WIAW #86

Good Morning Friends! I hope you aren’t stuck in the nasty storms and blizzards. Hoping you are all enjoying seasonable February weather wherever you are at. I had a great weekend back home with family and friends and am stopping by to join the WIAW fun this week with a short photo filled post. I just got back in San Diego this morning and have been racing around doing errands and getting ready to work tomorrow. It was really foggy in Seattle this morning but the views were great above the foggy layer. Here is a photo of snowy Mt St Helen’s. (I have been there numerous times and is definitely a must visit if you are in the Pacific Northwest)
Great clear photo of Lake Tahoe as well
I started the travel day off enjoying a tea from Tim Hortons and some oatmeal I brought along in hot water after a long wait at customs
I grabbed an Uber in San Diego and was home super quickly. Unfortanetly as soon as I got inside my apartment and went to head out for groceries I couldn’t find my phone. After searching aka frantically tearing my purse apart I turned the Find my iPhone app on my iPad and saw I had obviously left it in the Uber car. I rushed to the apartment office and called the driver who was great and drove back with it.
I made the quick trip to the store and stocked up with groceries for the week. I came home and was starving and quickly toasted bread, smashed a tiny avocado, and pealed these TJ oranges (which had super thin skin and were kinda hard to peel).
I’m currently baking some chicken for dinner but instead of showing you a photo of that for dinner I thought I’d add some photos from the weekend. I stopped by a new gluten free dairy free bakery in my old neighborhood and tried a chocolate chip cookie. I only ate part and had to toss the rest. It had an off taste and really not chocolate filled at all. Oh well
I snacked on these ripe raspberries on the bus home instead.
It was raining on an off so I stopped often at Starbucks while out for warm cups of tea
Sorry about the rushed photo dump filled post but I’m continue packing as next week I make I big move east. My to do list seems endless and while I feel somewhat under control I know I need to stay on top of it as my deadline looms! Hope you all have a great week and enjoy some great food while staying warm!


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2 Responses to WIAW #86

  1. I hope your move goes well! Those pictures from the sky. WOW! The mountains declare God’s glory! His creation is so awesome. 🙂


  2. Gah, I miss avocado toast! You’re on a kick and it’s killing me;) They’re not in season in China yet, but I’ll be eating it everyday once they are! Also, your view from the plane is spectacular.


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