WIAW #40

Good morning friends! Hope you are all having a fabulous week and the weather is finally starting to improve where you are living. The sun has finally emerged for two consecutive days here in Dallas….fingers crossed that the warmer weather is on its way. The Rock N Roll Dallas race was held on the weekend and while I didn’t participate in the race I did head to the expo to browse the exhibitors. I went first thing in the morning and it was great. There happened to be a Jaybird booth and after talking to the guy about the problems I had with the headphones I returned he was able to troubleshoot what was probably wrong and I ended up buying pair. I used them on Monday and they worked wonderfully. I still need to perfect the fit in the ear but being free of cords is wonderful. These are the ones I got if you are curious.

After the expo I headed to a nearby farmer’s market that was having the first opening day of the season. I picked up these local organic strawberries for a delicious treat. So much more flavor compared to the supermarket ones.
IMG_2087I also made a long overdue trip to The Fresh Market. I spotted this coffee on sale for $6 each. I tried the caramel one yesterday and it was yummy! I have been craving some nut butter but didn’t really feel like almond butter. Nuttzo was on sale so I picked up a jar!
IMG_2084Breakfast the next day was hot Kodiak Cakes and bright berries along side a cup x2 of the new coffee!
IMG_2090The gym is quite subpar at this apartment complex I am staying at. They have some spin bikes though that I have been trying out lately. Also there is wifi at the gym so I have been biking while watching Netflix. After coming back from the gym I was so thirsty but not overly hungry. I needed to head out the post office to mail some packages and knew that I needed something to eat before braving the long lines! Some Nuttzo on some rice cakes with tons of cold water! I like the combo flavor in the Nuttzo and haven’t had it in months.
IMG_2096By the time I got home I was starving and still needed to hit up Costco for groceries. Seeing as I was low on food I whipped up a batch of Kodiak Cakes. Delicious and quick! More strawberries before heading out for more errands all afternoon. The berries tasted as wonderful as they look :)
IMG_2089I had planned on picking up a sweet potato but the selection was poor unfortunately at the store. While at Costco I picked up a box of individual guacamole cups. I enjoy guac but find it always goes bad if I make a batch of it as I don’t eat it quick enough. They were sampling this one and it was chunky and not overly garlicky.  I got home again later than I had hopped and was starving. I paired the guac with cut raw veggies and a local cold beer while I was cooking dinner.
IMG_2085I cooked a chicken breast that was a lot bigger than I had thought. I ate half for dinner and saved the rest to take to work the next day. Salad topped with tons of TJ’s sundried tomatoes and mushrooms :)
IMG_2094After a busy day I enjoyed relaxing on the couch with fresh popped popcorn.
IMG_2037I tried to bust out of my repetitive meals this week and think I succeeded despite some busier days. I am looking forward to maybe trying out some local hiking trails here this weekend if it stays warmer and dries up.

Do you have any plans for this weekend?
Are you a frequent shopper at farmer’s markets?
Any new food finds lately?

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WIAW #39

Hi Friends! Happy Wednesday morning. I had a low key weekend which was nice after a long stretch of what has seemed like some busy weekends. Did some errands in the morning and took a nap each afternoon!

Picked up a bag of Granny Smith apples at TJ’s on the weekend. Made sure to have one with my Kodiak Cakes to green up my breakfast!
IMG_2075I tried sardines for lunch this weekend for the first time. I tried to make it resemble a tuna like consistency. I added some random seasoning. It was ok but not great. I need to look up some seasoning suggestions before trying it again. I read that people like the marinara ones…have you tried sardines before?
IMG_2069I have been trying to come up with new quick and easy dinner ideas to take to work but feel like I am in a bit of a rut. I have been cooking up a chicken breast with a chipotle seasoning and veggies but am feeling the urge to switch it up.
IMG_2072I did bring some of my veggie and bison chili the other day which was good. I have a tendency to rotate through a handful of meals. I need to try and get more creative and try new things.
IMG_2008Snacking on these tasty pretzels at work still. Yum!
IMG_1982Do you find yourself in food/cooking ruts or rotations? Any tips to get out of it?
At Costco they were sampling a refrigerated coconut water (4 16oz bottles for $16)….have you tried it? It tasted good but I didn’t pick up any.

Make sure you stop by Arman’s and Jenn’s and the fabulous Meghan’s blogs to join in all the WIAW fun!



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WIAW #38

Welcome to another edition of WIAW! I am hoping you all are starting to enjoy some more spring like weather. It has still been rainy and cool here in Dallas but the forecast says it should be 70 this week….fingers crossed! I can’t wait to warm up and start to thaw out.

