WIAW #63

Good September morning! Although there are officially a few more weeks of summer September always seems to signal the start of fall. Linking up with Jenn again today for WIAW fun.
On Sunday morning I had some errands to do but decided to leave a bit earlier and head to the beach on the way for a walk.
IMG_2743Before I left the house I had a couple slices of Cinnamon Raisin bread
IMG_2717Along with some watermelon. I didn’t see any good watermelons last week but picked one up on the weekend. This one is really juicy and tasty. Great way to hold onto summer for a bit longer
IMG_2752I grabbed a coffee and enjoyed a walk at the pier and along the shores in Newport. It was a great way to clear my head and get my mind off some hectic things lately.
IMG_2738I got back home right at noon and enjoyed the impulse Costco buy of raspberries. I seem to be unable to avoid picking up a container each time I go lately!
IMG_2720With more of the bread but topped with PB and some Almond butter
IMG_2721In the afternoon I had this new to me La Croix flavor of Blackerry and Cucumber that I picked up at Target with some stone wheat thin crackers from TJ. The water was really good. I will definitely be grabbing another case the next time I am at Target
IMG_2747I was feeling uninspired for dinner. I had some bison thawing but didn’t feel like exerting much effort to make dinner. I snacked on some raw cucumbers
IMG_2724And Cherry Tomatos
IMG_2750While the meat was browning I chopped up a few carrots and added some guac from Costco. I prefer more chunky guac but this one was really smooth.
IMG_2751I took a bag of riced cauliflower from Trader Joe’s which I defrosted and then topped with the bison. I then added some ketchup, mustard, and some BBQ sauce. I then mixed it all together. While it did not look good it tasted surprisingly good and flavorful.
IMG_2725Some more watermelon and frozen blackberries to end my day. I am in a big fruit kick still. Love the summer fruit.
IMG_2756Any long weekend plans? I am still trying to decide what I will do. I was planning on having to work on Monday but just found out I am off. I am mulling over the idea of a quick getaway somewhere but haven’t decided yet…

Hope you all have a good long weekend whether you are traveling, working, or just relaxing at home!


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WIAW #62

Good Morning! I can’t believe it is is the last full week of August. This summer has flown by! I hope you all had a great weekend and are enjoying the last official days of summer if you are off on vacation or not in school yet. After looking for a good Farmer’s market in the area I finally seem to have found a one that has organic and locally grown produce. A lot of the markets seem to feature conventionally grown produce that is bruised or looks like supermarket produce….odd! This market is close to my house and had some nice friendly producers. The quantity of stone fruit was incredible. I didn’t buy any though as I can never seem to time my eating of them…either they are under ripe or over ripe.
IMG_2674I did finally find this local goat yogurt that Julie has raved about. This stuff is amazing! They have a ton of flavors and if you are in the area you must try this out. So thick, creamy, and delicious! I have been enjoying some daily.
IMG_2675I tried switching up my breakfast this week but had some recipe failures. I tried making some coconut flour pancakes from a Pinterest recipe but it didn’t turn out. I would like to start making my own but need to keep looking for a new recipe. I ended up eating a bit of the failed pancake (it was quite mushy and not picture worthy though), coffee, and a bowl of semi thawed blackberries and cottage cheese. I also had a spoonful of the mango yogurt.
IMG_2689These berries are another Costco find from this past weekend. 3lb bag for just under $10. Great deal for organic berries I thought.
IMG_2681Mid morning snack of some yogurt. Yum!
IMG_2677Lunch was cottage cheese with berries also side toast and PB.
IMG_2684Yes more yogurt and I am a La Croix kick as well. Pricy but worth it. Love this stuff but not this flavor. Lime and Orange are my fav.
IMG_2572Picked up some fingerling potatoes at the market. I roasted them up with pepper in the oven.
IMG_2679And then added some ground bison and salsa along with a salad
IMG_2680I have been snacking on frozen blackberries (x like 3 more bowls!) and frozen grapes in the evening as well lately
IMG_2682I also have been liking dry toasted Cinnamon Raisin bread in the evening lately
IMG_2685I tried the cotton candy grapes at the supermarket the other day. Definitely a unique taste and it does taste like the carnival treat but I didn’t pick up a bag. Wasn’t completely won over.

Are you a fan of the cotton candy grapes?
Any good homemade pancake mix recipes?
Hope you have a great last weekend in Aug….Any plans?

Thanks to Jenn for hosting WIAW!


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WIAW #61

Happy Wednesday Friends! I am writing this post on Tuesday night after an exhausting hike. I’d been reading about these recommended hikes in the area and felt like since I don’t start my new job till next week I would try to do one this week. Mt Baldy seemed like a good one and after moving my appointment to donate platelets from Tuesday to Monday I had Tuesday totally free. The hike was extremely strenuous but provided some amazing views of Southern California and the LA area. Hard to believe it is only barely an hour from my home.
IMG_2664As I stretch out and rest my legs it is time for a look at my meals from Monday for another weekly linkup for WIAW thanks to Jenn!

