WIAW #91

Good WIAW morning from rainy Boston. It was cool but sunny on the weekend here but has been cool, damp, and rainy here the past few days. I had a good but very busy weekend. On Saturday afternoon I took the train downtown and checked out Boston Public Market for the first time. It is an indoor complex with a combo of farmer’s market type stalls and some larger vendors. There was a large variety of food vendors from the NE. I didn’t buy anything but will definitely head back and will head back another day and pick up some of the fish. It was interesting to see what seems popular here…cheese of course but also honey seems big here as a lot of vendors were offering their own honey.
IMG_3439Last week I got an email saying I was chosen to be a Medical Volunteer at the Boston Marathon next month. I had applied but kinda new it was a long shot. I spent Sunday at a workshop learning more about what my duties consist of and learning a lot more about the marathon. I actually live on the marathon route around mile 25 and while watching it will be amazing I am proud to be able to provide assistance in any way I can to runners and the public.
IMG_3444I had to get up really early as it was held just outside of the city. I microwaved some oatmeal and ended up throwing these oranges in a bag and eating them on the road
IMG_3437I thankfully threw this fig bar in my bag before leaving. It went longer than anticipated and I ate them later in the morning

I picked up the Kite Hill Almond milk cream cheese at Whole Foods while stopping for groceries after. I decided to take a chance and try it out. It tastes great! I came home and have been having a spoonful of it with strawberry jam for a snack and whenever the mood strikes! I’m hoping to track down an egg free bagel perhaps as well. I definitely recommend checking it out. It has a great list of ingredients.
IMG_3450I had a bit of drive and picked up these $4 raspberries to snack on during the drive.
IMG_3448I have been trying to make a point to thaw out and plan dinners. I have been taking something out of the freezer most mornings to make dinners quicker. I had taken a chicken breast out and cooked it when I got home. I baked it in the oven while unpacking groceries.

I picked up a few more bottles of this sauce from Walnut Acres. It is made in New York and is really good. I don’t purposely watch my salt but don’t care for overly salty foods and sauces. This one is chuncky like and has great flavor. 
IMG_3453I added some to some brown rice pasta and the chicken….super quick dinner!
IMG_3452With some veggies along side while watching Top Chef. Love that show!
IMG_3451I ended my long post day light savings day not soon after with some partially frozen strawberries
IMG_3454And some popcorn. I got these kernels from TJ and they seemed to pop and shoot out the popper wildly compared to other brands I’ve had…strange I thought.
IMG_3455Anyways that’s a wrap on my day. Hoping the rain stops here and the weather dries up this weekend. Hope you aren’t having too wet of a spring where you are. Any foods you are loving lately or new food finds?



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12 Responses to WIAW #91

  1. Wow that cream cheese sounds yummy. 🙂


  2. Stephanie says:

    You should check out Becki’s blog Fighting for Wellness. She’s a Boston blogger and will be running in the marathon. I met her at Healthy Living Summit in 2013 and she is just the sweetest!


  3. Yay for trips to Boston Public Market. Love that place! And those raspberries look so good! I haven’t had any yet this season.


  4. Congrats on getting accepted to help at the marathon. That should be fun!! And now I definitely am going to get that cream cheese now that you showed a pic!


  5. jejansonius says:

    Wow congrats on helping with the marathon that’s awesome!!! It so cool to see that someone else loves their veggies and fruit just as much as myself your snacks are on point. And Nebraska represented at that fair huh?!? What booths did they have?!?


    • Thanks Jayne! Oops I meant to say Northeast not NE! Hope you had a great vacation with Parker. Can’t wait to read all about when you do a recap. I was thinking of you the other day at work. I’ve been in the dental OR lately and am becoming quite proficient with your line of work. I now now what the heck amalgam and ketac molar is 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • jejansonius says:

        Hahaha that’s awesome. Yes dental lingo is definitely a league of its own. Forget that people don’t know what we’re talking about just about every time.


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