WIAW #92

Happy WIAW Friends! Hope you all had a great weekend with wonderful spring weather. In the Northeast however we were prepping for the big storm on Sunday. It ended up snowing a lot less than the 10-12” that were predicted. I still took advantage of the cold and snow and stay bundled up inside and relaxed on the couch with Netflix and a blanket. Didn’t feel like venturing out 🙂 Conveniently it was a scheduled day off work so I was able to be at home. I ended up having a super busy Saturday doing a lot of the errands I had planed to do today.
IMG_3471Since mentioning last week my find of the almond based ‘cream cheese’ I have been eating it daily. It is so good. I’m hooked! I’ll have some by the spoonful with a dab of jam. So good. This morning I decided to toast some bread and have it for breakfast. Costco had these great looking blackberries that I picked up on Saturday. They have been delicious and taste like they are summer picked. I had a small bowl of them with an orange.
IMG_3473I spent the morning browsing Pinterest and watching The Barkley Marathon on Netflix. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it. It was really interesting to see runners and athletes from all different backgrounds with neat stories. Plus Tennessee is now a place I want to visit! It looks beautiful!
Lunch was a repeat of lunch with the last of the blackberries instead of the orange. So good. On work days I have no refrigerator access so I end up eating peanut butter sandwiches due to the portability factor. Having toast or hot lunch seems like a treat!
IMG_3467I finished the last two episodes of the latest season of House of Cards in the afternoon and then after my tiring day took an afternoon nap! Sometimes we all need these low key relaxing days.

On Saturday I stopped by a small local liquor store and picked up a six pack of assorted local beer. I tried one with dinner which was surprising good.
IMG_3466I went to restock on purple sweet spuds on the weekend but the Whole Foods I went to didn’t have any. I called a couple other stores and found one that had some in stock. I headed over and picked a bunch up. I’ll need to stock up now when I see them as they seem rare here in Boston. I baked a chicken breast and added some ketchup on top of the potato. A lazy and simple supper but it hit the spot and tasted good. I had some grape tomatoes and baby carrots on the side.
IMG_3468I picked up these Surf Sweet jelly beans and have been snacking on a few nightly lately.
IMG_3456I ended the day with a few handfuls of jelly beans and some popcorn
IMG_3455I hope you all have a great Easter weekend. Is it me or does Easter seem really early this year? Any plans or special dinner or meals you are making for the weekend?
I picked up some Tahini at Whole Foods that I think I will experiment with after seeing some interesting dishes and recipes. Any tips or suggestions?
I also got another jar of nutritional yeast to try again since my other jar didn’t make the move from San Diego.
Any good Netflix or Amazon Prime shows you have been watching?

Hope you all have a great Easter weekend!


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4 Responses to WIAW #92

  1. Ooh, we eat so much popcorn here too! And we’re getting snow right now. o_O


  2. Stephanie says:

    I need to get my own Netflix account. And some Surf Sweets. And some Kite Hill cream cheese. Did you get a chance to try the chive flavor yet?


    • Yes to all three! No I haven’t found the chive yet but did pick up a package of their spinach ravioli to try. Having quick dinner solutions are the key to my days lately. Sounds like you had a nice time in Boise. I haven’t been there since I was a kid but Idaho is a great state. Tons to do year round. Enjoy your last few days away and hope the car arrives back on land soon.


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