WIAW #54

Good Morning! I can’t believe it is July 1st. Is it just me or did June fly by? Happy Canada Day to my friends back in Canada today! I am starting to search for my next travel nurse job as I only have another month left at my current one. I am eyeing Southern California right now but am browsing tempting locations nationwide. Seeing as it is Wednesday it is time for another WIAW thanks to Jenn and friends.

I am switching things up on the breakfast front here this week. The other day I was in Sprouts and spotted these purple corn tortillas. I usually don’t buy them as I find they are too large in size but these ones were small and the color was intriguing. I microwaved some egg and topped it with salsa which was good but resulted in a bit juicier wrap/fold than I had wanted. Oh well it still tasted good. I enjoyed some great cherries and coffee along side as well.
IMG_2397Mid morning I had a couple of rice cakes with Nuttzo and raisins. I remember making ‘ants on a log’ as a kid (celery, with peanut butter, and raisins) and upon seeing the bag in the pantry decided to throw some on the cake. It was a great decision.
IMG_2398Lunch was a cold veggies that I had in the fridge. I had some leftover veggies from dinner and put them in a container with some orange vinaigrette and pepper to marinate them. It could have used a tad more vinegar to enhance the flavor but was a good use up. I got the idea after seeing this recent recipe from the Whole Foods weekly email. I also toasted up an english muffin and topped it with Nuttzo.
IMG_2391Mid afternoon repeat snack of my rice cake combo but added a can of La Croix. Love that bubbly drink.

Dinner was a home run today. With an upcoming move happening I need to start to use up some of the items in my freezer I cooked my first piece of cod from the Sizzlefish order that I placed a few weeks ago. I thawed the fish and cooked it in the oven after seasoning it with a chipotle blend. I then added it to a couple more of those tortillas. I was going to add some lettuce to them but the tortilla was so small that I thought it would burst. Instead I enjoyed a salad on the side. I also enjoyed a cold beer because tacos and beer seem like the perfect combo to me.
IMG_2399I some air popped popcorn which I added some siriacha sauce and mixed it through to give a bit of bite to the snack. Snacking on it while on the computer, and on a white couch though was a not a good idea. Moments after taking this photo the cushion covers were in the wash. Oops :)
IMG_2402Hope you all have a safe and happy 4th! I’ll be working but hope you all enjoy some great time with family and friends….and some great food too!

I recently bought a jar of nutritional yeast. Any must try recipes that I should try?
Any favorite summer dishes you have been enjoying lately?
Any plans for the holiday weekend?


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WIAW #53

Happy first official Wednesday of the summer! Hopefully you are all actually enjoying some summer weather and not stormy unsettled weather. It is hot here in Phoenix but it isn’t really bothering me much. I feel like I may be jinxing myself by admitting this but I have still yet to turn on my AC in my condo. It is surprisingly cool inside (82-86) depending on the time of day. Running the ceiling fan and a tower fan at night seems to be sufficient and the savings on the power bill is the best part. Hopefully my luck continues! The downside of the temps is that the outside temp is crazy hot and I know vigorous exercise is not wise. Since I am not a fan of waking up on a day off at 4am to beat the heat, I am installing utilizing my condo gym. It was 95F at 9 am when I came back from the gym this morning.
IMG_2382Breakfast this morning was still pancakes and coffee with the addition of these ripe and juicy strawberries. I had hoped to find some cherries but the ones at Costco were kinda rough looking. These berries however have been excellent.
IMG_2379After the gym I drank a ton of cold water and ate a couple of rice cakes with Nuttzo. Yesterday I this combo on my mind out of the blue. I already had the Nuttzo at home but picked up the rice cakes yesterday. It hit the spot.
IMG_2373I was out and missed being home for lunch. I instead picked up a 6oz container of raspberries and ate them along side a blueberry RxBar.
IMG_2385I also had a couple of these excellent pickles by Ruuska. I was browsing at Whole Foods the other day and was looking for a pickle to have with dinner. I spotted these and they are wonderful. It is a small business company from Cape Cod and the flavor of these pickles is spot on. Not over powering with garlic and tons of fresh dill sprigs surround the fresh cucumbers. They are throughout some Whole Foods. I also got the spicy ones but haven’t tried them yet.
IMG_2375After a bit of pool time I made myself a couple more rice cakes and sipped on a La Croix
IMG_2384Dinner was a partial success. I cooked a fillet of salmon and some frozen beans which were good but the rice was a failure and I ended up not eating it. I think I just overcooked it in the microwave as it had been frozen.
IMG_2377Later in the evening I popped some popcorn
IMG_2378and snacked on some frozen grapes while catching up on some tv. Still addicted to frozen grapes lately! This bag is shrinking quickly as I can’t get enough of the cold snack :)
IMG_2386Hope you all have a great rest of the week filled with delicious food!

