WIAW #79

Happy Holidays Friends! Hopefully you are able to be enjoying this week away from the malls and crowds of shoppers! I am working today and then am off until next week. My parents were supposed to come down for Christmas but my Dad had an accident with his table saw a few weeks ago. He as incredibly lucky to not suffer a damaging injury but has to have frequent dressing changes to his hand and are staying close to home as a result. I am hoping to have a low key holiday here and hopefully catch up with some friends. I had a big cooking failure this past weekend. Read on and then make sure you don’t make the same rookie mistake I made! Time for the weekly WIAW fun!

No coffee today as I felt like a cup of tea instead with the oatmeal, ground flax, walnut, and oranges
IMG_3241I picked up this bar in New York City at Dean and Deluca. I snacked on it with I was out running errands. It was an ok snack but kinda dry. Not sure I would buy again but not terrible
IMG_3227Lunch was toast and PB with some mandarin oranges
IMG_3111Last week I spotted organic fresh turkeys for $2.99/lb at Costco. There was one weighing only 10b and I decided to try cooking one for the first time. When I was in NYC I picked up some turkey at Whole foods and made this simple and tasty sandwich for dinner at JFK.
IMG_3225I rubbed pepper on the bird and cut up a lemon and orange and put it in the cavity with some fresh thyme. I noticed the neck in the cavity and took that out while I was putting it in the pan
IMG_3228After a couple of hours and measuring the temps it was done and the house smelled great. I propped the bird on some carrots in the pan.
IMG_3235When I went to carve the meat off I discovered a bag of giblets in the butt under the skin. I had no idea they were there. I went to google to see if the bird was safe. The results were mixed and I decided to just not take the risk and threw it all in the trash šŸ˜¦ I may head out tomorrow and see if there are any more small birds available. I was so bummed as I was really looking forward to some turkey meals.

I had bought a purple sweet potato at Whole Foods and quickly defrosted some meat to add to it instead of the turkey.
IMG_3237Snacked on some frozen Mango later
IMG_3238Along with some Kettle Corn from Pipcorn…another NYC find. This company was on Shark Tank apparently and I noticed their products all over NYC. They use EVOO instead of butter so it is dairy free! Not overly greasy, sweet, or salty. It is really good
IMG_3239I hope you and your family have a great holiday weekend surrounded by family and great food! Don’t forget to check the turkey butt for the giblets if you are cooking a bird!!!!


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4 Responses to WIAW #79

  1. I love the taste of turkey. ā¤ Merry CHRISTmas! And you can never go wrong with popcorn.


  2. lindseyyjoee says:

    I have tried Rawxies in a Raw Box subscription a while ago, not bad, but I am not sure I would purchase a box of them, ever. Popcorn is my evening treat as well šŸ™‚


  3. Bummer about your turkey. Happy holidays, Kate! Hope to see you soon!


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