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Hi Friends!

Well I finally made the switch to my new website. I hope you’ll head over the new blog and follow me there. The new site is

I’ve updated my social media and Bloglovin feed so if you get notified of my posts by that method it should automatically redirect you.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I’m looking forward to connecting with you on the new site



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WIAW #100

Wow I can’t believe this is my 100th time joining up with Jenn, Arman, and Laura for the WIAW fun. Its been fun connecting and making new friends and connections through the blogging community. I’ve been thinking a lot and have some ideas on ways to expand the blog and share and connect beyond the weekly Wednesday posts. There are a ton of ideas I’ve been tossing around in my head! I am hoping that going self hosted will make the process easier and allow me to use new options and apps on the bog. I made progress on Sunday with the setup of the new site. I was finally able to import my posts and am now playing with design, layout, and plugins. I’m hoping to launch the page officially in the next few weeks. I’ll be sure to let you all know and give you all the details.

I made a quick trip down to NYC last Friday to see a friend. It was a quick overnight trip but was great to catch up in person. We ended up seeing a couple of Broadway shows and wandered through the Union Square Farmer’s Market on Saturday
IMG_3673It was supposed to rain but ended up being sunny and warm. I was obviously overdressed with my rain jacket!
IMG_3675After a late night of visiting I started the day off leisurely with an orange before walking to the subway.
IMG_3667I picked up a mint tea from Starbucks on the way
IMG_3669We had breakfast at Oatmeals was a bowl of the pumpkin pie with some almond milk and pecans.
IMG_3671After breakfast we headed back uptown and scored $32 rush tickets to see the Blackbird matinee. Jeff Daniels and Michelle Williams star in the one act play and despite the dark subject matter it had rave reviews and was closing in just a few weeks. We lucked out with great seats in the back of the orchestra section and the acting and show was fabulous.
IMG_3682Before the show we enjoyed lunch at Peacefoods. Since I was trying to walk as little as possible we took the subway a lot more that usual. We went back down to the Union Square location. I’ve been there before and it was packed but it was surprisingly empty at noon on Saturday. We had a great meal and the miso tahini sandwich was so good.
LunchDessert is impossible to pass up at Peacefoods. Chose the chocolate chip cookie. It was my second of the trip as Friday afternoon when I got to town I stopped by and picked one up as part of a late lunch after the long bus ride.
IMG_3680Dinner on a rainy Friday night was at Bareburger near the theater. We ended up finding two chairs at the corner of the bar which were out of the way. While the company was fantastic the food was kinda disappointing. Our burgers were a bit overcooked and the sweet potato fries which are usually stellar there were quite mushy. I sent my fries back and the second batch was a bit better but not great. I’ve had many good meals at this location so I’m thinking something must have been off that night in the kitchen.
IMG_0191After we headed off to see Waitress. The show has been really popular and when I mentioned coming down to NYC it worked out that the Friday night show had a couple remaining seats in the very back row. The pricing was kinda crazy on the Ticketmaster site. Our seats were $69 but the nearby rows were jumping around to way over a $100. The show was funny and a good show but I can’t say it was my favorite. Some characters seemed to be overshadowed and while I’m not offended by cursing it did have quite a bit of curse words that seemed a bit unnecessary to the story. The music was enjoyable and it was very evident that Sara Bareilles had a big role in the writing.
IMG_3661It was a fun quick overnight getaway and despite being less mobile with my brace and knee if felt good mentally to do something ‘normal’ after a few weeks of resting.

Do you have any plans this weekend?
Any bloggers have any theme or plugin tips or suggestions?


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WIAW #99

Welcome to another WIAW and thanks for stopping by. I had a couple more doctor visits since last week and am no longer as laid up with crutches. I am able to walk on my leg but am wearing the brace all the time except at night. I’m still limiting my walking to essential moving only. The hope and goal is that I’ll be in the bace for another month and then hopefully switch to another brace. Since I basically walked on the injured leg for 9 weeks post injury date it has forced him to keep me in the brace longer than normal. I had plans to head to NYC last weekend as I had bought a ticket to the Vegetarian festival and was really looking forward to going. I decided that as much as I wanted to go it wasn’t the smart thing to do. I’m hoping to maybe head down and see some friends this weekend instead. I’m craving some of my favorite NYC eats!