Same old start to my day…if it ain’t broke don’t fix it right ;)
IMG_2029While browsing at Trader Joe’s on the weekend I spotted this vinegar.
IMG_2053The friendly employee said she loved it and I decided to give it a try. It is fabulous as a dressing. I just used it alone on the salad and it was so flavorful and not sweet or too bitter. I used it on the herb salad mix from TJ’s and added in some mushrooms and radishes as well as some sundried tomatoes. It was so good! I am looking forward to making it again next weekend!

IMG_2050I made it the next night with the shredded brussel sprouts and kale mix but preferred the herb mix instead. Topped with a ton of mushrooms!
IMG_2035I had been out running errands and got home late so wanted a quick meal. I cooked some bison and added some chili spice with some brussel sprouts. I topped it with some mango salsa that I brought from Phoenix. Quick, filling, and tasty….my dinner requirements :)
IMG_2048Popcorn on the couch to end the day while catching up on last week’s Scandal. I really like that show.
IMG_2037Hope you all have a wonderful week!
Any new TJ products you love?
Have you tried the orange vinegar?
Do you own a pair of wireless headphones? Any recommendations? I ordered a pair of Jaybird Bluebuds X but they were skipping so I returned them. Every pair I look at seems to have mixed reviews.

Make sure to head on over to Jenn’s site and see what WIAW is all about. Thanks to Arman for hosting this week!


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WIAW #37

Good Wednesday Morning! It is hard to believe that it is March already! Hoping that spring weather will start to appear soon and the cold winter temps will go away soon. This weekend I signed up for a one month trial newcomer special at a local Pure Barre studio. I was looking for an activity or class that worked with my schedule and didn’t require a long term monthly commitment. After seeing a lot on the web about barre I took the plunge and joined. What a different but challenging workout. My legs were shaking and are still sore! The instructors seem really nice and each class has been a different variety of movements. While I am not hooked yet I can see the attraction to it.
IMG_2030After forgetting to pick up apples I stocked up last week again. I usually buy galas but they didn’t look that good this week so I got the granny smith instead. Crispy and juicy! I also opened a bag of Dunkin Donuts Blueberry coffee that I had in the cupboard. It is amazing! Two thumbs up
IMG_2029Mid morning tea break along side some of these tasty apricots.
IMG_2027I have been trying to come up with new easy dinner ideas to take to work. Last night I broiled some brussel sprouts and frozen artichoke hearts and added some ground bison and salsa. Quick, easy, and tasty!
IMG_2028On Sunday evening I enjoyed the return of The Good Wife while snacking on a bowl of frozen cherries and Mango (and some of the always delicious TJ Cat Cookies)
IMG_2026Hope you all have a great rest of the week. I am hoping that the weather gets warmer here and I can start exploring some of the outdoor activities around Dallas.
Have you tried a barre class at all?

I am happy about the return of Jenn’s WIAW linkup. It is a fun weekly event that I enjoy participating it. Head over to her site and check it out!


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WIAW #36

Hello! Time for another visit this week. I have been trying to survive this cold stormy weather in Dallas….(which people tell me is very unseasonable for this area). I can’t wait to return to the warmth of Arizona in a few months! I have clearly lost my ability to tolerate winter weather haha! Hope you all are staying warm inside if you are dealing with this nasty blast of winter weather. Now onto a look at some of the meals I have created this week.
IMG_2007I had a craving for strawberries the other day when I saw them on sale at Costco. I picked up the fresh ones and they were ok but kinda disappointing and tough. I grabbed a bag of frozen berries a couple days later and have been adding them to my breakfast and lunch.
IMG_2010Coffee and tea while snuggled on the couch under a blanket with a side of magazines and netflix and Amazon Prime. Have you guys seen the new series Bosch on Amazon Prime? I just finished binge watching it and was completely hooked by the end of it. I haven’t read any of the books but am a fan of the Law & Order tv genre. I highly recommend checking it out if you like those types of shows.

IMG_2003I am still trying to find a dinner meal routine/ideas that work with this new work schedule for the next few months. I work the afternoon/evening shift Mon-Fri so I need to pack a supper each day. I was browsing The Fresh Market and spotted this frozen roasted veggie pizza. I decided to give it a try and added some sun dried tomatoes before cooking it. It was quite good. It had a thin multi-grain crust which didn’t taste overly fake and there were large pieces of vegetables on it. It was a an easy meal to take to work for 2 days.
IMG_1988This weekend I stocked up on some salmon and baked a fillet on Sunday night. I was craving some fish and this ended up cooking perfectly. I can sometimes…(often) accidentally overcook salmon but this was just right. I added on some of the Mom’s Gourmet Wow-a Chihuahua seasoning blend that was awesome. Costco had a great deal on asparagus so I quick boiled a bunch to go on the side.
IMG_1999I popped up a bowl of this new popcorn to snack on after supper. The kernels pop up a lot smaller than usual but it still tastes the same.
IMG_2009 Hope you all stay warm and spring weather can hopefully start to appear.

