WIAW #36

Hello! Time for another visit this week. I have been trying to survive this cold stormy weather in Dallas….(which people tell me is very unseasonable for this area). I can’t wait to return to the warmth of Arizona in a few months! I have clearly lost my ability to tolerate winter weather haha! Hope you all are staying warm inside if you are dealing with this nasty blast of winter weather. Now onto a look at some of the meals I have created this week.
IMG_2007I had a craving for strawberries the other day when I saw them on sale at Costco. I picked up the fresh ones and they were ok but kinda disappointing and tough. I grabbed a bag of frozen berries a couple days later and have been adding them to my breakfast and lunch.
IMG_2010Coffee and tea while snuggled on the couch under a blanket with a side of magazines and netflix and Amazon Prime. Have you guys seen the new series Bosch on Amazon Prime? I just finished binge watching it and was completely hooked by the end of it. I haven’t read any of the books but am a fan of the Law & Order tv genre. I highly recommend checking it out if you like those types of shows.

IMG_2003I am still trying to find a dinner meal routine/ideas that work with this new work schedule for the next few months. I work the afternoon/evening shift Mon-Fri so I need to pack a supper each day. I was browsing The Fresh Market and spotted this frozen roasted veggie pizza. I decided to give it a try and added some sun dried tomatoes before cooking it. It was quite good. It had a thin multi-grain crust which didn’t taste overly fake and there were large pieces of vegetables on it. It was a an easy meal to take to work for 2 days.
IMG_1988This weekend I stocked up on some salmon and baked a fillet on Sunday night. I was craving some fish and this ended up cooking perfectly. I can sometimes…(often) accidentally overcook salmon but this was just right. I added on some of the Mom’s Gourmet Wow-a Chihuahua seasoning blend that was awesome. Costco had a great deal on asparagus so I quick boiled a bunch to go on the side.
IMG_1999I popped up a bowl of this new popcorn to snack on after supper. The kernels pop up a lot smaller than usual but it still tastes the same.
IMG_2009 Hope you all stay warm and spring weather can hopefully start to appear.

Have any of you been to Shreveport LA? I just found out it isn’t a far drive and have been wondering if it is worth a visit over a weekend?
I am planning a weekend trip to Austin soon…any tips or suggestions are welcomed.
Are you a Netflix or Amazon Prime viewer? Any recent favs? I am looking forward to season 3 of House of Cards!

I have been a long time reader of Jenn’s WIAW series and have really enjoyed her hosting the linkup each week. Over the past few weeks the linkup has a had to be moderated and put on hold due to too many unrelated off topic posts being linked up. It is a shame and I hope at some point the link up can return and its original intention and everyone can just ‘play by the rules’.


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WIAW #35

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday! I am finally no longer living in a hotel! On Monday I moved into a new company apartment. I am still waiting for a washer and dryer to be delivered but am starting to settle in and unpack. It feels great to do normal things again….like make a cup of coffee in my french press! Here is a peek at some of my hotel and non hotel eats this week.

While packets of oatmeal made for an easy breakfast at the hotel I was thrilled to whip up a batch of Kodiak Cakes yesterday morning. Yum!
IMG_1980I follow up with another cup of brewed coffee in my new mug.
IMG_1979Chipotle chicken salads with hot sauce for dinner. These have been good but I am looking forward to having a dinner at home this weekend.
IMG_1976Picked up this Whole Foods beet and kale salad. I love beets (but hate dealing with the mess of cooking them) and couldn’t pass up this tasty mess-free creation.
IMG_1974Found these at TJ’s on the weekend and have been snacking on them daily. Really good and not overly salty. I need to head back soon and grab another bag :)
IMG_1982Spotted these huge blackberries at Costco and snacked on them after dinner
IMG_1977Along with multiple handfuls of the Whole Foods copycat of peanut M&Ms
IMG_1978Hope you all have a wonderful warm week. It is supposed to warm up slightly here in Dallas this week which will be great. I am not impressed with the cold weather :)

Don’t forget to visit Jenn’s blog and see what WIAW is all about



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WIAW #34

Good Morning! I hope that you are all staying safe from all the nasty winter weather whether it is the rainstorms or the snow and frigid temps on the eastern side of the US. I have had quite a week here in Dallas. I was supposed to move into an apartment on Friday but it was completely trashed and unliveable. I have been staying in a hotel while my company figures out another plan. If housing can’t be worked out this week I will probably be heading home. Very upsetting and frustrating to say the least. I am hoping that things work out but I’m not overly confident. Anyways…..time for a look at some of the food I have been enjoying here in Dallas.