It was rainy, dark, and dreary here today so I woke up and sipped some tea along side the warm oatmeal. I’ve been peeling my oranges and then popping them in the freezer for a few minutes while I cook my oatmeal. I find it firms them up a bit and prevents sogginess.
IMG_3648I’ve been mulling over whether to take the blog to a self hosting format for a while now and finally decided to take the leap. I signed up with Blue Host but had tons of issues trying to switch this blog over to a new platform. I watched online tech videos and it seemed straightforward but I kept running into error messages. I tried calling Blue Host and felt like canceling. I felt like going  back to the drawing and research board. I’m starting to think I’ll just keep the blog here or perhaps have to pay for transfer to be done for me. If you are a blogger who is self hosted I’d be gratefully with any info you have.

I wasn’t overly hungry at lunch and had a bit of a few things. I finished this kombucha and ate a few of these pumpkin muffins.
IMG_3650I also had some of these giant raspberries and some unpictured almond milk
IMG_3649Dinner was a sweet potato with some ground turkey and all the nutritional yeast. It has really grown on me and I’m adding it to most dinners. I’ll be moving next month and I am starting to go into eat out the freezer and cupboard mode with my food.
IMG_3647I also had some cherry tomatoes and some orange bell pepper on the side. I reintroduced bell pepper recently and have been tolerating them which has been great. I missed eating them
IMG_3651Dessert or my evening snack was some popcorn and one of these double chocolate fig bars. They are really great. I actually just ordered some more from Amazon. The mint is good as I’ve mentioned but so are these ones.

I was browsing on Etsy a few weeks ago and came across this Kansas popcorn company called Love and Acres. They had great reviews of their popcorn. I gave it a try and it has been good. It is really white in color

Hope you all have a nice week. Hope all you Mothers had a nice Mother’s Day this past Sunday!

Any bloggers who are self hosted have any tips onWordpress? Keep getting errors on importing my posts



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WIAW #98

Good WIAW Friends! Thanks for stopping by on this first Wednesday of May. It’s been a big week around my world this past week. I got the call from my doctor last Thursday about my MRI results and the news was not good. Apparently my twisting of the knee last month resulted in my femur and tibia connecting and caused a fracture at the bottom of my femur. I also have sprains of the ACL and MCL ligaments in the knee. It also showed some damage to the meniscus but no tear as I had initially wondered about. I had a followup appointment yesterday and for the indefinite time I’ll be sporting this big brace and avoiding weight bearing activities as much as possible.
IMG_3621I have definitely been on an emotional roller coaster since hearing the news. I had no idea the injury was so bad. I know there was no way to have known it was broken and while I’m happy the plan is to avoid surgery and let it heal on its own I still feel dumb for putting it off.

Enough of my leg saga and lets get to some food.

I have been keeping up with the cara cara oranges and oatmeal for breakfast. Still mixing in flaxseeds, collagen, and walnuts. These cara cara oranges from Costco had been really easy to peal and are quite flavorful but they have been really large. I got a new bag of some smaller ones compared to the giant softball sized ones! Gotta get my calcium intake up now.
IMG_3633I picked up this bottle of Kombucha at Whole Foods on Saturday during a quick excursion for essentials. I had some and it was interesting. The ginger flavor was good but can’t say I’m hooked on it yet. Are you a kombucha fan?
IMG_3634Lunch was a leftover bowl. I had a bit of leftover quinoa in the fridge and simply heated it and threw in a handful of tomatoes and some sriracha. The tomatoes were kinda at the tail end of ripeness but still were good.
IMG_3605I also had some raspberries that I picked up but ate before taking a photo!
IMG_3608My afternoon was spent on the couch watching Netflix and resting my leg. I finished watching Fuller House and then continued working my way through season 3 of Gilmore Girls. I know my Netflix and Amazon Prime video accounts are going to be heavily used over the next while. Any suggestions on shows you’re liking?

