WIAW #46

Good Wednesday Morning All! Hope you are all having a wonderful first week of May. I am keeping today’s post a little shorter as I am busy packing and getting ready for my 1,100 mile journey back to Phoenix this weekend. I leave early Saturday morning and am hoping to make it back in one day but will see how things go. I did enjoy a relaxing weekend and managed to even fit in a little shopping. I posted a photo on Instagram of the new Nike capri pants that I found on clearance at REI. I have only ever purchased black capris and these are the first pair of ‘loud or colored’ capris I have bought. Ignore the miss matched stripes :)
IMG_2185I also decided to splurge on a Food Saver that Costco had on sale. I had tried a mid range food saver a few months ago and was skeptical but after seeing how well the chicken kept in the freezer and positive reviews I decided to take the plunge since this one was a great deal. Now I need to figure out the best deal for bags….sounds like maybe Bed, Bath, and Beyond with a coupon….any tips or hints on bags for me? I treated myself to a container of raspberries.
IMG_2181Now a quick look at my eats from this weekend.

Since I had a partial bag of frozen strawberries to eat up by the end of the week I have been enjoying them at breakfast.
IMG_2191Mid morning repeat snack of rice cakes and TJ chia/flax crunchy peanut butter. Yum! Followed by 32 oz of water…anyone else need to drink water after eating PB?
IMG_2175Lunch was a snacky combo featuring some awesome raspberries. There were so flavorful and firm yet ripe. Not mushy at all!
IMG_2182The raspberry theme continued with this delicious local raspberry lemon bar made by Bearded Brothers in Austin. It was fantastic. I saw a kale and beet variety at Whole Foods on the weekend that I think I will try before I leave.
IMG_2192I also added some TJ honey wheat pretzel sticks to the mix
IMG_2183I have been listening to library audiobooks on my iPad lately.I took a break from sorting and packing to sip on this cold La Croix
IMG_2186I had a lone pork chop in the freezer and topped it on top of a sweet potato. I had plans to eat at the table but then felt lazy like sitting on the couch and watching an episode of Chopped All Starts instead. Sipped on a Dallas beer as well.
IMG_2184Also got my green quota of the day with a salad and used up the last of my vignette in the fridge.
IMG_2187That’s a wrap for today. Can’t wait to post next week from home in sunny Arizona! Hope you all have a great week!

Do you have a food vacuum or food saver? Any tips for me?
Any favorite audiobooks or are you an audiobook fan?

Thanks to Jenn and Laura for hosting the fun weekly WIAW linkup. Make sure you check out all the great eats that everyone else has posted.


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WIAW #45

Hello Friends! I hope you are all having a wondering week. I headed back down to Austin on the weekend for the day. It was nice to get away and have a change of scene. I visited a farmer’s market and there was an annual art festival happening next to the market which I browsed though. I been trying quite a few Texas beers while I have been here and picked up a few only sold in Austin to take back to Phoenix. I head back home to Phoenix next weekend and am so excited. I can’t wait to get back to the dry heat! It was warm here on the weekend but I can definitely feel the humidity here. Time for another glance at some of the my meals from this week thanks to Jenn and here WIAW series.

I have a new addition to my breakfast lately. As I mentioned a while ago I am off to Colorado and the annual Blend Retreat in a few weeks. I picked up this amazing coffee in Austin from Huckleberry Roasters that is roasted in Denver. It is crazy good! I am hoping to stop by the store in Denver and pick a couple of bags up while I am there. It has a unique and mild-medium flavor that was great with my Kodiak Cakes.
IMG_2174I finished the Nuttzo jar last week and didn’t want to buy another jar since I will be moving home and wouldn’t finish the jar before I leave next week to head home. I picked up a jar of Trader Joe’s imitation Nuttzo…their crunchy peanut butter with chia and flax seeds. I have seen people mention it on blogs and for only $2.99 it was a steal. I have to say I am quite impressed. It has a great taste. Snacked on a few cakes topped with the spread for a mid morning snack.
IMG_2175I spent the rest of the day out and about. I picked up a few of tank tops at Target that were on sale for $8. One of the items I didn’t bring with me to Dallas was my Vitamix and I can’t wait to get back and whip up some smoothies and drinks. I haven’t had a green drink in ages and picked one up at Whole Foods. It was delicious and not overly sweet which I was happy with. After some unsuccessful stops at a few more stores I stopped for an cone on the warm humid day.
IMG_2161Along with my Denver Coffee I enjoyed part of a beer from Breckenridge Brewery in Colorado with dinner. Can’t wait to start making a wider variety of meals back home and having more than just 2 nights a week to enjoy dinner at home! I had another sweet potoato with the last ground beef pack from the freezer. Added a pepper from the farmer’s market. So juicy and sweet. Delicious!
IMG_2170With only 2 days a week with the chance to enjoy a salad I whipped up another bowl of greens with radish, mushrooms, sundried tomato, and the orange vinegarette. Such a refreshing, easy, and tasty combo. I had the salad along side with part of this Austin brewed beer which was great!
IMG_2168Ended my day with some popcorn and reading. Always enjoy reading Backpacker each month. They are great about putting the featuring a variety of hikes for all levels and duration.
IMG_2171I’m off to start organizing and begin packing for the move. Hope you all have a fabulous week and weekend!

