WIAW #45

Hello Friends! I hope you are all having a wondering week. I headed back down to Austin on the weekend for the day. It was nice to get away and have a change of scene. I visited a farmer’s market and there was an annual art festival happening next to the market which I browsed though. I been trying quite a few Texas beers while I have been here and picked up a few only sold in Austin to take back to Phoenix. I head back home to Phoenix next weekend and am so excited. I can’t wait to get back to the dry heat! It was warm here on the weekend but I can definitely feel the humidity here. Time for another glance at some of the my meals from this week thanks to Jenn and here WIAW series.

I have a new addition to my breakfast lately. As I mentioned a while ago I am off to Colorado and the annual Blend Retreat in a few weeks. I picked up this amazing coffee in Austin from Huckleberry Roasters that is roasted in Denver. It is crazy good! I am hoping to stop by the store in Denver and pick a couple of bags up while I am there. It has a unique and mild-medium flavor that was great with my Kodiak Cakes.
IMG_2174I finished the Nuttzo jar last week and didn’t want to buy another jar since I will be moving home and wouldn’t finish the jar before I leave next week to head home. I picked up a jar of Trader Joe’s imitation Nuttzo…their crunchy peanut butter with chia and flax seeds. I have seen people mention it on blogs and for only $2.99 it was a steal. I have to say I am quite impressed. It has a great taste. Snacked on a few cakes topped with the spread for a mid morning snack.
IMG_2175I spent the rest of the day out and about. I picked up a few of tank tops at Target that were on sale for $8. One of the items I didn’t bring with me to Dallas was my Vitamix and I can’t wait to get back and whip up some smoothies and drinks. I haven’t had a green drink in ages and picked one up at Whole Foods. It was delicious and not overly sweet which I was happy with. After some unsuccessful stops at a few more stores I stopped for an cone on the warm humid day.
IMG_2161Along with my Denver Coffee I enjoyed part of a beer from Breckenridge Brewery in Colorado with dinner. Can’t wait to start making a wider variety of meals back home and having more than just 2 nights a week to enjoy dinner at home! I had another sweet potoato with the last ground beef pack from the freezer. Added a pepper from the farmer’s market. So juicy and sweet. Delicious!
IMG_2170With only 2 days a week with the chance to enjoy a salad I whipped up another bowl of greens with radish, mushrooms, sundried tomato, and the orange vinegarette. Such a refreshing, easy, and tasty combo. I had the salad along side with part of this Austin brewed beer which was great!
IMG_2168Ended my day with some popcorn and reading. Always enjoy reading Backpacker each month. They are great about putting the featuring a variety of hikes for all levels and duration.
IMG_2171I’m off to start organizing and begin packing for the move. Hope you all have a fabulous week and weekend!

Any french press coffee fans? I am thinking of maybe getting a new method for brewing coffee
Any Denver area favorite spots of unique Colorado specialties I should check out?


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6 Responses to WIAW #45

  1. It’s funny you’d mention the humidity when we’ve actually been experiencing a drop in temperatures again after some really nice days. But spring will finally arrive to stay around here for sure, too. And your ice cream cone looks perfect for a hot day. I haven’t had one of those in ages.


  2. Phoebe says:

    I looooove Austin! And will someday (hopefully soon) make it to Denver! I’ve heard great things. I’ve been craving popcorn all week and seeing your pic has decided it… I am totally making popcorn tonight! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂


  3. I can’t wait to get a Vitamix! I have a feeling it will be hard to part with it once I’ve experienced it’s awesomeness:)


    • Thanks Faith! I finally got sick of buying cheap blenders that would break and bit the bullet and picked it up at Costco during their Black Friday sale last year (They always run a great deal on Vitamix annually at Black Fri). I have made soups and smoothies but need to try some hummus and dips out in it.


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