WIAW #74

Happy Wednesday Friends! I have a short WIAW post for you today. Aside from my move to San Diego this coming weekend I am currently spending my day attending  day 2 of an online webinar for an OR certification test I am taking. Attending the class and then heading off to work yesterday and today is making for a couple really long days. Definitely not ideal timing but I am trying to make it all work…somehow! Time for a quick look at the last WIAW in Orange County before we chat again from San Diego next week :)

Found these organic frozen berries at Costco. Funny how their selection of frozen organic/non organic seems to vary. I spotted a ton of new interesting items but resisted buying any of them due to my move. Hope the SD location will have some of the same items.
IMG_3042Keeping it simple with Coffee and Oatmeal.
IMG_3043I was up early on Saturday as I had to leave to attend a medical workshop of new equipment at a local hotel. Apparently I am quite good at sawing and drilling plastic pipes FYI ;)
IMG_3036Got home and needed to get a quick supper while using up food in my cupboards. Mixed tuna with mustard and BBQ sauce. It was quite tasty. Topped it on some toast with a side of cherry tomatoes and chips. Quick, easy, pantry use up meal. I can’t wait to shop and create some tasty meals in my new place.
IMG_3039Ended the day with a cold glass of Almond milk and some unpictured animal crackers that I have been enjoying lately
IMG_3038That’s a wrap on my short and abrivated WIAW but hope you all have a great day and a good weekend!

Talk to you all next week!


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WIAW #73

Good Morning Friends! Before I jump right to the WIAW fun how about a quick update on happenings in my world. After weeks of job decisions I finally know where I’m moving to next week. After mulling over offers from Connecticut and California I finally signed a contract to work at a hospital in San Diego! While I was ready to deal with winter if needed the perk of a short relocation  (on short notice) down the coast makes it much simpler. I have only spent a little time in the area and definitely looking forward to exploring it further. I’ll only be working 3 days a week so I’ll hopefully have more time to check out some sights….including the great eats, drinks, and sights that Laura keeps posting!

Seeing as I was on an incredibly tight timeline I headed down to San Diego to find an apartment bright and early Saturday morning. After a quick oatmeal breakfast I home I stopped by a nearby Coffee Bean and picked up a cup of their Winter Tea. I have never been to this shop but recently saw people raving about this tea. It was really good.
IMG_3013 I spotted this coffee that I may need to return and try :) It said it had ginger notes which was intriguing.
IMG_3012I arrived right at the opening of the leasing offices at 9am. After checking out one complex with no availability I headed over to location #2. I toured the complex and immediately decided to lease the unit. I filled out the application and submitted the payment. As soon as I hit submit on their electronic application two other people who had been touring came back into the office with plans to lease that same unit. I was so glad to have lucked out…made up for getting up early on a day off! Traffic was getting quite busy so I headed back up to Orange County. I had thrown some pretzels in a bag and munched on them and some water while stuck in stop and go traffic. I am on a role with these lately. So good to snack on and not overly salty.
IMG_1982I finally got back home around noon. I quickly whipped up a smoothie and grabbed a free sample bar from the vegetarian festival I went to last weekend. I added some frozen peach to the smoothie which seemed to make it a bit thicker.
IMG_3006I headed back out for an afternoon of running errands. I got home right before supper and cooked the last remaining piece of Sizzlefish salmon in the freezer. I nailed the  sweet potato cooking time…400F for 60 minutes seemed to be perfect. My naturopath recommended trying some green beans so I picked up some thin ones at Costco. They tasted really good but I didn’t feel great after eating them unfortunately.
IMG_3005Spent the end of the day on the couch planning moving details while snacking on some delicious critters :)

That’s a wrap for this week. I am taking an online college course which starts today so I am off to study….as if I don’t have enough to do already! Hope you all have a great week and perhaps are lucky to enjoy today off work (I will be working unfortunately).

