WIAW #44

Happy Wednesday Friends! I had a wonderful weekend and am really looking forward to this weekend. While it was a really tough week at work due I got great news when I was offered a job in Tucson. I will be working from May-Aug in Tucson and will be able to be back in Phoenix on my days off! I am thrilled 🙂 My good news continued when I checked up on my California nursing license status and saw that it was fully approved. This is a huge thing…California is notoriously the most difficult state in the US to get a nursing license in (no matter how many other states you have licenses in or how long you have been a nurse). It is not uncommon to have the process take up to a year to get a license there and I was not expecting to have it so soon. Can’t wait to look at opportunities out there in August!

On Saturday I headed down to Austin for the day and really enjoyed my day in the city. Even though the weather was drizzly I spent time walking around and exploring the downtown (stopped at a farmer’s market), enjoyed coffee from Seventh Flag Coffee, and picked up some fabulous beer from Thirsty Planet and Independence Brewery. I spent yesterday looking for more of the beer in Dallas but found out it is only sold in the Austin area 😦 I only have 2 weekends left before heading back to Phoenix and am planning on making another trip down this weekend and will stock up 🙂
Austin PicsI was up really early and reheated some Kodiak Cakes and quickly ate an apple and hit the road. Forgot to take a picture of the pancakes but here’s the apple!
IMG_2158Stopped on the way to Austin and went to DD for the first time. I had a coupon for a free coffee and grabbed a cup. It wasn’t the best and I think I actually prefer the bagged DD coffee in the store. Can’t beat free though!
IMG_2138Once I got to Austin I parked and started walking and exploring the downtown. I went to this farmer’s market and browsed the stalls. Everyone was so friendly and there was such a wide variety of foods and products.
IMG_2142I was wishing I hadn’t just bought greens the day before as these bags looked great. I did pick up some veggies to have for dinner.
IMG_2140I bought some strawberries and snacked on them. After making some other stops around Austin I headed back home. It was getting warm and I needed a pick me up while driving as the traffic was getting heavy. I stopped and grabbed a a very melty ice cream cone. I had to eat it quickly and then hit the road again
IMG_2146After a few more stops once I got back in Dallas I finally got home and threw together supper. I was craving a salad all day and made one with TJ orange vinaigrette and enjoyed it with a cold beer while a sweet potato was baking in the oven. I topped it with mushrooms and radishes from the Austin market.
IMG_2147Topped the farmer’s market sweet potato with some ground beef and some habanero salsa (it is hot!) and a side of beer!
IMG_2156Even though it was a long day it was fun to explore a new city and new area.  Hope you all had a great weekend and are having a great week.

Have you ever been to Austin?
Are you a fan of beer? Any favorites?

Thanks to Jenn for hosting WIAW. Make sure you head over and see all the great eats (and Jenn’s fabulous creations).


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  1. Great eats! I would really like to visit Austin and check out the food & sights…Looks like a fun place!


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