Any french press coffee fans? I am thinking of maybe getting a new method for brewing coffee
Any Denver area favorite spots of unique Colorado specialties I should check out?


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WIAW #44

Happy Wednesday Friends! I had a wonderful weekend and am really looking forward to this weekend. While it was a really tough week at work due I got great news when I was offered a job in Tucson. I will be working from May-Aug in Tucson and will be able to be back in Phoenix on my days off! I am thrilled :) My good news continued when I checked up on my California nursing license status and saw that it was fully approved. This is a huge thing…California is notoriously the most difficult state in the US to get a nursing license in (no matter how many other states you have licenses in or how long you have been a nurse). It is not uncommon to have the process take up to a year to get a license there and I was not expecting to have it so soon. Can’t wait to look at opportunities out there in August!

On Saturday I headed down to Austin for the day and really enjoyed my day in the city. Even though the weather was drizzly I spent time walking around and exploring the downtown (stopped at a farmer’s market), enjoyed coffee from Seventh Flag Coffee, and picked up some fabulous beer from Thirsty Planet and Independence Brewery. I spent yesterday looking for more of the beer in Dallas but found out it is only sold in the Austin area :( I only have 2 weekends left before heading back to Phoenix and am planning on making another trip down this weekend and will stock up :)
Austin PicsI was up really early and reheated some Kodiak Cakes and quickly ate an apple and hit the road. Forgot to take a picture of the pancakes but here’s the apple!
IMG_2158Stopped on the way to Austin and went to DD for the first time. I had a coupon for a free coffee and grabbed a cup. It wasn’t the best and I think I actually prefer the bagged DD coffee in the store. Can’t beat free though!
IMG_2138Once I got to Austin I parked and started walking and exploring the downtown. I went to this farmer’s market and browsed the stalls. Everyone was so friendly and there was such a wide variety of foods and products.
IMG_2142I was wishing I hadn’t just bought greens the day before as these bags looked great. I did pick up some veggies to have for dinner.
IMG_2140I bought some strawberries and snacked on them. After making some other stops around Austin I headed back home. It was getting warm and I needed a pick me up while driving as the traffic was getting heavy. I stopped and grabbed a a very melty ice cream cone. I had to eat it quickly and then hit the road again
IMG_2146After a few more stops once I got back in Dallas I finally got home and threw together supper. I was craving a salad all day and made one with TJ orange vinaigrette and enjoyed it with a cold beer while a sweet potato was baking in the oven. I topped it with mushrooms and radishes from the Austin market.
IMG_2147Topped the farmer’s market sweet potato with some ground beef and some habanero salsa (it is hot!) and a side of beer!
IMG_2156Even though it was a long day it was fun to explore a new city and new area.  Hope you all had a great weekend and are having a great week.

Have you ever been to Austin?
Are you a fan of beer? Any favorites?

Thanks to Jenn for hosting WIAW. Make sure you head over and see all the great eats (and Jenn’s fabulous creations).


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WIAW #43

Good Morning Friends! Hope you are all having a good week and enjoying some delicious foods! I have still been super busy researching housing and looking for my next travel assignment. Too many decisions and research and not enough hours in the day to complete it! Time for a quick look at some of the food I ate the other day. Thanks again to Jenn for hosting the weekly WIAW series.

