WIAW #98

Good WIAW Friends! Thanks for stopping by on this first Wednesday of May. It’s been a big week around my world this past week. I got the call from my doctor last Thursday about my MRI results and the news was not good. Apparently my twisting of the knee last month resulted in my femur and tibia connecting and caused a fracture at the bottom of my femur. I also have sprains of the ACL and MCL ligaments in the knee. It also showed some damage to the meniscus but no tear as I had initially wondered about. I had a followup appointment yesterday and for the indefinite time I’ll be sporting this big brace and avoiding weight bearing activities as much as possible.
IMG_3621I have definitely been on an emotional roller coaster since hearing the news. I had no idea the injury was so bad. I know there was no way to have known it was broken and while I’m happy the plan is to avoid surgery and let it heal on its own I still feel dumb for putting it off.

Enough of my leg saga and lets get to some food.

I have been keeping up with the cara cara oranges and oatmeal for breakfast. Still mixing in flaxseeds, collagen, and walnuts. These cara cara oranges from Costco had been really easy to peal and are quite flavorful but they have been really large. I got a new bag of some smaller ones compared to the giant softball sized ones! Gotta get my calcium intake up now.
IMG_3633I picked up this bottle of Kombucha at Whole Foods on Saturday during a quick excursion for essentials. I had some and it was interesting. The ginger flavor was good but can’t say I’m hooked on it yet. Are you a kombucha fan?
IMG_3634Lunch was a leftover bowl. I had a bit of leftover quinoa in the fridge and simply heated it and threw in a handful of tomatoes and some sriracha. The tomatoes were kinda at the tail end of ripeness but still were good.
IMG_3605I also had some raspberries that I picked up but ate before taking a photo!
IMG_3608My afternoon was spent on the couch watching Netflix and resting my leg. I finished watching Fuller House and then continued working my way through season 3 of Gilmore Girls. I know my Netflix and Amazon Prime video accounts are going to be heavily used over the next while. Any suggestions on shows you’re liking?

Had a cold glass of unsweetened vanilla almond milk as a snack during one of my hobbles out to the kitchen. With my stomach not tolerating beans and legumes I’m trying to start being conscious about getting my calcium. I’ve started taking a supplement but also plan to drink more in the form of dairy free milks.
IMG_3635I cooked a fillet of salmon for dinner in the oven. I flaked it up and topped in on some new tomatoes, and added a spoonful of nutritional yeast and some drizzled sriracha. I tend to eat a lot of ‘bowl meals’ as my dining area is at the opposite end of the apartment compared to where my kitchen is. I’m always worried about plating something and having it spill walking down the hall. Bowls are so handy now that my walking is limited. I chopped up a yellow bell pepper and threw baby carrots in ziplock bags and carried them in to have along side.
IMG_3613Some jelly beans with one of these mint chocolate fig bars I mentioned last week. I tried my first one and while they are a little thinner than the fruit ones they are really good. Not overly minty as some mint things can be. I also popped a bit of popcorn and snacked on it on the couch too.

That’s all from my world this week. Hope you are all having a great week and enjoying some good meals. I had planned on heading down to NYC this weekend but will probably end up staying home and resting. Unfortunately being mobile is kinda essential in New York!


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12 Responses to WIAW #98

  1. Oh man! That’s so crazy that is was broken all along! I hope you heal quickly!


  2. 😥 I hope your knee heals quickly friend. Keep feeding yourself with good food! Those raspberries look perfect.


  3. Wishing you a quick knee recovery. Those raspberries look so good. Berry season is officially here! And you know my Amazon Prim rec is Mozart in the Jungle. Leafy greens are a good source of calcium if you get sick of nut milks. Have a great, restful week!


  4. Good luck with your knee – hope it heals quickly! I am not a huge fan of that kombucha flavor as well – I like their other flavors though!


    • Thanks Dani. I’ve only taste tested a couple other varieties. I don’t think I’ll get the ginger again but might grab another flavor next time. Probably a good thing for my wallet that I wasn’t a huge fan!


  5. Kathryn says:

    That’s my FAV flavor for kombucha 🙂 Ginger everything. Hoping you get better quickly!!


  6. Oh wow! So sorry to hear about your knee! Sounds awful:( Netflix is a must when sick or injured. I never watch anything new though and always stick with Gilmore Girls haha!


    • Thanks Faith. I had tickets to go to the NYC Veg Festival this weekend but am not sure I’ll make it. Have you gone to that? I always seem to stick with old favs on Netflix too. Some good movies and shows I’ll watch multiple times. Need to venture and try new ones instead!


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