My flight from Tucson was later getting into LAX than I originally planned. I still made a quick detour to Venice Beach and checked out this coffee shop called Intelligentsia. I had seen their coffee at Whole Foods but never tried it. I picked up a bag of this summer blend and brewed it up in my french press. It was really good.
IMG_2586Last week I tried a sample of this raisin bread at Costco. It is from Alpine Valley which is a company from the Phoenix area. I have had their other bread but not this before.
IMG_2600I toasted up two slices and topped it with peanut butter. Odd combo but was really delicious. I also had some unpictured watermelon on the side.
IMG_2596I made a TJ run yesterday and picked up these crackers. They remind me of Stone wheat which I used to eat when I was younger. They don’t crumble easily and I knew they would be good to take hiking. I had a few as a snack
IMG_2595Lunch was some cottage cheese topped with raspberries that were sweet as candy. Plus some raisin bread again…this time the one slice had a large whole in it :(
IMG_2580I was starving when I got home for dinner after my platelet donation appointment. I roasted a sweet potato in the oven and cooked some ground bison which I topped with salsa. Added some peppers and carrots on the side. Yum!
IMG_2584Dessert was some more watermelon and some fig cookies which I totally forgot to take a photo of. Oops!

Any new products you have found recently?

Hope you have a great weekend…hard to believe it is almost the end of August!


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WIAW #60

Good Morning Friends! This week marks my last week of work in Tucson. I am really looking for life to slow down and be a lot less hectic starting on Sunday when I fly back to LA. This past weekend was really busy and I spent all day Monday running errands and finally getting my car registered in California. I did get a California driver’s license last week after another 3 hour visit to the DMV. Hoping to avoid having to go back till next year!

Time to join Jenn’s weekly WIAW linkup again this week.

After landing at LAX on Monday morning I stopped by a nearby Starbucks for coffee and a egg white muffin sandwich for breakfast. I ate a yogurt while walking to the airport from my hotel in Tucson at 5:30am. I made good time getting back to my car and was able to make it to Starbucks by 9am. (Repeat photo as I was starving and forgot to take a photo :))
IMG_2525Costco to get groceries. They had massive watermelons for only $4.99….the same price as 2lb containers of strawberries. I had never seen watermelons that were this large. After cutting it all up and using every Tupperware container I own I still had extra. I ended up freezing the remaining pieces in a gallon bag. I’m not sure if it is good after freezing…have you ever ate frozen or thawed pieces before?

The raspberries at Costco looked great so I picked up a container to have with lunch. Excellent decision. I ended up eating the whole container! I toasted a english muffin and topped it with some TJ Peanut Butter I bought that morning. I haven’t had plain PB in a while and was craving it. Tasty quick meal.
IMG_2558I ended up making a trip out to the DMV to finally register the car as some documents I was waiting for were in the mailbox. Knew I needed some fuel for the waiting to come so I quickly ate these rice cakes before leaving. I am all about raisins lately….loving them as a snack.
IMG_2563I came home and cut up the watermelon. After tackling and cleaning up it was time for dinner. I had planned on having a chicken burger but it was later than planned and I didn’t feel like waiting for it to cook. Instead I threw together a strange collection of food that was appealing after a long day. Started with a thrown together salad and beer.
IMG_2559PB toast
IMG_2571I am not a fan of warm watermelon. I like it cold from the fridge. I had a small container of some that had started to cool after dinner. Juicy and really good.
IMG_2560Ended the my not intentional fruit and english muffin day with some frozen grapes and a few of the Barbara fig newton’s I mentioned last week.
IMG_2561I am looking forward to settling into my new place and start cooking next week.

I hope you all have a relaxing summer weekend. Any plans?
Ever look back and realize you unintentionally ate the same food groups/foods throughout the day?
Let me know if you have ay frozen watermelon uses or tips!



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WIAW #59

I made it to California! It has been a crazy few days and I am hoping to actually get some time to relax and settle in soon. I was planning on leaving around 4am but I ended up being awake at 2:30am so I hit the road then. I ended up making good time and was at my apartment by 9 am. After unpacking the car I head off to Ikea to order furniture and went to Costco to pick up a mattress. I ran around the area like crazy and within a few hours was  back home just in time for AT&T to come hook up services at my apartment. The rest of the day was unpacking and waiting for my Ikea order to be delivered. It finally came around 6pm. I quickly built the sofa, table, 2 of the 4 chairs, and bed in about 4 hours. Although I could tell my level of concentration was fading I still was impressed with getting it all done. I really wanted to sleep in the bed….(however I made the sofa and table first…not my smartest move!).
IMG_2495Now onto a short look at my WIAW eats!

Breakfast on the road to Cali was this Starbucks english muffin and egg white sandwich and a coffee. I had on the other day after work with a free reward and pleasantly surprised.
IMG_2525I had a craving last week for fig newtons. I picked up these Barbara ones last week at Sprouts and they are so good. I ate them as snacks all weekend long and during the drive. I got these multigrain ones and the raspberry ones. I ended up finishing them and need to stop by Sprouts  for more. I haven’t seen them anywhere else except Sprouts unfortunately.
IMG_2528Today I needed to hit the DMV and had the brilliant decision to eat lunch a little earlier than normal. I made a detour home and toasted an english muffin with almond butter and some cottage cheese with California strawberries. These berries are so good. Not the usual less ripe and tasty California berries that are sold elsewhere in the country.
IMG_2531I ended up waiting for 4 hours at the DMV just to be told that I need to have another form completed and return. This was an insane experience. So many people in a small cramped building. The lack of efficiency was definitely not something I was expecting. I have to return tomorrow to a different office and then again next week.