Had a cold glass of unsweetened vanilla almond milk as a snack during one of my hobbles out to the kitchen. With my stomach not tolerating beans and legumes I’m trying to start being conscious about getting my calcium. I’ve started taking a supplement but also plan to drink more in the form of dairy free milks.
IMG_3635I cooked a fillet of salmon for dinner in the oven. I flaked it up and topped in on some new tomatoes, and added a spoonful of nutritional yeast and some drizzled sriracha. I tend to eat a lot of ‘bowl meals’ as my dining area is at the opposite end of the apartment compared to where my kitchen is. I’m always worried about plating something and having it spill walking down the hall. Bowls are so handy now that my walking is limited. I chopped up a yellow bell pepper and threw baby carrots in ziplock bags and carried them in to have along side.
IMG_3613Some jelly beans with one of these mint chocolate fig bars I mentioned last week. I tried my first one and while they are a little thinner than the fruit ones they are really good. Not overly minty as some mint things can be. I also popped a bit of popcorn and snacked on it on the couch too.

That’s all from my world this week. Hope you are all having a great week and enjoying some good meals. I had planned on heading down to NYC this weekend but will probably end up staying home and resting. Unfortunately being mobile is kinda essential in New York!


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WIAW #97

Wow It is hard to believe it is the last Wednesday of April and that it will be May in just a few days. It feels like summer is on the horizon now! I had a good week around here. My Mom and sister flew in on Friday and spent some time visiting Boston for the first time. Although I briefly saw my Mom in February I really hadn’t had a good visit with either of them in almost 2 years. It was really special to have them make the trip out and to catch up in person.
IMG_3603I’ve still been dealing with my knee unfortunately. I ordered this foam roller off Amazon last week thanks to Stephanie’s recommendation. I finally decided since it wasn’t getting better and getting a bit worse that I really needed to make an appointment with an Orthopedic doctor. I saw him yesterday and then went for some X rays and an MRI. I’m waiting for the MRI results but the thought is the symptoms are consistent with a tear of the meniscus 😦

Here’s a look at the meals I had yesterday for this week’s WIAW.

Since I had the day off work I ate breakfast in daylight and not super early as per usual on work days. I’m still mixing in the Vital Proteins collagen powder in the oatmeal each morning. The mandarins around here seem to be really crummy and not worth the price tag. I picked up some Cara Cara oranges instead as they were $0.99/lb. While not super sweet they are growing on me.
IMG_3610In between my appointments I stopped and grabbed this Kevita for the first time. Another recommendation by Stephanie. It was really good!
IMG_3606I ended up getting home right at lunch and was ready to put my leg up and eat. I discovered though that the almond cream cheese was kinda moldy in spots and was going bad. I salvaged a little bit and threw the rest of the container in the trash. There wasn’t much left in the container but I was looking forward to it for lunch. I just added tons of jam instead to the other piece.
IMG_3607I also had some super firm raspberries. Nature’s candy!
IMG_3608I honestly forgot I had vanilla almond milk in the cupboard until I used some to make muffins last weekend. A cold glass was a great addition to lunch. Used my favorite NY glass.
IMG_3612I think I’ve become a fan of the combination of nutritional yeast and sriracha. I’ve been having the pair for dinner lately and loving it. I know it is a strange sounding pair but it is really good. I added some browned ground turkey to a sweet potato and it was a great combo. Carrots on the side while visiting with my Mom and sister. I’ve tried reintroducing some old foods which I had stomach reactions to previously. While some haven’t been successful I’m hoping to trial spinach and greens soon. I’ve been craving salad lately.
IMG_3609I was driving my Mom and sister to some rural areas around Boston on Saturday and stopped by a Target to pick up a few things. I stumbled upon these brownies from Nature’s Bakery and picked them up to try.
IMG_3615I had planned on trying them but we decided to watch the movie Sherpa from my DVR that aired on the Discovery channel the other night. It’s about the sherpas who work on Everest and the unfortunate devastating tragic loss last year. It was a great film. Seeing as it was movie night I popped us popcorn instead. (Old Photo)
IMG_3340That’s a wrap on my day. It started to rain here so I’m hoping the old saying ‘April showers brings May flowers’ is true! Hopefully you have a great rain free last week of April. Happy WIAW!