Are you a fan of frozen fruit?
Are you a pickle fan?

Thanks to Jenn for hosting the fun weekly WIAW linkup as always. Make sure to head over and check out the other posts.


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WIAW #52

When I wrote the header for the post and realized it is week #52 of me joining in with Jenn for the WIAW linkup I guess it is also marking one year since I started this blog. I have learned so much and really have enjoyed connecting with so many and making many new friends. Thanks to everyone who has read or stopped by and read my posts. Yesterday I finally posted the coleslaw recipe I was talking about the past few weeks.

Now a look at some of the meals from last week.

I am switching it up and showing my hotel breakfast on the mornings I work. Since I am working 12 hour shifts at this new job it is 6-8 hours before I get a chance to eat or drink anything. I have been making Kodiak Cake pancake batter mini muffins before I leave to drive to Tucson on Fridays. I then eat the mini pancake muffins and have a small yogurt before grabbing a coffee on the way to the hospital. I haven’t had yogurt in a while but have been trying to find some protein dense foods to add to breakfast.
IMG_23567 hours later I downed 32oz of cold water and ate lunch. For work lunches I have been having another serving of Kodiak Cake pancakes, yogurt, and a Bearded Brother bar. It seems to be holding me over the rest of the day (approx 6-7 hours) until I get off and can eat and drink. This orange and ginger flavor is my favorite so far.
IMG_2360I spent Monday running errands and grocery shopping. Costco had boxes of Life cereal on sale for $4.40 so I pick up another box and have been snacking on it mid morning and mid afternoon. (Yum!
IMG_2367Dinner tonight was a cut up chicken sausage mixed into some frozen bell pepper and onion veggies from TJ. I added riced cauliflower and sauce and seasonings. So quick, easy, and flavorful oven free meal. Cold beer and carrots on the side to enjoy on this hot day too :)
IMG_2368Ended the day with these juicy strawberries, some more life cereal,
IMG_2362and some dark mint M&Ms while catching up on my DVR
IMG_2364Hope you all have a great week and weekend ahead and enjoy some delicious meals.

I’ve been thinking of trying out Thredup. Anyone have any good or bad experiences with it? Or suggestions for alternative sites?



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Summer Fresh Coleslaw Recipe

I am finally posting the salad recipe I have been mentioning for a few weeks
ColeslawWhen I travel I often will stop by Whole Foods and pick up dinner at the deli counter. I try to resist the urge to pick up some of their appealing salads and selections everytime I am at the store! I look forward to usually making one of my travel nights a ‘Whole Foods’ dinner night. A few weeks ago I was away and picked up a container of this coleslaw salad. The employee said it was a must try item. I tend to avoid coleslaw as I am not a fan of mayo heavy salads. She said this one had no mayo and an amazing dressing. I decided to give it a whirl. It was fantastic. I immediately started searching for the recipe online. I found this one which seemed to closely resemble the flavor of the dressing.
IMG_2238When I got home I tried a couple versions at recreating the dressing. While it isn’t a 100% replication of the original I think it does make a mayo free dressing. It would be perfect for those summer picnics or BBQs when fridge free items are in demand!
IMG_2336Summer Fresh Coleslaw Recipe

3 Tbsp White Wine Vinegar
1 1/2 Tbsp yellow prepared mustard. Can swap out for 1/8tsp of dry mustard
1/4 tsp cumin
1 tsp Italian Seasoning. I didn’t have regular oregano on hand initially and used this mix. I have made it with oregano only but like the blend. Use whatever you desire!
1/2-1 Tbsp sugar. (Optional) It isn’t overly sweet with the sugar but I like the taste of it without the sugar
1/2 cup chopped green onion
Ground Salt and pepper to taste
3 cups of cabbage/slaw mix
1 cups grated carrot

1. Mix dressing ingredients together and adjust seasonings to taste.
2. Add cabbage or slaw to bowl and coat well.
3. Add green onion
4. Chill in the fridge for at least 30-60 min but I usually aim for a few hours. The flavor seems to improve with time.

