WIAW #82

Good morning friends! Hope you are all settling into the new year and back to work or school routines. It is finally drying out here in San Diego after a week of insane rain fall and downpour. I seem to be a jinx and everywhere I have been this year has what locals tell is unseasonable weather. It has been much wetter and cooler than normal here. So much for my plan of having a warm west coast winter! Hoping I can head somewhere next month and have seasonable weather for a change! Thanks for stopping by for the weekly WIAW fun!

I had a few days off and started the day with some coffee before breakfast. Having some quiet time to reflect and start the day has been helping reduce my stress over looking for a new job assignment. This was a cup of pumpkin coffee from the Keurig.
IMG_3264I picked up two bags of the smaller oranges from Costco on Saturday and have been eating them constantly. I carefully inspected the bag and found a couple bags that were not overly ripe. Easy way to maintain my Vitamin C levels 🙂
IMG_3266Lunch was some peanut butter on hole filled bread. The loaf had a few slices with these weird big holes in them.
IMG_3265Afternoon snack of a pumpkin muffin and orange
IMG_3267A few months ago I picked up a container of nutritional yeast and totally forgot about it. I finally opened it this weekend and tried it out. I tasted it on its own and thought it wasn’t bad at all. I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t unappealing. I sprinkled some on this potato for the first time. Might have added a bit too much I think but it tasted ok.
IMG_3259Last night I boiled some carrots and topped it with a smaller serving of the yeast. It was alright. While it isn’t totally cheesy I get how people refer to it as being a substitute. I will definitely keep trying it out. I added maybe a teaspoon and it seemed to go a long way.
IMG_3263Some frozen strawberries to end out my day (and help deplete my freezer stash 🙂 ).

That’s a wrap this week. Hope you all have a great week and weekend.
Are you a fan of nutritional yeast? Any favorite ways to use it or advice on how much to add to dishes.


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7 Responses to WIAW #82

  1. Pumpkin muffins are my favorite! :))


  2. Yum! I’ve been loving starting my mornings with a warm drink. It’s so relaxing and makes me feel like I’m in a coffee shop. I hope the nutritional yeast grows on you! It’s definitely not like cheese, but it’s become one of my favorite “seasonings”. I hope you find your next assignment too!


  3. jejansonius says:

    Those cuties that peanut butter. You are eating we’ll my friend. So glad to hear you’re having fun!


  4. Nutritional yeast is the best! I make a mean “Cheesy” Potato Soup using that stuff – dairy free and tummy friendly!


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