On Saturday morning I headed out to visit the Dallas Farmer’s Market. There were huge long rows of fresh vegetables and fruit. Fresh papayas and citrus fruit galore! There were a lot of local producers and farmers. If I end up staying here I will definitely go back and stock up on some fresh items.
IMG_1932Breakfast has been coffee, oatmeal, and a banana. I find it is a simple and quick thing to eat on the road or when away from a kitchen. I used my Starbucks free reward to add the blueberries this time.
IMG_1903While I have been kitchen-less I have been spending a lot of time at Starbucks enjoying the free tea and coffee refills and wifi. Lunch has been happening there as well and has been a repeat of breakfast for ease and convenience. Once I got to Dallas I picked up a box of plain oatmeal packets from Whole Foods and just ask for a small cup of hot water and make my own for lunch.

Supper has been in my hotel room each day. I have been stopping at a Whole Foods near this hotel for a few items from the prepared department. This salad was delicious. It was kale with some butternut squash and raisins. The dressing was some apple cider vinegar I think. It was so simple and tasty.
IMG_1904A while ago when I found their Cauliflower tabbouli I always pick up a container when I see it. Love it!
IMG_1945Up until last week I had never been to Chipotle at all. I had dinner there while travelling to Dallas and have been having a salad there for supper the past few days. Quite a tasty and quick and healthier version of fast food. This was a chicken salad with the spicy hot sauce.
IMG_1901Have you ever been to Chipotle?
Any favourite kitchen-less meals? :)

Hope you all stay warm and safe this week. Don’t forget to head over to Jenn’s site and see what WIAW is all about.


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WIAW #33

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday! Hope any of you on the east coast are staying safe and warm indoors! I have a short post for you today as I starting my drive to Dallas this morning. It has been a stressful few weeks of sorting out details and it will be good to start to settle in this weekend. Here is a look at some of the food I have enjoyed this week.

I wanted to finish the frozen strawberries in the freezer so I added them to my Kodiak Cakes and coffee for breakfast.
IMG_1883I picked up a small container of this broccoli and pesto salad from Whole Foods. It was really tasty and not overly saucy.
IMG_1892I have been drinking the La Croix Orange flavour lately after spotting it at Target. I tried the coconut flavour but wasn’t a huge fan. Lime and orange are my favs for sure.
IMG_1893Yesterday I picked up an unsweetened Passion Fruit Iced tea from Starbucks. I had one the other day and the barista said it was unsweetened but it tasted sweet to me. This one was definitely unsweetened which I like. I am not a fan of sweet drinks.
IMG_1891Veggies were snacked on during the Super Bowl on Sunday. I chopped up a ton in the afternoon and it gave me easy leftovers for Monday. I picked up more of the purple turnips from the farmer’s market on Saturday. They are just so good. I hope I can find them in Dallas!
IMG_1885Hope you are all having a great first week in February and are enjoying a less stressful week than me!

Any Dallas or Texas info or tips for me?

Don’t forget to head over to Jenn’s site and check out everyone else’s great posts.


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WIAW #32

Happy Wednesday! I hope that any of you on the east coast are safe and warm out of the path of the storm. Although life has been hectic here lately I don’t miss the cold and snowy winter weather. One highlight of my weekend though was signing up for Amazon Prime during their one day sale. I had cancelled after the one month trial a few months ago as I wasn’t sure I would get enough use to justify the $99. When I got the email on the weekend about the sale price of $72 I immediately signed up. Any recommendations on some shows and movies to watch?

