them but just unsure whether they are that unique. Have you tried them?

Well that’s a wrap on my week. I am considering taking a quick getaway out of town this weekend if I can find a deal!

Hope you had a great Easter weekend. Do you have any plans for this weekend?

Have a great week!


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2 Responses to WIAW #93

  1. Stephanie says:

    I’m sure my mom would approve of Amish popcorn. She grew up really close to their farm on a farm just across the border in Ohio. She would probably tell you that any non-GMO kernel will do just as long as you air pop it with coconut oil. She considers microwaved popcorn to be a sin yet she microwaves almost everything else. I don’t get it. Either way, I need a getaway this weekend too. Being back at home with my parents is driving me crazy.


  2. Yay for yummy blackberries! And I can’t believe that the Boston Marathon is so soon! WOW!


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