Have you had a meniscus tear?
Are you a Cara Cara Orange fan?
Are you looking forward to May and the summer like me?


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WIAW #96

Happy WIAW friends! It has been quite an eventful weekend for me. It was really cool to be in Boston and see the spirit of the city come alive for the race. Back in January I signed up to be a medical volunteer for the event. It is really competitive but I was fortunate enough to be selected for the marathon. There ended up being some last minute changes and swaps so I did the 5k event on Saturday instead. This race was huge with over 10,000 runners. It was cool as my base was right next to the elite tent and got to watch the elites warm up and return afterwards.
IMG_3569It was really chilly and windy but at least the sun was out. I had 2 jackets on underneath this coat and was barely warm. Some of us went to the Starbucks across the street before hand to grab a warm drink. This was the area with the elites warming up.
IMG_3560On Monday I wandered around a bit in the morning and then came home and watched it from my living room.I live right on the course around mile 25 so I had a prime comfy view and could get some things done as well. This was when the first two elite men ran by as you can see the camera truck in the photo.
IMG_3588On Friday I was off work and stopped by the expo to check out it out before it got packed on the weekend. I was thrilled to see Vital Proteins there as I had checked out their products online after hearing how much Stephanie loves them but had never bought it. The staff were so nice and answered all my questions. They even ended up giving me a huge container of the collagen peptide product to try for FREE! How cool is that? I have always had eczema and skin issues and am excited to see if it helps my stomach issues and skin out a bit. I tried it in plain water and was totally drinkable but I found it easier to mix it in my oatmeal in the morning.
IMG_3580I picked up some navel oranges at Trader Joe’s on Friday as the mandarins seemed to be in poor shape
IMG_3582The laundry had been shut down in my building for 2 weeks as it was getting repaired. It finally opened again on Friday and my landlord dropped off some strawberries when she came by to pick up some mail. I cut them up and had them for a late morning snack before lunch.
IMG_3596After answering some emails I went and made some toast with strawberry jam.
IMG_3597My IT band has been flared up badly lately. I’ve had a couple of massages and am trying to heal it with ice and heat. I iced it while dinner was cooking and enjoyed some of this beer as recommended by a co-worker.
IMG_3576I had three sweet potatoes in the cupboard but when I went to grab one to cook I noticed two were rotten and moldy. Luckily one small one seemed ok and I cooked it instead. I also cooked a chicken breast and added it on top along with a ton of Lucky Ninja sriracha.
IMG_3577Also had some baby carrots along side while I rested my leg on the couch.
IMG_3578After dinner I sat with the heating pad on my leg and ate some frozen strawberries and some popcorn.

Hope you had a great weekend. If you are in Texas I hope you are dry and not affected by the flooding. I remember how wild and crazy it was there last year.

Did you watch the Marathon or know anyone running it?
Have you had IT Band issues before?
Feel free to send any treatments that have worked for healing an angry IT 🙂


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WIAW #95

Happy Wednesday and thanks for stopping by for the weekly WIAW linkup! I had a low key weekend here. I aggravated my IT Band, calf, and knee last week so ended up taking it easy on the couch resting. I did end up finalizing and submitting my taxes finally which had been on the ‘to do’ list for a while. This weekend starts the marathon events here in Boston. The ads are all over buses and trains and this week was also opening day at Fenway. It is quite a busy area. If you or anyone is running the marathon let me know! My apartment is right on the route near the finish so it is a prime viewing spot hopefully.

