WIAW #88

Happy Wednesday and Happy WIAW from the east coast! I spent the weekend getting moved into my apartment and started my new job on Monday. It has been a quick jammed packed few days and I am looking forward to relaxing this weekend and starting to enjoy and explore Boston. I took the red eye flight from San Diego and although the TSA left my 2 suitcases alone there were obviously curious about and wanted to check out my TV.
IMG_3349My TV is a basic Costco TV but due to all my moving I have always kept the original box and packaging. I was debating about selling the TV or what to do with it as I assumed it would be super pricy to ship. I then discovered that Jet Blue charged $100 for an oversized box/bag. I decided to take the chance that it would survive the handling and 6 hour flight. It arrived without damage and is just fine. I did end up stuffing my hiking backpack with random kitchen appliance…a crock pot, toaster, popcorn popper, etc. Tried to minimize  the things I needed to repurchase. Everything arrived undamaged except the crock pot with a dent on the outside of the unit. The inside is undamaged. Not sure if it will still work…any thoughts.

Breakfast while waiting to go and pick up my car (and dishes). A UPS box I had shipped arrived the day before with my Bodum and I was so looking forward to a cup of coffee but it was shattered! Everything else in the box was undamaged and it was the only item in all my shipped goods that broke which I suppose is a success. I had managed to fit the Keurig in the car and ended up walking over the Dunkin Donuts a few doors away and picked up a green tea instead on the chilly morning.
IMG_3361I was working on some prep stuff for work when the car company called and wanted to meet me in 30 minutes to deliver my car instead of later that day. I quickly ran out the door and ordered an Uber to drive me to the shopping center where they were meeting me.  It arrived just as I left it. I immediately started running around getting chores done. I hit up Ikea, Costco, Target, and Walmart. Impulse Costco purchase while driving over to Walmart
IMG_3372Since I had no time to gran anything for lunch before I left I needed to keep doing errands and then get home to unpack. I picked up a box of these bars in raspberry and strawberry at Walmart and had one for lunch.
IMG_3373A couple of unpictured oranges after countless trips moving all my stuff into my walk up apartment.

I picked these beets up at Costco which looked interesting and actually tasted really good with no messy cooking.
IMG_3390Dinner was some chicken tenders with a baked purple potato with some cherry tomatoes that were way cheaper than in California…odd but I’m not complaining 🙂
IMG_3391Popcorn has become my new evening go to snack lately. I had a craving a few weeks ago and have been enjoying it since.
IMG_3393I’ve been really surprised at how nice and friendly people in Boston have been. Quite the change from the west coast. I’ve been impressed with the city and area so far. I saw tons of people out walking and running on the weekend. Seems like a really neat vibe here.

Hope you have a great last weekend in Feb. Fingers crossed that spring weather is around the corner where you are!


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7 Responses to WIAW #88

  1. Welcome to my coast 🙂 love Boston and lived there for several years. Thanks for sharing your eats!


  2. Wow, Kate you didn’t miss a week! I hope you have a wonderful week settling in. The most awesome part about the East coast for me is just seeing how God worked through all of our nation’s history that’s over there!


    • Thanks a lot Emily. I have noticed so many older style small churches all over the metro area. Many places including the neighborhood I am in have an older style and feel to them. I have yet to see a ‘Brand new’ house. Kind of refreshing to see areas embracing the old and historic nature and charm of houses and buildings.


  3. Stephanie says:

    I like that your Costco “impulse buy” is raspberries. Mine would be some type of junk chips or something covered in chocolate. Good luck to you in Beantown! You have lived in many places now. Which one is your favorite?


    • I wish those would be my “impulse buy” but these darn food allergies prevent it :(. I would buy these all the time but thankfully the high cost and my bank account associate them as occasional buys instead! I would honestly say that Phoenix is my fav so far but I’ve been impressed with Boston so far. If only Boston had slightly warmer weather. Please let me know if you need any info on perspective places from cities I’ve been to.


  4. Enjoy the east coast! Love the baked purple sweet potatoes too:)


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