Optional add ins:
1/2-1 clove minced garlic. I’m not a fan of raw garlic and leave it out. My friend made it with it and said it was good.
1/2 cup red onion sliced or chopped. I will add if I have it on hand but don’t worry about it if I don’t have it.
I play around with the veggie quantities and mix all the time. I usually use a whole bag of the Trader Joe’s broccoli slaw mix and it makes the perfect salad/dressing ratio. If the cabbage mix I have is light on carrots I will add the grated carrot too.  Use whatever mixture you like.

IMG_2334Hope you enjoy this summer slaw! Let me know if you try it.



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WIAW #51

Happy Wednesday! I had great plans to spend Tuesday afternoon writing this post but got distracted. It was a rainy, grey, and hot here in Phoenix today and after waiting a month my long await books all arrived from Amazon. I had been thinking of picking up a coloring book before I had even heard about the popular adult coloring books.
IMG_2347I immediately got comfortable, turned on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, and started to color. It was fun and relaxing. Heads up if you are getting the Secret Garden or Enchanted Forest books…having fine pointed markers in a must. The paper is really thick and there has been no bleeding through so far.
IMG_2346Still enjoying pancakes for breakfast. I have been searching on Pinterest for some recipes of homemade dry mixes. Thinking of giving them a try soon once I am out of Kodiak Cake mix. I grabbed another watermelon at Costco yesterday and enjoyed it this morning. Please excuse this recycled photo. I had planned to snap a photo and then my phone rang at 6am! Wrong number for an automated CVS prescription renewal. Rude!
IMG_2298Came home had a small bowl of cheerios and grabbed a small handful of raisins.

Lunch was a toasted english muffin with sunberry butter from Boulder along side some watermelon and cherry tomatoes. An odd combo but I liked it
IMG_2288Afternoon drink of this iced tea I picked up from Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago. It was a refreshing drink.
IMG_2345Dinner was a win tonight. I saw Stephanie post about TJ having riced cauliflower and knew I needed to check it out. I picked up a few bags at the employee’s suggestion as he said it was flying off the shelves. I can now see why it is so popular. It is fabulous! I cut up some red pepper and mushrooms and sweated them out a bit in a pot. I then cut up a TJ sun dried tomato chicken sausage  and added some marinara sauce and italian herb seasoning. Finally I added about half a bag of the cauliflower and let it heat up. It was awesome. I will definitely be picking up more and making it a regular part of my meals. Yum!
IMG_2340I served it along side this coleslaw made with broccoli slaw :) I will be sharing the recipe soon!
IMG_2330I ended the day with some more delicious cold watermelon and some of this melty dark chocolate frozen yogurt.
IMG_2342I am off to do some more coloring while finding a new show/series to watch.

Any recommendations for Netflix or Amazon?
Have you had cauliflower rice?
Are you a coloring book fan?

Big thanks to Jenn for hosting the WIAW series. Make sure you check out everyone else’s great eats!


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WIAW #50

Good morning from hot Phoenix! It is sure toasty here this week as most days have been 105F ish. I have yet to turn on the AC in my condo though. I face north and am sheltered by other buildings on the grounds. The inside temp has been around 80F and quite livable.  I am not sure how much longer that will last but I’m not complaining ;) Time for the weekly look at everyone’s great posts in Jenn’s WIAW series.

I spotted the biggest watermelon I have ever seen at Costco last week for $3.99. It was humungous and filled every single tupperware and plastic container I own in the fridge!
IMG_2278I have been adding an egg white to the Kodiak Cake batter and am impressed with how fluffy it makes the morning pancakes. I added on some strawberry fruit and honey syrup from Nature Nate’s.  I discovered them while in Dallas as they are based just outside of the city.
IMG_2298I signed up for an adult swimming stroke refinement class this week. It has been kinda disappointing and not as helpful as I had hoped. I got a bit of a burn today as the pool is outside and the class is from 11-Noon. Before heading out I snacked on some grapes and a few pretzels.
IMG_2293I had to rush over to a chiropractor and massage appointment and stopped for a green veggie (and very gingery) juice. I ate the english muffin with Sunberry butter as well before  heading to my appointments.
IMG_2289I quickly ate some frozen grapes later in the afternoon when I finally got home.

