WIAW #87

Good morning! This is my final WIAW from the west coast as moving day has come and tomorrow I head to Boston. I spent the weekend packing and tying up loose ends here. Ironically the weather has dramatically warmed up finally here…of course just as I am leaving town 🙂 According to the forecast it sounds like it should be mild in Boston and I avoided the deep freeze there this past weekend.

On Saturday my car left and started the trip to the east coast. I am flying on the red eye after work tomorrow.
IMG_3337Yesterday I packed up some remaining boxes and sent a bag of clothes to Thread Up. I have never used the site before but I’ve heard people raving about it.
IMG_3345I strategically packed all my dishes, Vitamix, and other ‘heavy items’ in my car to avoid paying tons of money to ship them. The shipping company said only two suitcases could be in the car but I took my chances and put stuff on the floor and a few small boxes. I figured if they made me remove it I could ship it but luckily the driver didn’t say anything or didn’t check. Eating off of paper and cheap bowls with plastic utensils now till I leave. Oatmeal in my cheap bowl with oranges but no coffee as my Bodum was packed away in the box.
IMG_3343Lunch was smashed avocado toast, a couple of mandarins, and a small muffin. I was starving and this hodgepodge plate hit the spot. A co worker brought in a huge bags of avocados from her tree but unfortunately I already had a one ready at home. It will be a switch to not be surrounded by lots of local fresh produce soon.
IMG_3342Unpictured mandarins for an afternoon snack.

My plan for dinner was to use up some frozen rice and while I wanted chicken I settled for a can of tuna in the cupboard. I threw some tomatoes in the bowl and topped with some avocado and BBQ sauce (needed some sauce and it was either BBQ or Ketchup in the fridge). It was an odd combo and while it was ok tasting I probably won’t rush to make it again. I’ve found it really difficult lately to eat out with my food allergies and seem to be in a bit of a cycle (a tasty one though) of eating many repetitive/similar meals at home. I am looking forward to perhaps having more options to enjoy meals out in Boston.
IMG_3339I’ve been craving popcorn lately and have been popping the multicolor kernels from Whole Foods lately in the air popper to hit the spot. Munched away while catching up on Top Chef
IMG_3340Ended the night with some animals cookies as well
IMG_3341That’s a wrap for the last WIAW from this side of the country for a while. Next week I can’t wait to catch up and update you on my move and first few days in Boston.

Hope you all have a great week and are hopefully enjoying a short week at work/school!



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18 Responses to WIAW #87

  1. Wow, a cross country move will be quite the adventure, and I hope everything goes really well. I hope your dishes are definitely safe. Boston is an amazing city. So much history of our country started there.


  2. Anna-Marie @BeautyandtheBeets says:

    I hope you love Boston – I loved living there- but I wasn’t coming from warm weather!! Love the hodgepodge plate- so healthy!!


  3. Cora says:

    Making meals in the midst of a move can be quite the task. I usually actually enjoy it, as it forces me to be creative and use up everything in my fridge. But sometimes you come out with less than desirable outcomes. Looks like you did awful well though! Although – no coffee bodum – sad. I’d pack that sucker last. Safe travels!


  4. Moving cross-country looks almost as complicated as moving across the ocean. Good luck with your journey. I’m in the process of trying to get all my stuff back to California. Too bad you won’t be there when I get back.


  5. All the best with the move- I feel since we first connected, you’ve moved so much 🙂


  6. Best of luck to you on your move! I’ve done a few cross country moves–it’s always an adventure!


  7. Good luck with your move! Gotta love that avocado toast 🙂


  8. bvanderm says:

    Brett and I planned to go to Boston when we lived in NYC but never made it there. I’m excited for your time there!


  9. Whoops! My husband had logged into my WordPress account and I commented using his name:)


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