Have you ever been to San Diego? Any must do recommendations?
Anyone tried ClassPass? I’ve heard a bit about it but never signed up. Thinking about trying it out in SD.


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WIAW #72

Good Morning Friends! Hope you are all had a great halloween weekend and enjoyed the extra hour (and aren’t too off kilter sleep wise)! I am popping in for a quick post today since it is WIAW. I am in the final stages of figuring out my next job location and move and hope to share the details with you soon. I’ll share a few photos of what I’ve been up to this week

On the weekend I attended a vegetarian and vegan free outdoor festival nearby. The weather was great and there were lots of friendly vendors
IMG_2993I had heard a lot about this local Santa Barbara decaf tea company Teeccino. I was excited to finally try their samples. It was really tasty and although I am not caffeine sensitive I can definitely see trying this again in once the weather turns cooler.
IMG_2994I brewed a sample up at home the next day to have with breakfast. Today was the hazelnut variety that tasted really good
IMG_2998Along side a hot bowl of oatmeal
IMG_2999I recently picked up a bag of these whole wheat honey pretzels from TJs and have been snacking on them constantly! So good. I highly recommend
IMG_1982Whipped up another strawberry smoothie and PB sandwich for lunch. Failed though to take a photo as I was interrupted by phone calls.

Afternoon snacking between my continued calls and emails…
IMG_2995It was a long day and went the lazy dinner way and used up a can of tuna mixed with some cut up cherry tomatoes and seasoning. I topped it on some toast with some carrots and chips on the side. Was partway though and realized I failed on a photo too…..just too many things on my brain right now!

Finally things calmed down and relaxed on the couch with some remaining frozen blackberries from the freezer
IMG_2996Picked up these tasty animals at TJ…they have a slight lemon flavor which is quite good. Another great TJ pick
IMG_2997That’s a wrap for this week. Sorry for the inconsistent photos. Hopefully by next week things will be more back to normal and the craziness will subside!

Hope you all have a great week and are enjoying some tasty fall foods and much less craziness than me :)


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WIAW #71

Time for another weekly update on my happenings and a chance to join up with the WIAW fun. I had signed up a while ago for a 10 mile race along the Pacific Coast Highway. I headed over to the expo to pick up the race packet on Saturday morning. How awesome is this outdoor expo….it was small but the vibe totally beat out some of the crowded convention center ones I’ve attended
IMG_2973Sunday morning I was up at 5 am in order to make it in time for the 7am start.
I skipped my coffee as I wasn’t sure how my stomach would like it and just stuck with oatmeal, strawberries, and a few frozen nectarine slices. Quick to eat and I was out the door.
IMG_2987I got a parking spot and sat and watched the sunrise. It was exactly what my mind needed. Life has been crazy lately with lots of ups and downs and spending this time before the start was very peaceful
IMG_2975The humidity was crazy and although it was a small race they allowed strollers in the race which boggled my mind. No offense to any parents out there but I don’t get why you want to go in a race with a stroller (or the double wide ones). People were pushing strollers  though crowds. It was a turn off and I was sick of the congestion. The race had a 10k run so I ended up just doing that instead. Most of the strollers seemed to carry on with the 10 mile distance so I found the 10k less congested and was able to take in the great scenery.
IMG_2980I got home and made a refreshing smoothie of my go to lately of almond milk, strawberries, a few blackberries, and some of the Sun Warrior Organic natural protein powder.
IMG_2885Later for lunch I made a tuna sandwich….which really means I opened a can of tuna, added some grainy mustard, a bit of yellow mustard, lots of pepper, mixed it together and put it between two slices of bread. Effortless, perfect lazy delicious lunch!
IMG_2988Since I’ll be moving in a few weeks I had a chicken breast left to eat in the freezer. I topped it with pepper and baked it in the oven. I topped some BBQ near the end so it wouldn’t burn. I had bought a sweet potato to have with it but totally underestimated the length of time to cook the potato so it was undercooked  (i.e. barely cooked). I never seem to get my times right. I tried 400 for an hour with the chicken but while the chicken was done it wasn’t. Everyone seems to swear by different temps for potatoes. I diced up the chicken and then chopped up some raw veggies to have along side instead
IMG_2983Ended the day with some fig cookies and a glass of cold vanilla almond milk.
IMG_2974Hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween!



