WIAW #99

Welcome to another WIAW and thanks for stopping by. I had a couple more doctor visits since last week and am no longer as laid up with crutches. I am able to walk on my leg but am wearing the brace all the time except at night. I’m still limiting my walking to essential moving only. The hope and goal is that I’ll be in the bace for another month and then hopefully switch to another brace. Since I basically walked on the injured leg for 9 weeks post injury date it has forced him to keep me in the brace longer than normal. I had plans to head to NYC last weekend as I had bought a ticket to the Vegetarian festival and was really looking forward to going. I decided that as much as I wanted to go it wasn’t the smart thing to do. I’m hoping to maybe head down and see some friends this weekend instead. I’m craving some of my favorite NYC eats!

It was rainy, dark, and dreary here today so I woke up and sipped some tea along side the warm oatmeal. I’ve been peeling my oranges and then popping them in the freezer for a few minutes while I cook my oatmeal. I find it firms them up a bit and prevents sogginess.
IMG_3648I’ve been mulling over whether to take the blog to a self hosting format for a while now and finally decided to take the leap. I signed up with Blue Host but had tons of issues trying to switch this blog over to a new WordPress.org platform. I watched online tech videos and it seemed straightforward but I kept running into error messages. I tried calling Blue Host and felt like canceling. I felt like going  back to the drawing and research board. I’m starting to think I’ll just keep the blog here or perhaps have to pay for transfer to be done for me. If you are a blogger who is self hosted I’d be gratefully with any info you have.

I wasn’t overly hungry at lunch and had a bit of a few things. I finished this kombucha and ate a few of these pumpkin muffins.
IMG_3650I also had some of these giant raspberries and some unpictured almond milk
IMG_3649Dinner was a sweet potato with some ground turkey and all the nutritional yeast. It has really grown on me and I’m adding it to most dinners. I’ll be moving next month and I am starting to go into eat out the freezer and cupboard mode with my food.
IMG_3647I also had some cherry tomatoes and some orange bell pepper on the side. I reintroduced bell pepper recently and have been tolerating them which has been great. I missed eating them
IMG_3651Dessert or my evening snack was some popcorn and one of these double chocolate fig bars. They are really great. I actually just ordered some more from Amazon. The mint is good as I’ve mentioned but so are these ones.

I was browsing on Etsy a few weeks ago and came across this Kansas popcorn company called Love and Acres. They had great reviews of their popcorn. I gave it a try and it has been good. It is really white in color

Hope you all have a nice week. Hope all you Mothers had a nice Mother’s Day this past Sunday!

Any bloggers who are self hosted have any tips onWordpress? Keep getting errors on importing my posts



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9 Responses to WIAW #99

  1. So glad you’re no longer bed ridden! Also, those chocolate fig bars sound so good…I need to get my hands on some!


  2. I self-host through Host Gator. I bought a baby plan which can host up to 50 domains and I only have 3. So if you have the domain, I think I’d be able to put it on my plan. As for the transfer…not sure how that works. I deleted my previous blog instead of transferring it over. I did my design all by myself as well as Ray’s site (www.raystilereonvation.com, which will be expiring at the end of this month because he doesn’t use it) and his mom’s site (www.theresabergmusic.com). I’d be happy to design some stuff for you too.


    • I’ve heard starting from scratch might be the simple option. Thanks so much for the design offer. I’ll definitely message you for some help and tips. Figure it will be a good activity to occupy me during my recovery. Hope you are liking Boise!


  3. YAY! I’m glad you can walk around a bit more now, and I wish I could help you with the WordPress question. 😦 Oh, and berries right now are SO GOOD! We had blackberries and strawberries which were YUMMY!


  4. hey Kate, feel free to email me if you need some advice or help- Bluehost are a nightmare!


  5. Popcorn is so insanely addicting!!! Who would have thought a huge bowl of air could be so tempting! lol


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