Breakfast on the couch of oatmeal and mini oranges.   I made a quick outing to Costco to stock up on a few things and went to the Whole Foods next door for a couple things. I made a quick stop at the Lucky jeans store in the same complex and tried on a pair of jeans. They fit well but they didn’t have the inseam I need. I’d have to order online. Now I need to find a sale or promo code to get a deal. Aparently they charge quite a bit for shipping which seems crazy in this day and age. I need to search some other stores or websites perhaps to buy them at.

I really wanted avocado toast but the avocados at Whole Foods were terrible. They were all mushy and over ripe or under ripe. They were kinda pricy and I didn’t want to chance a dud for $2. I passed and just bought another container of almond cream cheese from Kite Hill that I talked about recently. I enjoyed fresh Costco berries on the side instead.   I grabbed a mandarin orange during one of my trips to get the ice pack from the freezer mid afternoon.

I picked up this Liquid Ninja sriracha sauce at Whole Foods. I had read it was their exclusive and made without funny ingredients. I have been recently trying to reintroduce some foods that I had been avoiding due to allergy and irritation concerns. Unfortunately that didn’t seem to agree with my body. I kept dinner easy tonight and cooked a fillet of salmon which I flaked up and put on top of some frozen TJ rice. I drizzles some sriracha on top and it was really good. The sauce had great flavor and not spicy as much as a little hot.  Added cherry tomatoes and baby carrots while resting and catching up on the DVR.
img_3544Snacked on some jelly beans and these pomegranate fig bars that I found in NYC the other weekend. They have a different texture compared to the regular variety but the pomegranate flavor was good and on point.
IMG_3546That’s a wrap on this week. I am off to rest up for the busy marathon and spectator congestion this weekend….and hopefully find a massage therapist with some availability this week too!

Have a great week. Are you a fan of the Boston Marathon? Do you watch the race? I have previously and it will be neat to see it in person and feel the energy.




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WIAW #94

Good Morning! I’m linking up with the WIAW friends for a weekly catchup once again. I made a quick overnight trip down to New York City on Friday…I wanted to get back to Boston before the storm came on Sunday. I heard about a bus company with cheap fares and ended up booking a ticket for a good deal. The bus worked out pretty well…the only minor issue was on the arriving bus the driver seemed to feel that driving a huge bus downtown through the Upper West Side…specifically Columbus Ave!!! Sheesh! Overall though it  was an efficient way to make the trip down I was able to accomplish most of what I had hoped to on this short trip.

I wish I could say this getaway was 100% purely for vacation purposes but it was not. I haven’t mentioned but my current job contract ends in June and I’m starting soon to look for my next one. I’m hoping to stay on the East Coast at least and avoid a huge geographical move. I’m not looking at New York exclusively but just starting with some locations close by first. I spent some time looking at prospective neighborhoods and apartments based on some possible hospitals. Once a contract is posted there is often a small window to decide and I like to have a grasp on some logistical things before hand. I took a break though and enjoyed the gorgeous weather on Friday afternoon
IMG_3508The forecast called for rain storms both days so I dressed warm and while it did rain and was cooler on Saturday it was breezy and 75 on Friday. Please excuse my terrible wind blown hair. I’m experimenting with growing my hair out and somedays it is hard to manage!
IMG_3509The flowers were delightful to see in the neighborhoods and looked so bright and cheery!
IMG_3506I even made a quick stop at Macy’s and saw their annual flower displays depicting regions of the US. The entire first level had huge displays of real flowers. I didn’t stay long as I needed only stopped by to try on a pair of jeans that had been out of stock in other stores. Unfortunately I wasn’t thrilled with the fit so left empty-handed.
IMG_3504Dinner on Friday night was at Bareburger. I had it on my list of a place to come back to. I tried Elk for the first time and really liked it. I ended up being there while their happy hour drinks were on special and this Brooklyn brewed beer was just $5.
IMG_3519On Friday night I went and saw Bright Star. It just opened and has gotten rave reviews. Steve Martin created the North Carolina bluegrass musical and I thought it was fantastic. I would highly recommend it. The story of the musical had me hooked and the musical and signing was superb. As soon as I arrived on Friday afternoon I headed to the theatre in hopes of getting a $30 rush ticket to the show. I lucked out with nabbing one to the Friday night show.
IMG_3524Saturday morning I got a relaxing slow start at the hotel. I was actually able to sleep in a little bit longer than usual which was nice. I snacked on the this blood orange I picked up the day before as I got ready to leave
IMG_3526I took the short subway ride downtown to Oatmeals for breakfast. I’d been looking forward to a bowl of their deliciousness and it did not disappoint. It was rainy so I had some mint tea to warm up
IMG_0189I headed over to Brooklyn to briefly get an idea of a neighborhood over there that I was looking at. I made a detour and checked out Haymaker’s Corner Store which is a vegan store that I’d read about. I didn’t buy anything but they had an interesting assortment of products. There was a mixture of small and name brand companies. Not much really caught my eye but it was interesting to see.