Dinner was a chicken burger with an attempt at recreating that Whole Foods coleslaw I talked about on the blog last week. It was really close in flavor and I hope to try another attempt (I forgot to measure the amounts for the dressing) and then I will definitely share it with you. It was so quick and easy.
IMG_2281After dinner I enjoyed some more watermelon, and some frozen grapes and some vanilla yogurt that was on sale at Whole Foods. It got a little melty as I was distracted by looking for banana free muffin recipes on Pinterest. Have any breakfast muffin recipes without banana? I made cinnamon and raisin ones and plain cinnamon last week to eat at work on the weekend.
IMG_2295I am off to try Orange Theory today. I am excited to see how it goes and what the session is like. I finally placed my first Sizzlefish order this week and it is supposed to come today. I miss having good quality seafood and am looking forward to tasting the fish.

Hope you all have a great week. Any plans?
Have you tried Orange Fitness?
Are you a fish fan?
Any favorite breakfast muffin combinations or recipes?


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WIAW #49

Good Morning! Hope you all had a great long weekend and are not in the path of the horrible storms in the south. I got out for a hike on Saturday and it was great to hit the trails again here in sunny Phoenix. I have been enjoying the past few days at home in Phoenix. I have been trying to spend the afternoons lounging outside or by the pool. Very relaxing and much needed. It was my birthday yesterday and I am hoping to get inspired on something fun and different to have for dinner tonight to celebrate.
IMG_2244It has been cooler than usual here and we will only be starting to enter our days of 100F plus temps this weekend (much later than normal). I wanted to take full advantage of the cooler days and the ability to hike in comfort :)

Pre hiking fuel breakfast…I wanted to use up some blueberries and decided to try and add some to my pancakes. While they tasted ok they made the pancakes quite soggy. I need to try again perhaps or just stick to enjoying the berries on top!
IMG_2239I stopped at the farmer’s market on the way home and couldn’t resist these local plums.
IMG_2245They made the perfect snack while strolling around the market.
IMG_2247I am still on the cinnamon life kick. My sister loved life cereal growning up and I could take it or leave it. Now I am the one who is a fan. I had a bowl with some milk when I got home but forgot to take a photo.
IMG_2211In addition to life cereal I am also eating watermelon like it is going out of style. Nothing beats cold watermelon from the fridge on a warm day.
IMG_2259I picked up a little container of this coleslaw from Whole Foods the other day. I think this is the recipe. It was oil and mayo free and the dressing was delicious. I think I need to recreate it soon.
IMG_2238While at Trader Joe’s I spotted frozen basmati rice packs and thought I would try it out. I don’t usually eat rice as I have not found a way to cook a single small serving without a ton of leftovers. I was intrigued by the promise that it was ready in 3 min and there was nothing but rice in the packs. I’m not sure when the last time I had white rice was but it was really good and I think will be a new addition to my TJ staple list.
IMG_2255I served it along side a fillet of salmon and some kale and spinch from Costco that I defrosted. I topped the spinach and kale with this sauce
IMG_2275I picked it up in Boulder at the farmer’s market and it was really tasty.

I also had salad on the side.
IMG_2258Later in the evening I had some more watermelon along side this patriotic treat that caught my eye at Target. More watermelon was eaten as well!
IMG_2260Hope you all have a great remaining days of May and are starting to get warmer weather where you live. Do you have any plans?

I have been spending the afternoons relaxing outside and after being fed up with my iPad getting too hot I found an Amazon Kindle on craigslist that I picked up yesterday. I was about to order one right from Amazon but decided to browse Craigslist first. I was able to get a great deal on one that this guy got as a gift and never used or opened. I am now off to try and figure out how to use it!

Are you a fan of rice?
Any favorite methods or tips on cooking it in small quantities?
Does baking with blueberries (fresh) always result in soggy results? I also tried a mini muffin recipe and had the same soggy outcome :(
Do you have a Kindle?

I am once again linking up with Jenn and the WIAW series! Thanks for hosting Jenn!


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