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WIAW #70

Good Wednesday Morning! It finally cooled off a bit here in California but remained humid on the weekend which was nice from the super hot temps last weekend. Hopefully you were able to enjoy some seasonal fall weather in your area. I’ve been busy still looking into my my next job location. Hope I can share some details soon. Time though now to join up for the WIAW fun again this week.

I spotted this coffee at Target on the weekend. It was on clearance and there was only one bag left. It was really good (of course since there was only one left!)
IMG_2943Warm oatmeal and coffee on these dark mornings have been on the menu this week
IMG_2965Along side some defrosted frozen strawberries and a few frozen peach slices. I finally picked up some apples on the weekend and tried one but I didn’t feel very well after eating it unfortunately. The semi defrosted fruit combo though has been tasty in the mornings though.
IMG_2954Costco had this almond milk on sample on the weekend. I tried it and it was quite good. I picked up a case and have been liking the flavor it has added to my smoothies at lunch.
IMG_2956All this job research has been keeping me really busy lately. I relaxed before dinner and wasn’t feeling like a whole beer but poured myself a mini glass!
IMG_2958Dinner was a hodgepodge snack like meal. I saw this egg less vegan Mayo at Target for only $1.99.  I am not a huge mayo eater but have been trying to come up with ideas to make a tuna salad without dairy. I added a bit of the mayo, pepper, and some whole grain mustard and chilled it in the fridge. Added some purple chips, tiny grape tomatoes, and carrots on the side. It was really good and I actually made it again into a sandwich to take to work for supper yesterday.
IMG_2949Ended the day with some frozen blackberries and some of these Barbara’s fig bars. I picked some up the other day again and have enjoyed snacking on them.
IMG_2959Hope you all have a great week and have been enjoying some delicious fall foods and meals!


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WIAW #69

Wow October is half over! We have been sweltering here in California with a humid heat wave. Definitely not typical October weather. I’ve been busy figuring out where to apply for my next travel nurse job next month. Between researching the hospitals, cities, housing, and state licensure issues it has been another full time job. Some good news is that the diet changes seems to be helping the symptoms I was experiencing. I have been experimenting a bit and finding out what tastes good (and what doesn’t!). Time for the weekly WIAW fun!

Started the day with this coffee from Target. Very good
IMG_2904I used to not like oatmeal as I found it not filling as a breakfast. I have been cooking the quick oats with a bowl of water (I don’t measure just fill the bowl) in the microwave for just under 3 min. They come out really watery and hot and then I have been adding some honey and 2 tablespoons of ground flax seeds. After mixing and letting it cool for a few minutes it magically absorbs the water and has a great taste. I tried chia seeds but found the ground flax was much better.
IMG_2913I added some leftover watermelon in the fridge. I had a craving for some crisp apples on the weekend but could only find less than ideal ones at the market. I miss the wonderful fresh fall orchard apples of Washington! I did notice some at Costco that looked better so I might pick them up later this week when I go back.
IMG_2921I have been playing with smoothies this week for lunch. I ran out of almond milk completely and subbed water instead (not  good decision FYI) and have tried half water and half milk but the consistency is still not as good as straight milk. This one was with regular unsweetened almond milk instead of the vanilla as Whole Foods was out. I mixed in some strawberries and some frozen peach from TJ. Cool and refreshing along side my standby of PB toast lately. I tried adding some PB to my oatmeal but wasn’t a fan. Decided to stick to it on toast instead!
IMG_2926Supper was fabulous. Despite the swelting temps here I decided to crank on the AC and turn on the oven to cook supper. I have tried cooking sweet potatoes in the microwave but they just seem to taste better in the oven I find. Must be the crispy skin. I thawed a piece of Sizzlefish salmon and quickly cooked it after the potato was done. I had an odd craving of some cooked carrots topped with some BBQ sauce (so weird and random!). I barely boiled these colored carrots so they had a bite and were not mushy at all. Great tasty side.
IMG_2910Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving (in Canada) or perhaps were lucky enough to enjoy a long weekend due to Columbus Day here in the US.