Have any of you been to Shreveport LA? I just found out it isn’t a far drive and have been wondering if it is worth a visit over a weekend?
I am planning a weekend trip to Austin soon…any tips or suggestions are welcomed.
Are you a Netflix or Amazon Prime viewer? Any recent favs? I am looking forward to season 3 of House of Cards!

I have been a long time reader of Jenn’s WIAW series and have really enjoyed her hosting the linkup each week. Over the past few weeks the linkup has a had to be moderated and put on hold due to too many unrelated off topic posts being linked up. It is a shame and I hope at some point the link up can return and its original intention and everyone can just ‘play by the rules’.


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WIAW #35

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday! I am finally no longer living in a hotel! On Monday I moved into a new company apartment. I am still waiting for a washer and dryer to be delivered but am starting to settle in and unpack. It feels great to do normal things again….like make a cup of coffee in my french press! Here is a peek at some of my hotel and non hotel eats this week.

While packets of oatmeal made for an easy breakfast at the hotel I was thrilled to whip up a batch of Kodiak Cakes yesterday morning. Yum!
IMG_1980I follow up with another cup of brewed coffee in my new mug.
IMG_1979Chipotle chicken salads with hot sauce for dinner. These have been good but I am looking forward to having a dinner at home this weekend.
IMG_1976Picked up this Whole Foods beet and kale salad. I love beets (but hate dealing with the mess of cooking them) and couldn’t pass up this tasty mess-free creation.
IMG_1974Found these at TJ’s on the weekend and have been snacking on them daily. Really good and not overly salty. I need to head back soon and grab another bag :)
IMG_1982Spotted these huge blackberries at Costco and snacked on them after dinner
IMG_1977Along with multiple handfuls of the Whole Foods copycat of peanut M&Ms
IMG_1978Hope you all have a wonderful warm week. It is supposed to warm up slightly here in Dallas this week which will be great. I am not impressed with the cold weather :)

Don’t forget to visit Jenn’s blog and see what WIAW is all about



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WIAW #34

Good Morning! I hope that you are all staying safe from all the nasty winter weather whether it is the rainstorms or the snow and frigid temps on the eastern side of the US. I have had quite a week here in Dallas. I was supposed to move into an apartment on Friday but it was completely trashed and unliveable. I have been staying in a hotel while my company figures out another plan. If housing can’t be worked out this week I will probably be heading home. Very upsetting and frustrating to say the least. I am hoping that things work out but I’m not overly confident. Anyways…..time for a look at some of the food I have been enjoying here in Dallas.

On Saturday morning I headed out to visit the Dallas Farmer’s Market. There were huge long rows of fresh vegetables and fruit. Fresh papayas and citrus fruit galore! There were a lot of local producers and farmers. If I end up staying here I will definitely go back and stock up on some fresh items.
IMG_1932Breakfast has been coffee, oatmeal, and a banana. I find it is a simple and quick thing to eat on the road or when away from a kitchen. I used my Starbucks free reward to add the blueberries this time.
IMG_1903While I have been kitchen-less I have been spending a lot of time at Starbucks enjoying the free tea and coffee refills and wifi. Lunch has been happening there as well and has been a repeat of breakfast for ease and convenience. Once I got to Dallas I picked up a box of plain oatmeal packets from Whole Foods and just ask for a small cup of hot water and make my own for lunch.

Supper has been in my hotel room each day. I have been stopping at a Whole Foods near this hotel for a few items from the prepared department. This salad was delicious. It was kale with some butternut squash and raisins. The dressing was some apple cider vinegar I think. It was so simple and tasty.
IMG_1904A while ago when I found their Cauliflower tabbouli I always pick up a container when I see it. Love it!
IMG_1945Up until last week I had never been to Chipotle at all. I had dinner there while travelling to Dallas and have been having a salad there for supper the past few days. Quite a tasty and quick and healthier version of fast food. This was a chicken salad with the spicy hot sauce.
IMG_1901Have you ever been to Chipotle?
Any favourite kitchen-less meals? :)

Hope you all stay warm and safe this week. Don’t forget to head over to Jenn’s site and see what WIAW is all about.


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