I headed back to Manhattan and after a couple stops in the SoHo area I headed uptown for lunch. I made my way to Peacefood and enjoyed this tahini sprout sandwich which I had last time I was there. It was just as I remembered and made for a great quick lunch. I also got a chocolate chip cookie as I was leaving and ate it as I walked though some more areas.
IMG_3530I ended up walking from near 85th to around Columbus Circle and covered a lot of ground. I ended up running short on time of getting back to my hotel and checking out and heading to the bus. I stopped by Whole Foods to grab some baby carrots to eat on the bus. After checking out I headed to the Midtown location of Beyond Sushi which was near my hotel to grab some takeout to eat on the bus. I’d seen others mention this vegan sushi restaurant and wanted to check it out. I got a little assortment and it was very good. Not heavy on the rice as some rolls and sushi can be and was made fresh to order. It was quick and they were great with omitting some ingredients. I was starving after all the walking and I’ll defiantly check them out the next time I’m back.
IMG_3536Well that’s all from my quick trip to New York. I hope you all had a great weekend and didn’t any storms or rain and snow that we got here in the North East. It was snowing and freezing cold here but hopefully it looks like milder temperatures are on the horizon. Fingers Crossed!

Have you ever been to NYC?
If you’ve lived in the New York area and have any neighborhood or town recommendations I’m all ears!
Anyone else dislike jean shopping? I really need some new jeans and finding a new brand and style is so draining!


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WIAW #93

Happy WIAW once again friends! Can’t believe it is March 30th today. I was out walking around Back Bay in Boston on Saturday and ended up walking past the finish line of the Marathon where this sign was posted
IMG_3492It was quite cool and windy and the area was packed as there was a huge Anime convention happening with people in costumes everywhere. I hurried to the train station and then home to warm up and escape the madness and crowds!

I picked up this package of Blackberries again at Costco the other day and they were really good. No duds or rotten ones in the bunch.
IMG_3497 2Had some for breakfast when my standby walnut and flax oatmeal. I over judged the water amount the ground flax always thickens it up nicely when that happens. I’ve been seeing hemp seeds everywhere and have wondered about them. Have you tried them? Do they thicken like ground flax? I tried chia seeds but wasn’t a fan as I couldn’t get them to thicken quickly and they always seemed to get stuck in my teeth 🙂