I was in the mood for a quick effortless supper. Beer, carrots, cherry tomatoes, and a Chipotle chicken salad totally fit the bill. If you have any great California beer recommendations let me know…hehe!
IMG_2502Ended the day with some frozen grapes and the last two fig newton cookies.

Have you had any horrendous wait times like the DMV?
Are you a fan of fig newtons? Have you tried the Barbara ones?
Any quick effortless summer meals you are loving?

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


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WIAW #58

Good Wednesday Morning Everyone! It is my last WIAW in Phoenix for a while. I have been running around town like crazy the past few days trying to tie up loose ends before I leave tomorrow. I ended up getting rid of all my furniture and will be driving to California and moving into my new home on Monday. As side from settling in I am looking forward to sleeping in a bed again. It has been a tolerable but long 2 weeks on the camping mattress on the floor! As if I didn’t have enough to do yesterday I ended my day praying that this paint would come off car. I was driving behind a truck when cans rolled off and I ended up driving over one as I was unable to swerve out of the way. The whole passenger side of my car, rims, and tires were covered. After freaking out and frantic googling a solution I tried to take it off with water. Thankfully it did come off the body and rims with washing as must have been latex based. The tires are still painted but at least the body and rims look like they did before. Phew.
CarNot sure if Starbucks still has this promo but check it out if you are interested.
IMG_2475I picked it up last week as it caught my eye. I usually don’t pay attention as the freebies are games or music I am not into. This app looks great after a quick scroll through it. Definitely need to check it out in more depth soon.
IMG_2477Time for a brief WIAW as I take a break from packing and organizing for the move. Thanks Jenn for hosting once again!

Strawberries were on sale for $0.97/lb and make a great leftover free addition to my breakfast.
IMG_2489I ended up getting home a lot later for lunch then I had planned due to crazy Phoenix drivers and traffic. There were tons of crashes on almost every major freeway throughout the day! I was starving and quickly sliced up some berries and added cottage cheese. I used to have this all the time a child. Totally hit the spot.
IMG_2486Dinner was a freezer use up meal of frozen peppers, cauliflower rice, and diced chicken burger. Added some ketchup, mustard, and relish on top. Tasty use up meal in a bowl meal
IMG_2481Ate a few remaining pickles on the side too
IMG_2491Ended the day snacking on popcorn and some frozen cherries.

Hope you all have a great weekend (Crazy that it will Aug on Sat!).

Can’t wait to catch up next week from the west coast!


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WIAW #57

Good morning and happy Wednesday friends! As you know Wednesdays are a chance to link up with Jenn and join the WIAW fun. I am counting down the days until I will be moving to Southern California at the end of the month. Thanks though to mother nature I will now having to take a 2-3hour detour through San Diego as the main interstate between Phoenix and LA is closed due to a bridge washout and collapse. I ended up selling my bed and mattress on Craigslist and am now hoping someone will buy my sofa before I have to slash the price. The money that I did get from my bed has all been spent on these delicious summer treats.
IMG_2468My standards summer fruit is quite high. I will pay for good tasting and high quality non mushy/over ripe fruit as I know the season is short and they are so good. In Phoenix the best cherries in taste and condition has been at Whole Foods. They have had this ‘sale’ on for the past month. Can’t get enough of cherries this week!

Breakfast on Monday was some leftover watermelon I had in the fridge along side my old standby breakfast. I did pick up a new variety of coffee. I prefer light blends and tried out the Allegro Breakfast Blend from Whole Foods. It has been really good.
IMG_2458When I finally got home after running errands all morning I was starving. Luckily I toasted up an english muffin and topped it with Nuttzo. I have almost finished the jar as I didn’t want to have to throw out the pricy nut spread when I move. Numerous sweet cherries were the perfect side dish!
IMG_2467Supper on Monday was a home run. I was catching up on some blog reading that morning and saw Lindsay had posted about rutabega ‘fries‘. I decided to give the method a whirl for supper that night. I tend to not make oven fries as I have never been able to get them crispy and not soggy. I picked up a rutabaga at the supermarket and tried out the recipe. I think cutting them 1/2’ wide made the difference. I did cook them at 450C but for a little longer than Lindsay suggested. They were awesome…especially when dipped in good old ketchup. It was the perfect accompaniment to by frozen chicken burger.
IMG_2463I also had some iceberg lettuce salad on the side. I wanted a break from the usual kale or spinach mixes but still was wanting salad. This has been great. The crunch is definitely something that kale or spring mixes can’t match!
IMG_2461I ended the day by snacking on popcorn while stretching out on the couch and the tv
IMG_2465Hope you all have a great week and are enjoying summer fruit and some tasty eats :)

Are you a fan of home made oven ‘fries’?




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