WIAW #100

Wow I can’t believe this is my 100th time joining up with Jenn, Arman, and Laura for the WIAW fun. Its been fun connecting and making new friends and connections through the blogging community. I’ve been thinking a lot and have some ideas on ways to expand the blog and share and connect beyond the weekly Wednesday posts. There are a ton of ideas I’ve been tossing around in my head! I am hoping that going self hosted will make the process easier and allow me to use new options and apps on the bog. I made progress on Sunday with the setup of the new site. I was finally able to import my posts and am now playing with design, layout, and plugins. I’m hoping to launch the page officially in the next few weeks. I’ll be sure to let you all know and give you all the details.

I made a quick trip down to NYC last Friday to see a friend. It was a quick overnight trip but was great to catch up in person. We ended up seeing a couple of Broadway shows and wandered through the Union Square Farmer’s Market on Saturday
IMG_3673It was supposed to rain but ended up being sunny and warm. I was obviously overdressed with my rain jacket!
IMG_3675After a late night of visiting I started the day off leisurely with an orange before walking to the subway.
IMG_3667I picked up a mint tea from Starbucks on the way
IMG_3669We had breakfast at Oatmeals was a bowl of the pumpkin pie with some almond milk and pecans.
IMG_3671After breakfast we headed back uptown and scored $32 rush tickets to see the Blackbird matinee. Jeff Daniels and Michelle Williams star in the one act play and despite the dark subject matter it had rave reviews and was closing in just a few weeks. We lucked out with great seats in the back of the orchestra section and the acting and show was fabulous.
IMG_3682Before the show we enjoyed lunch at Peacefoods. Since I was trying to walk as little as possible we took the subway a lot more that usual. We went back down to the Union Square location. I’ve been there before and it was packed but it was surprisingly empty at noon on Saturday. We had a great meal and the miso tahini sandwich was so good.
LunchDessert is impossible to pass up at Peacefoods. Chose the chocolate chip cookie. It was my second of the trip as Friday afternoon when I got to town I stopped by and picked one up as part of a late lunch after the long bus ride.
IMG_3680Dinner on a rainy Friday night was at Bareburger near the theater. We ended up finding two chairs at the corner of the bar which were out of the way. While the company was fantastic the food was kinda disappointing. Our burgers were a bit overcooked and the sweet potato fries which are usually stellar there were quite mushy. I sent my fries back and the second batch was a bit better but not great. I’ve had many good meals at this location so I’m thinking something must have been off that night in the kitchen.
IMG_0191After we headed off to see Waitress. The show has been really popular and when I mentioned coming down to NYC it worked out that the Friday night show had a couple remaining seats in the very back row. The pricing was kinda crazy on the Ticketmaster site. Our seats were $69 but the nearby rows were jumping around to way over a $100. The show was funny and a good show but I can’t say it was my favorite. Some characters seemed to be overshadowed and while I’m not offended by cursing it did have quite a bit of curse words that seemed a bit unnecessary to the story. The music was enjoyable and it was very evident that Sara Bareilles had a big role in the writing.
IMG_3661It was a fun quick overnight getaway and despite being less mobile with my brace and knee if felt good mentally to do something ‘normal’ after a few weeks of resting.

Do you have any plans this weekend?
Any bloggers have any theme or plugin tips or suggestions?


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7 Responses to WIAW #100

  1. Yay! Happy 100th WIAW anniversary!! This post makes me want to go to NYC only for 2 reasons. Broadway and Bareburger. Is Waitress the same as the Kari Russell movie with the same name?


    • Not three reasons…Broadway, bareburger, and the farmer’s market? 😉 yes it is the same show. I’ve never seen the movie and actually hadn’t heard there was one until Friday. I’ll have to look for it


  2. What a day! And you ate at three of my fav restaurants…plus broadway?! So cool Kate!


  3. Mm… for some reason that chocolate chip cookie looks AMAZING right now!!! You got an amazing foodie experience there in NYC! And it is so cool that you’ve done WIAW for 100 days.


  4. That looks like such a fun weekend! I would love to get back to NYC one day soon.

    Good luck with the blog switch! You’re going to love being self-hosted. Definitely get the Askimet plugin to help with spam and Yoast SEO to help optimize.


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