WIAW #43

Good Morning Friends! Hope you are all having a good week and enjoying some delicious foods! I have still been super busy researching housing and looking for my next travel assignment. Too many decisions and research and not enough hours in the day to complete it! Time for a quick look at some of the food I ate the other day. Thanks again to Jenn for hosting the weekly WIAW series.

I try to plan a grocery store shopping trip once a week and stock up with what I need for the week. It has been helpful to spend my mornings doing other things and not worrying about heading to the supermarket. I headed to Costco first thing on Saturday and stocked up for the week. The flats of La Croix were on sale for $5.99 so I grabbed 2 of them. Great deal!
IMG_2129I am still starting the day with Coffee, Kodiak Cakes and Maple Syrup, and an apple. I keep telling myself to switch it up but it is so tasty and easy. One day soon 🙂 I am sure you are all getting tired of seeing the same breakfast week after week..hehe
IMG_2126Costco had watermelons but they were huge and I don’t have the proper storage containers for it. I did pick up a container of sliced watermelon at TJ’s and enjoyed them at lunch. Overall it was ok but not as sweet and juicy as I had hoped.
IMG_2130IMG_2132Chopped up a few cute mini peppers and half a cucumber. The large peppers didn’t look great so I picked up the mini ones instead. They seem to be a bit more tough and not as juicy. Oh well. Still a tasty snack.
IMG_2133Along side some rice cakes and Nuttzo x 4. I was starving 🙂 My lunches have been snacky lately. Need to work on that 🙂
IMG_2096Ended Lunch with some chai tea I wanted to use up.
IMG_1979For dinner at work I find that chopped up chicken breast and veggies and guac is simple and easy. I chopped up a turnip that I had in the fridge and needed to be used. I often need to eat on the run during the shift and at varying times. I also pack some pretzel sticks and TJ cat cookies to snack on. Although it requires a little time to chop and bag I am a fan of ‘brown bagging’ my lunch…or supper in this case.
IMG_2099Hope you all have a great rest of the week and a relaxing spring weekend!

Any Costco finds that you are loving?
Do you like snack lunches or meals?


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3 Responses to WIAW #43

  1. I’m so jealous your Costco has La Croix! And the plain! That’s actually my favorite with a wedge of lime 🙂


  2. Great eats! I love Costco…We don’t have one near us though which sucks. I love me some Costco:)


  3. Steph says:

    It really depends on the mood I’m in as to whether I can be bothered/ feel like a full meal that all works together, or just a bunch of snacks that satisfies every craving imaginable!
    Great eats!


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