WIAW #81

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a nice NYE and holiday weekend. I had a low key weekend at home. I basically relaxed at home on the couch, did some crafting, and binged on some Netflix. I watched the whole season of Making of a Murderer. It was interesting to watch and if you are a Serial/Law & Order fan I would recommend. I had heard a lot about Fargo but never watched it. I decided to check it out and was immediately hooked. Time for the first WIAW of 2016.

Oatmeal with some coconut sugar and walnuts along side some larger mandarins or clementines from Costco. These oranges were bigger than the Halo ones they had last week but despite being a bit more work to peel they tasted good
IMG_3256I baked some muffins but was low on oat flour and googled about grinding my own. I added 2 cups of oats to the Vitamix and it grinded it to a flour consistency in a few seconds. Google said 1 cup oats equaled 1 cup of flour but I’m thinking the measurements may have been a bit off as the muffins were inconsistent. They tasted ok but some were super small and others were more normal size.
IMG_3258Lunch was a few of the tiny muffins, a couple of oranges, and a piece of peanut butter toast. I picked up a jar of Nuttzo at Costco the other day but when I went to open it the seal was missing. I returned it and then totally forgot to pick up another jar as I went back through the store.

In my attempt to start using up my freezer supply of food in preparation for the move next month I cooked up a few dinners with some salmon. Last night was some frozen jasmine rice from Trader Joe’s. I am not a huge rice eater but this rice is delicious and in 3 minutes it is perfectly cooked. There are 2 portions in each bag which is great to not be stuck with a ton of leftovers.
IMG_3254Tonight though I baked the lone purple sweet potato and topped it with a pepper seasoned fillet of Sizzlefish salmon. I am off to work today to make some money and pay for my purple sweet potato craving. $2.99/lb but worth it right 😉 Unpictured raw veggies on the side.
IMG_3253Hope you all have a great first week of the new year. It is a stormy rainy day here today. Hope you are having some snow free storm free weather where you are.

Do you grind your own flour? Do you measure after grinding? Any tips would be great.
Any Netflix or Amazon Prime shows you recommend?



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4 Responses to WIAW #81

  1. I can’t believe I haven’t tried a purple sweet potato yet – what a crime! Do you like sizzlefish? I’ve heard so much about them – and it definitely looks amazing 🙂


    • I do like Sizzlefish. While it does cost more than Costco I think the quality is better and having it pre packaged in individual sizes makes it so quick to thaw for a quick dinner. They often have sales to get a bit of a discount.


  2. Stephanie says:

    I just started watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix and I’m hooked. Someone told me to check out Fargo as well but I didn’t do so yet. I’ll have to put it on my binge watch list. I heard Lilyhammer is a great show too. I’ve been meaning to check it out.


  3. I think 1 cup of oats definitely makes a little less than 1 cup of flour, at least that’s my experience using my vitamix! Your muffins still look tasty though!


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