WIAW #84

Happy WIAW Friends! I hope you survived and stayed safe and warm from the nasty winter storms this past weekend.  After having a few phone interviews last week I ended up accepting an offer for what I hope will be a great job. In just a few weeks I’ll be making the cross country journey to Boston! I am really excited about the potential professional opportunities that this new job offers. I’m also looking forward to visiting and living in Boston! The day I found out the job was confirmed a friend mentioned I would have the chance to watch the Marathon this April. Instead of just watching I decided to fill out a volunteer application for the medical group. Whether I get lucky enough to be picked or not it will be a great event to witness.
Screen ShotI applied for an apartment yesterday and am now waiting to hear that approval comes through.

I’ve been up early the past few mornings arranging details and taking advantage of the time difference in Boston. Walnut oatmeal and oranges as fuel for moving planning.
IMG_3289I saw a photo on Pinterest last week of avocado smashed on bread and thought it looked quite good. I never seem to buy avocados as I’ve always had them be not ripe enough or too ripe. I picked up a bag at Costco that had some in varying stages of ripeness. I’ve been having this for the lunch the past few days it has quickly become my new favorite lunch.
IMG_3283I cooked my last bag of frozen carrots and sweet potato combo for dinner. Costco here doesn’t seem to carry it anymore 😦 I topped it with a defrosted and baked chicken breast and BBQ sauce. Topped with some more avocado. Perfect freezer use up. Snacked on some cherry tomatoes while the chicken baked. I got stuck on the phone and ended up cooking the chicken later than planned. I was starving!
IMG_3285Last night I cooked a sweet potato and topped it with a fillet of salmon. Whole Foods had a sale on purple sweet potatoes so I picked a few up for the weekend.
IMG_3288TJ animal cookies to end the day while catching up on some tv. (recycled photo).
IMG_3010That’s a wrap and catch up of the news in my life for this week. Hope you have a great week and are able to stay warm from the cold winter weather.

Do you live in Boston or the North East? Any local tips or must see or dos?
Ever been to Boston? Everyone I talk to says it is a great city
Are you an avocado fan?


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2 Responses to WIAW #84

  1. Megan says:

    That is such great news about the job in Boston. I worked in Cambridge for 3 years! I live in Maine now (which is also great and you should definitely visit!). You are going to love it here!!


  2. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been anticipating finding out your next move. Enjoy the San Diego sunshine while you can. Boston is coooold but I love that city. I was there in 1997 so I’m sure it’s a lot different now. But still…I love how that city is full of so much history.


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