Yesterday I had the day off work so I enjoyed a morning coffee at Starbucks. My main purpose was to get the free code for a copy of Tara Stiles new book. I have heard great things about the book and flipped through a copy a few weeks ago and B&N. I am really looking forward to reading it.
IMG_1869On Saturday I headed to the Gilbert Farmer’s Market specifically to see this one local organic farm. I tried these amazing turnips from their farm a few weeks ago and loved them. They grow white and purple ones. The skin is so thin they don’t need to be peeled. I just chop the ends off, wash, cut, and eat. I picked up some more to enjoy. Yum!
IMG_1869 2The last TJ frozen chicken burger with blue corn chips on the side. Making an effort to eat out the food in the freezer before moving.
IMG_1864Picked up a bag of giant sweet red peppers at Costco on the weekend. Cut up one with supper. So sweet and juicy.
IMG_1870My evening snack has been air popped popcorn. I picked up a new popper a while ago at Walmart but I have noticed it seems to pop out a lot of kernels. I need to look for another popper I think.
IMG_1832Enjoying a handful of these TJ cookies as well. I miss the Gingersnap variety they had at Christmas. The one downside of TJ is stock changes so often. If you try something and love it you need to stock up cause it will disappear quickly!
IMG_1799I have today off work today as well. On the agenda today is a haircut and hopefully firming up my housing for my move next week to Dallas!

Hope you all have a warm and safe week from the nasty weather!

Linking up today with Jenn and the weekly WIAW roundup.


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WIAW #31

Happy Wednesday Friends! I hope you are all having a wonderful week. I mentioned last week that my job situation has been up in the air lately. I decided that I needed to have a schedule with guaranteed hours and unfortunately this current job could no longer offer that. I made the decision last week to accept a 12 week travel nurse assignment in Dallas Texas which starts in a few weeks. While it is the right decision for my career at this point I am sad to be leaving Phoenix. I have never been to Dallas or Texas at all. I would love any Texas or Dallas recommendations if you have them!

Last weekend I went to a local Vegetarian Food Festival that was held in Scottsdale. One of the exhibitors was The Pomegranate Cafe. I had never heard of them before. I stopped by for lunch on Saturday and had a veggie filled collard green wrap. It was packed with veggies and had a tangy lemon dressing on the side. I had never eaten a collard green before but thought it was a clever use for a wrap. I tried to make a wrap out of collard green leaves that night but I think I didn’t add enough filling to balance out the taste of the collard green. I need to give it another shot.
IMG_1830I also enjoyed this chocolate chip cookie. It was delicious! I hope I can make it back their before I move.
IMG_1828I picked up some cajun seasoned roasted veggies to go with supper. Yum!
IMG_1819I couldn’t pass up this kale and radish salad with a lemon dill dressing as well. It was delicious and the dill on the salad was so fresh. Fresh dill is so good!
IMG_1820I hadn’t ended the day with popcorn in a while and felt like a bowl while catching up on some TV.
IMG_1832My highlight on Sunday was buying my ticket to Blend Retreat! I had an amazing time last year and it was so much more than I had thought it would be. I went without knowing anyone or having a blog. I made many friendships and connections that I would have never had otherwise. Whether you are a blogger or are a blog reader please come. It will be a great time in Colorado!

I am off on a road trip to Palm Springs today. One of the requirements of applying for a nursing license in California is to get fingerprinted. It is supposed to speed up the long process by getting them done in the state.

Have you ever moved to another city or state without visiting there first?
Any tips or advice on Dallas and Texas????
Have you used collard greens as a wrap?

Big thanks to Jenn for hosting WIAW!


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WIAW #30

Good Morning! Hope you are all enjoying having a look at all the delicious WIAW posts on Jenn’s blog. I am off work today. This new job seems to be quite slow lately which has resulted in more forced days off than I would like. I am hoping that things pick up soon. Today I am hoping to score tickets to see Jimmy Fallon tape an episode of the Tonight Show after the Superbowl here in Phoenix. Tickets are released this morning and I am hoping to snap one up. Fingers crossed! Time for a look at some of my meals this week. I am hoping to have some more time to get back to a more picture filled post next week.

I picked up these Chicken and Lime burgers from Trader Joe’s this week. The seasoning is not over powering and they are quite good for a quick meal. I added some blue corn chips on the side. I have been snacking on these lately. So good.
IMG_1815I have been also roasting up a variety of veggies each night as well. Yum!
IMG_1814I found some tamales at a local farmer’s market a couple of weeks ago. They are made locally by The Tamale Store. I was working late yesterday and decided it would be a great meal in a short period of time. It was corn, mushroom, spinach, and chile salsa. This one is free of lard and shortening as well as soy and other preservatives.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


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