WIAW #96

Happy WIAW friends! It has been quite an eventful weekend for me. It was really cool to be in Boston and see the spirit of the city come alive for the race. Back in January I signed up to be a medical volunteer for the event. It is really competitive but I was fortunate enough to be selected for the marathon. There ended up being some last minute changes and swaps so I did the 5k event on Saturday instead. This race was huge with over 10,000 runners. It was cool as my base was right next to the elite tent and got to watch the elites warm up and return afterwards.
IMG_3569It was really chilly and windy but at least the sun was out. I had 2 jackets on underneath this coat and was barely warm. Some of us went to the Starbucks across the street before hand to grab a warm drink. This was the area with the elites warming up.
IMG_3560On Monday I wandered around a bit in the morning and then came home and watched it from my living room.I live right on the course around mile 25 so I had a prime comfy view and could get some things done as well. This was when the first two elite men ran by as you can see the camera truck in the photo.
IMG_3588On Friday I was off work and stopped by the expo to check out it out before it got packed on the weekend. I was thrilled to see Vital Proteins there as I had checked out their products online after hearing how much Stephanie loves them but had never bought it. The staff were so nice and answered all my questions. They even ended up giving me a huge container of the collagen peptide product to try for FREE! How cool is that? I have always had eczema and skin issues and am excited to see if it helps my stomach issues and skin out a bit. I tried it in plain water and was totally drinkable but I found it easier to mix it in my oatmeal in the morning.
IMG_3580I picked up some navel oranges at Trader Joe’s on Friday as the mandarins seemed to be in poor shape
IMG_3582The laundry had been shut down in my building for 2 weeks as it was getting repaired. It finally opened again on Friday and my landlord dropped off some strawberries when she came by to pick up some mail. I cut them up and had them for a late morning snack before lunch.
IMG_3596After answering some emails I went and made some toast with strawberry jam.
IMG_3597My IT band has been flared up badly lately. I’ve had a couple of massages and am trying to heal it with ice and heat. I iced it while dinner was cooking and enjoyed some of this beer as recommended by a co-worker.
IMG_3576I had three sweet potatoes in the cupboard but when I went to grab one to cook I noticed two were rotten and moldy. Luckily one small one seemed ok and I cooked it instead. I also cooked a chicken breast and added it on top along with a ton of Lucky Ninja sriracha.
IMG_3577Also had some baby carrots along side while I rested my leg on the couch.
IMG_3578After dinner I sat with the heating pad on my leg and ate some frozen strawberries and some popcorn.

Hope you had a great weekend. If you are in Texas I hope you are dry and not affected by the flooding. I remember how wild and crazy it was there last year.

Did you watch the Marathon or know anyone running it?
Have you had IT Band issues before?
Feel free to send any treatments that have worked for healing an angry IT 🙂


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7 Responses to WIAW #96

  1. Yes I love the Boston Marathon! I used to love watching from Heartbreak Hill 🙂 sadly, I wasn’t able to be there this year, but I cheered on friends running virtually! Hope you enjoyed.


  2. I love me some VP collagen! My IT band was acting up too following Thursday’s leg day. Magnesium oil could help. Noelle from Coconuts and Kettlebells posted a good magnesium oil rub recipe on her blog recently. Check it out. Or maybe get some arnica cream next time you’re at Whole Foods.


    • Awesome. I will check out her blog. I started Magnesium supplement recently but haven’t seen the oil. I’ll take a look today for sure. Are you a foam roller fan? I don’t have one but have been considering ordering one


  3. Mm… I would love to volunteer at the Boston Marathon. 🙂 That toast and jam is making me want some toast and jam now too. 🙂


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