WIAW #90

Good Morning Friends! I am linking up with Jenn and the WIAW group once again. I’ve had a busy past few days dealing with job and car stuff which has been quite time consuming. In the process of registering my car I was surprised to hear it failed the mandatory inspection due to having tinted windows. After waiting for 3 hours at the repair shop and having it removed it passed the repeat inspection the next day. Phew! On Saturday I did end up making it out of Boston on the weekend and drove out to Hingham. I stopped by The Fresh Market which I discovered when I was living in Dallas last year. They seem to carry a neat selection of items from throughout the country. I’m taking a few days off coffee as it seemed to not make my stomach happy. They always have a good coffee selection I’ve found.
IMG_3420I ended up remembering that I had forgotten to pick up oats at the store. Although there is a tiny Whole Foods 1/2 block from my apartment I didn’t really want to venture out on the cool morning. I stayed in my warm apartment and had peanut butter toast and some mandarin oranges in the sunlight. Laziness won this morning!
IMG_3424I had some errands to take care of in the morning and came home just before lunch. I was deciding on what to have and had a bit of a hankering for salmon. I tossed a frozen fillet in the oven and snacked on some oranges while it baked. Odd mid day lunch but it tasted great.
IMG_3425I headed out to Whole Foods in the afternoon. I spotted this but didn’t pick it up. I did try their vanilla yogurt and didn’t love it. Have you tried this? Hoping they may be sampling it one day soon when I am there 😉
IMG_3426I’ve been recreating this pasta dish for dinner a couple times this week. This night though I just browned a chicken sausage while the pasta cooked. Some veggies on the side and it is my new go to dinner on nights when I’m late getting home. I picked up a jar of sauce by Walnut Acres at a Whole Foods but haven’t been able to find it anywhere else. I may resort to driving back to the store to get more this weekend. It is really good. I did pick up a different brand to have on hand until then. The stock and selection seems to vary widely here.
IMG_3419Still completely stuck on the popcorn and fig bar combo after dinner lately. I’m not complaining!
IMG_3340The weather finally seems to be warming up and spring seems to be on the horizon here. Hopefully the same is true for where you are at. I’m sure we are all ready for winter to be done till next year!

Have a great rest of the week and hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend!


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12 Responses to WIAW #90

  1. Yay for popcorn! I always forget that I have some but it would be a great after dinner snack. Have a great week!


  2. I’ve been obsessed with toast lately, so your breakfast sounds like perfection to me!


  3. Popcorn is the best simple snack!


  4. I love popcorn in the evening 🙂 Great day of eats!


  5. Laziness ALWAYS wins in my book- I heated up dirty Californian tap water to ward off any germs the other day instead of going the whole 2 meters to the machine :p


  6. Julie Goes Healthy says:

    Mmm pasta sounds soooo good!


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