Question for non dairy milk drinkers….have you tried the boxed 1 quart non dairy shelf milk options? I saw them on sale but was unsure about the taste or reviews. I’ve only had the refrigerator variety.


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WIAW #68

Happy Wednesday Friends! Hope you are all having a good first week of October. It finally cooled off here in California on Sunday which was a nice break from the warm weather we’ve been having here. Hope you have been able to enjoy some nice fall weather in your area and not stormy weather. I ended up heading out to Huntington Beach on Saturday for a haircut but left a bit early and walked along the beach bike path. It was super crowded but nice to be by the ocean.

This week has been a busy one for me. As I mentioned a few weeks ago I had some allergy testing done as I had been noticing some possible reactions to some foods for a while. I met with the doctor last week and found out the results. The results were not what I was expecting. They showed allergies to all dairy, eggs, bananas, beans, blueberries, and some other random fruits and veggies. Honestly I was stunned with the results. While I knew dairy free would but an adjustment but manageable the kicker of no eggs (including whites) or bananas would be a lot harder. I was expecting the results to show an allergy to gluten and had been seeking out gluten free options but the tests showed no allergy to gluten. Over the next month the plan is to see if the symptoms go away by eliminating all the reactive foods and high FODMAP foods from my diet. The nurse part of me knows it is the right decision but it is definitely going to take some work and creativity. I have been searching Pinterest and blogs a lot over the past few days.

Ok…now onto the WIAW fun thanks to Jenn!

I have been playing around with oatmeal combos this week. This bowl had oats and 2 Tbsp of flaxseed meal. I found a bag at Walmart for $2.50 and it seemed like a bargain compared to grinding my own. It seems to absorb the extra liquid in the oatmeal really well.  I microwaved the oats and then added the flaxseed. I added a bit of maple syrup to sweeten it. I’ve tried cooking in almond milk vs water but couldn’t really tell the difference.
IMG_2900I recently opened this jar of walnut butter that I picked up in Boulder while at Blend. It is so good and tastes like cookie dough batter. I’ve been eating it by the spoonful for snacks.
IMG_2888In an attempt to find protein substitute for lunch that didn’t involve dairy a smoothie came to mind. On work days it can often be 6-7 hours after eating lunch that I will then get to eat supper (or anything for that matter) and found that cottage cheese or yogurt helped sustain during the long period. I don’t usually use protein powder but was stumped as to a quick source this week. I read some positive reviews about a new organic natural ‘junk free’ blend from Sunwarrior. I ordered it from Amazon and thought I would give it a try. I added almond milk, protein powder, some strawberries, and a drizzle of maple syrup. It was drinkable but needs some tweaking. I had toast and PB along side.
IMG_2890I ended up getting home later on Saturday than I had planned and had forgotten to defrost some fish earlier in the day. I made a repeat turkey sandwich with some of the same Jackson purple potato chips and grape tomatoes and a couple carrots on the side.
IMG_2899If you happen to be allergic or simply choose to eat dairy and egg free and have any recipes of meals you like I would love any tips or suggestions!
I’ve tried a few pancake recipes but they haven’t really turned out well. Any dairy,egg,banana free pancakes you like?
Any good vegan products I should try?
Do you drink non dairy milk? Any favs? I’ve only tried unsweetened almond and unsweetened vanilla almond so far.


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