I headed out for a walk and to do some shopping. I am really liking the older style to Boston and the brownstone style buildings. So much character in this city….even the street lamps in the photo. I wanted to find some jeans but gave up after trying a couple stores with unfriendly and not helpful staff. I did get a pair of pants at Lululemon. I had tried them on a while ago but just couldn’t justify the regular price. I noticed they went on sale online drastically so I stopped in to try them on again. The store ended up having the style and color I wanted so I took it as a sign and picked them up!
IMG_3487Lunch was this meal basically but 2x the berries and  instead of the orange I had a mug of hot lemon tea. I forgot to snap a photo as I was trying to quickly warm up 🙂
IMG_3473I mentioned last week about picking up a jar of nutritional yeast. I have tried it and am definitely a fan. I am convinced that the other jar I had may have been old or spoiled as this one tastes much better. I stored the last jar in the refrigerator as the jar said but have been keeping this one in the cupboard. Any tips on storage would be great! I have been adding it to most dinners and especially liking it mixed with tomato sauce. After getting home late the other day from work I threw a potato in the oven and after showering and changing it was ready. I browned a turkey sausage and mixed the yeast and sauce together. It was really good despite looking not very appealing!
IMG_3477I wanted something warm tonight so I thawed a pack of Shrimp from Sizzlefish that I recently ordered when they had a sale. While the pasta cooked I warmed the sauce and cooked the shrimp simply with some pepper. They cooked so quickly which is a huge plus for rushed nights.
IMG_3484I then topped the pasta with tomato sauce and a spoonful of nutritional yeast and topped it with the diced shrimp. It was fantastic!
IMG_3485Some popcorn to end the day along with a fig bar. I was browsing on Pinterest and noticed people raving about amish popcorn kernels from Indiana. Wondering if they are really worth trying. I see Amazon sells them but just unsure whether they are that unique. Have you tried them?

Well that’s a wrap on my week. I am considering taking a quick getaway out of town this weekend if I can find a deal!

Hope you had a great Easter weekend. Do you have any plans for this weekend?

Have a great week!


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WIAW #92

Happy WIAW Friends! Hope you all had a great weekend with wonderful spring weather. In the Northeast however we were prepping for the big storm on Sunday. It ended up snowing a lot less than the 10-12” that were predicted. I still took advantage of the cold and snow and stay bundled up inside and relaxed on the couch with Netflix and a blanket. Didn’t feel like venturing out 🙂 Conveniently it was a scheduled day off work so I was able to be at home. I ended up having a super busy Saturday doing a lot of the errands I had planed to do today.
IMG_3471Since mentioning last week my find of the almond based ‘cream cheese’ I have been eating it daily. It is so good. I’m hooked! I’ll have some by the spoonful with a dab of jam. So good. This morning I decided to toast some bread and have it for breakfast. Costco had these great looking blackberries that I picked up on Saturday. They have been delicious and taste like they are summer picked. I had a small bowl of them with an orange.
IMG_3473I spent the morning browsing Pinterest and watching The Barkley Marathon on Netflix. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it. It was really interesting to see runners and athletes from all different backgrounds with neat stories. Plus Tennessee is now a place I want to visit! It looks beautiful!
Lunch was a repeat of lunch with the last of the blackberries instead of the orange. So good. On work days I have no refrigerator access so I end up eating peanut butter sandwiches due to the portability factor. Having toast or hot lunch seems like a treat!
IMG_3467I finished the last two episodes of the latest season of House of Cards in the afternoon and then after my tiring day took an afternoon nap! Sometimes we all need these low key relaxing days.

On Saturday I stopped by a small local liquor store and picked up a six pack of assorted local beer. I tried one with dinner which was surprising good.
IMG_3466I went to restock on purple sweet spuds on the weekend but the Whole Foods I went to didn’t have any. I called a couple other stores and found one that had some in stock. I headed over and picked a bunch up. I’ll need to stock up now when I see them as they seem rare here in Boston. I baked a chicken breast and added some ketchup on top of the potato. A lazy and simple supper but it hit the spot and tasted good. I had some grape tomatoes and baby carrots on the side.
IMG_3468I picked up these Surf Sweet jelly beans and have been snacking on a few nightly lately.
IMG_3456I ended the day with a few handfuls of jelly beans and some popcorn
IMG_3455I hope you all have a great Easter weekend. Is it me or does Easter seem really early this year? Any plans or special dinner or meals you are making for the weekend?
I picked up some Tahini at Whole Foods that I think I will experiment with after seeing some interesting dishes and recipes. Any tips or suggestions?
I also got another jar of nutritional yeast to try again since my other jar didn’t make the move from San Diego.
Any good Netflix or Amazon Prime shows you have been watching?

Hope you all have a great Easter weekend!


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