WIAW #89

Hi Friends! It is hard to believe it is March already. I’m joining up for the WIAW linkup again for this week. The weather has been cooler here but did warm up on Sunday. Even on the cooler days the bright blue skies have been gorgeous. I am starting to feel a bit more moved in and settled in my new place. I spent some time exploring and snapped this photo of the iconic Boston Citgo sign. I can see it down the road from my apartment.
IMG_3395I am living close enough to work and walk to the hospital each morning. I started to notice this flock of turkeys wandering around each morning. On Monday there were only these three but yesterday there were half a dozen. Odd sight to see in the middle of a major city.
IMG_3394I’ve been sticking to my usual breakfast oatmeal in the mornings. This is a recycled photo but I finally found some Halo oranges at Costco here. They seem to be the best quality mandarins and easiest to peel that I’ve found.
IMG_3241I came home from getting groceries and was starving for lunch. I’ve found shopping here challenging as Costco seems to have few organic options and less product selection compared to elsewhere in the country. Odd. I made these muffins in the morning and when I was putting them in the oven realized that I totally forgot to put sugar in them. They look kinda odd but surprisingly don’t taste bitter or bad. Always nice when you can save a recipe failure. I tend to toss the tiny end of the loaf but this small piece held up enough in the toaster and didn’t burn too much. I piled on the avocado and enjoyed lunch in sunlight!
IMG_3405I picked up some organic ground turkey at Costco as I couldn’t find any Bison. It was really good. I cooked it in the pot at a lower temp and it didn’t seem to dry out at all. I was very impressed. I’ve been in a bit of a meal rut due to my food allergies. Avoiding the dairy, egg, beans, and other allergy foods of mine has been challenging to create meals and get enough nutrition….especially protein. I’ve found a lot of options for one or two of the main allergens but am struggling with options and solutions for meals that work.
IMG_3410Last night though for dinner I tried some gluten free rice pasta that I found at Whole Foods. It is actually made nearby in Connecticut. I diced up a Trade Joe’s chicken and tomato sausage and added some FODMAP friendly sauce. I had not tried the sausage before and am not a huge sausage fan but it seemed like an easy addition to the pasta. I really liked it and can seen adding this to my dinner rotation and giving me some options to create a quick dinner. Baby carrots make the best food to snack on while waiting for dinner to cook FYI 🙂
IMG_3414I have been having popcorn and a couple Nature’s Bakery raspberry fig bars in the evening while relaxing on the couch. I’m addicted to the snacking combo to end the day!

Hope you are all enjoying warmer spring temps and that the frigid winter weather weather has hopefully left. Fingers crossed! Hope you all have a great first week of March.

Have you dealt with a combo of food allergies?


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5 Responses to WIAW #89

  1. Those tomatoes are beautiful! I’ve dealt with gluten and dairy allergies mostly before.


  2. Looks like you did well, food allergies and all!


  3. jejansonius says:

    I LOVE snacking in the evenings while relaxing with a show, sometimes bad combo s i usually go for carrots! ha usually those and some sweet almond butter get me through! So glad to see your doing well!


  4. How is it moving all the time?! I travel a TON, but it’s not the same as moving. I don’t have to pack up all my belongings and I can always come back to the same home. So curious how you feel about it! So cool you get to experience so many cities though!


    • It is definitely different from traveling and not something I had planned on doing. I have going very good at living with minimal things. Seeing new cities, areas, etc is exciting but I am missing settling in one place and making a home somewhere and getting some roots.


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