I try to plan a grocery store shopping trip once a week and stock up with what I need for the week. It has been helpful to spend my mornings doing other things and not worrying about heading to the supermarket. I headed to Costco first thing on Saturday and stocked up for the week. The flats of La Croix were on sale for $5.99 so I grabbed 2 of them. Great deal!
IMG_2129I am still starting the day with Coffee, Kodiak Cakes and Maple Syrup, and an apple. I keep telling myself to switch it up but it is so tasty and easy. One day soon :) I am sure you are all getting tired of seeing the same breakfast week after week..hehe
IMG_2126Costco had watermelons but they were huge and I don’t have the proper storage containers for it. I did pick up a container of sliced watermelon at TJ’s and enjoyed them at lunch. Overall it was ok but not as sweet and juicy as I had hoped.
IMG_2130IMG_2132Chopped up a few cute mini peppers and half a cucumber. The large peppers didn’t look great so I picked up the mini ones instead. They seem to be a bit more tough and not as juicy. Oh well. Still a tasty snack.
IMG_2133Along side some rice cakes and Nuttzo x 4. I was starving :) My lunches have been snacky lately. Need to work on that :)
IMG_2096Ended Lunch with some chai tea I wanted to use up.
IMG_1979For dinner at work I find that chopped up chicken breast and veggies and guac is simple and easy. I chopped up a turnip that I had in the fridge and needed to be used. I often need to eat on the run during the shift and at varying times. I also pack some pretzel sticks and TJ cat cookies to snack on. Although it requires a little time to chop and bag I am a fan of ‘brown bagging’ my lunch…or supper in this case.
IMG_2099Hope you all have a great rest of the week and a relaxing spring weekend!

Any Costco finds that you are loving?
Do you like snack lunches or meals?


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WIAW #42

Good Morning Friends! I am so glad this week is half over and the weekend is almost here. I have been looking and researching new jobs like crazy this week. Trying to decide what part of the country to locate to. Trying to balance out high summer season housing prices with desirable job locations. Decisions….Decisions! Hopefully I will figure things out soon. Time for a break from google and researching cities to take a look at some meals this week. Thanks again to Jenn and Arman and the WIAW series.

Last week a photographer snapped a photo of me at the local farmer’s market and on Friday it was put up on their Facebook page. Sadly this one of the rare sunny days we have had lately in Dallas.
20829_10153811197867178_4782235438110879399_nBreakfast has been unchanged still. Fueling my mornings with a large cup of coffee. Finished the last of a bag of Dunkin Donuts Blueberry Muffin flavor. It was really good.

IMG_2126In between numerous phone calls, emails, internet searching, and errands I stopped and quickly ate these two Nuttzo topped rice cakes. I am really liking this jar of Nuttzo. Very tasty!
IMG_2115Lunch was eaten quickly and I forgot to snap a photo. I cooked up a frozen chicken breast and took half to work that night and ate the other part for lunch with some carrots and bell peppers. Recycled photo ;)
IMG_2072I was craving a repeat sweet potato all week. I picked one up on Saturday and really enjoyed it for supper. I topped it with ground bison and some veggies and finally some mango salsa. It was excellent! Enjoyed half of this beer too!
IMG_2124Tried another localish (San Antonio) beer that was really good too.
IMG_2121Beer, taco like bowl, and a salad. Really liking this weekend combo lately
IMG_2118Ended the night with frozen organic strawberries. Anyone else like frozen fruit?
IMG_2125Hope you all have a great week. I am off to continue the google and researching of postings and communities. Fingers crossed something comes up soon!


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WIAW #41

Good morning y’all! Wow it is hard to believe that it is April today. I have been busy the past week looking for a new job. My current contract is up next month and I need to figure out where I want to go for the next 3 months. I have applied to some jobs back in Arizona but am thinking possibly Colorado or Washington. I had hoped to have a license to work in California be approved but it seems to be taking a long time and won’t be ready yet. Any suggestions for me?!? Time for another weekly look at another day of food thanks to Jenn and the weekly WIAW series.

I have thought about switching up my breakfast but am honestly enjoying the how good Kodiak Cakes taste and how easy they are to whip up each morning. I went to a different farmer’s market this past weekend and they had no fresh berries so a juicy gala apple has returned.
IMG_1980After a busy morning I made it home around lunch and was starving. I had a mix of quick snack like items. I had a star reward that was expiring so last week I picked up this new to me green juice from Starbucks. Definitely not sure it was worth the $6 regular price but free was ok.
IMG_2114I also had Nuttzo on some rice cakes
IMG_2096And a red Gala apple that was so juicy and sweet. It tasted like a fresh summer apple. Excellent!
IMG_2113I spent the afternoon looking for some new workout capris. I am having a hard time finding a pair that are long enough and don’t ride down. I have a pair of Fabletics which are ok but I need more than one pair. I did go to Lululemon for the first time and tried a few pairs on. I just couldn’t bring myself to pay the $90….is lululemon worth it? Any tall girl suggestions? While I was out I picked up another pack of locally brewed beer that was great. I sipped on a cold one while preparing supper
IMG_2111I had saw these organic sweet potatoes at the farmer’s market and thought it would be great for supper. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with it though. I have made ‘fries’ in the oven before but they just seem to go mushy and not crispy. I decided to bake this spud and use it as a taco like vessel. I defrosted some ground buffalo and topped it with bell pepper, cucumber, salsa, and guac. It was AMAZING! I will totally be making this again soon!
IMG_2107Added a salad on the side with some chopped daikon that I also picked up at the market.
IMG_2108Ended the day snacking on some frozen cherries and strawberries
IMG_2112Hope you all have a great first week of April and enjoy some wonderful spring food!

Are you a sweet potato fan?
Any tips or fav ways to enjoy them?
Any suggestions on where in the country I should get a new job at? :)


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WIAW #40

Good morning friends! Hope you are all having a fabulous week and the weather is finally starting to improve where you are living. The sun has finally emerged for two consecutive days here in Dallas….fingers crossed that the warmer weather is on its way. The Rock N Roll Dallas race was held on the weekend and while I didn’t participate in the race I did head to the expo to browse the exhibitors. I went first thing in the morning and it was great. There happened to be a Jaybird booth and after talking to the guy about the problems I had with the headphones I returned he was able to troubleshoot what was probably wrong and I ended up buying pair. I used them on Monday and they worked wonderfully. I still need to perfect the fit in the ear but being free of cords is wonderful. These are the ones I got if you are curious.

After the expo I headed to a nearby farmer’s market that was having the first opening day of the season. I picked up these local organic strawberries for a delicious treat. So much more flavor compared to the supermarket ones.
IMG_2087I also made a long overdue trip to The Fresh Market. I spotted this coffee on sale for $6 each. I tried the caramel one yesterday and it was yummy! I have been craving some nut butter but didn’t really feel like almond butter. Nuttzo was on sale so I picked up a jar!
IMG_2084Breakfast the next day was hot Kodiak Cakes and bright berries along side a cup x2 of the new coffee!
IMG_2090The gym is quite subpar at this apartment complex I am staying at. They have some spin bikes though that I have been trying out lately. Also there is wifi at the gym so I have been biking while watching Netflix. After coming back from the gym I was so thirsty but not overly hungry. I needed to head out the post office to mail some packages and knew that I needed something to eat before braving the long lines! Some Nuttzo on some rice cakes with tons of cold water! I like the combo flavor in the Nuttzo and haven’t had it in months.
IMG_2096By the time I got home I was starving and still needed to hit up Costco for groceries. Seeing as I was low on food I whipped up a batch of Kodiak Cakes. Delicious and quick! More strawberries before heading out for more errands all afternoon. The berries tasted as wonderful as they look :)
IMG_2089I had planned on picking up a sweet potato but the selection was poor unfortunately at the store. While at Costco I picked up a box of individual guacamole cups. I enjoy guac but find it always goes bad if I make a batch of it as I don’t eat it quick enough. They were sampling this one and it was chunky and not overly garlicky.  I got home again later than I had hopped and was starving. I paired the guac with cut raw veggies and a local cold beer while I was cooking dinner.
IMG_2085I cooked a chicken breast that was a lot bigger than I had thought. I ate half for dinner and saved the rest to take to work the next day. Salad topped with tons of TJ’s sundried tomatoes and mushrooms :)
IMG_2094After a busy day I enjoyed relaxing on the couch with fresh popped popcorn.
IMG_2037I tried to bust out of my repetitive meals this week and think I succeeded despite some busier days. I am looking forward to maybe trying out some local hiking trails here this weekend if it stays warmer and dries up.

Do you have any plans for this weekend?
Are you a frequent shopper at farmer’s markets?
Any new food finds lately?

Make sure you head over to Jenn’s and Laura’s wonderful blogs and see what WIAW is all about.




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