WIAW #78

Good Morning! Hopefully you are all enjoying the holiday season and having a festive time with friends and family. I ended up taking advantage of some expiring hotel points and went away on a quick weekend getaway. I flew to NYC on Friday and flew back to San Diego on Monday night. It was a quick trip but I ended up having a nice time despite battling a cold. The weather was fantastic…warmer in NYC than back here in San Diego! I stopped by some New York favs as well as some new places. Got to see the Rockefeller tree in person.The whole city was in full holiday mode!
IMG_3207I briefly visited Macy’s to see their window display which was featuring Peanuts this year.
IMG_3198The displays were cool to see. This one had a digital keyboard outside and when the keys were pressed the co-ordinating keys inside played.
IMG_3195I was walking from the subway to Macy’s and realized I was only a couple blocks from Mood. I stopped by for a brief visit. I sewed growing up and often consider buying a machine to make some projects. The shop is just as it appears on Project Runway. I even got to see Swatch!
IMG_3200Walked along 59th St to see the Menorah which is the largest in the world
IMG_3141Seeing a Broadway show is something that I think most people have on their ‘bucket list’. I had thought seeing a show at some point in my life in NYC would be pretty cool. I have wanted to see the Book of Mormon for a while…either in New York or at one of the traveling dates throughout the country. I had just never been able to justify the crazy ticket prices. Last week I was looking at their Twitter site and noticed they were having contests to give winners the option to buy up to 2 tickets for $32 each. I entered on Friday for the Saturday shows and ended up winning. I showed up at 10 am at the theatre and bought my ticket for the 8pm show for $32.
IMG_3161The seat was fantastic! I really enjoyed the show. The humor was great and after having a lot of friends who are Mormon I loved songs and jokes. Side note…The explicit language is present in the show but really intermittent. Definitely not heavily mentioned during the play. There are some songs and scenes with it but many are very ‘clean’. While the show has some scenes with it and innuendos I would say that most South Park episodes are much more ‘worse’ with vulgar language. Just an FYI in case you or someone you know has been wondering about seeing the show.
IMG_3160Now here is a look at some of the great food I ate this weekend as I join the WIAW fun!

I found this breakfast spot called Oatmeals. It is a cute little breakfast spot that has tons of combinations of oatmeal or you can make your own. I chose the pumpkin pie and it was delicious. Steel cut oats, pumpkin puree which was slightly sweetened, pumpkin pie spice, pecans, and a touch of brown sugar. It was so good and I plan to recreate it at home. I ended up coming back again as I met up with Nicole on Monday morning. It was so nice to catch up and visit while I was in the city!
IMG_3183Sunday morning I went to Hu Kitchen and had some oatmeal with walnuts and berries. It was pretty good but I think I preferred Oatmeals more.
IMG_3169Spent a lot of time walking in certain neighborhoods. Picked up these raspberries at Whole Foods and snacked as I strolled through SoHo
IMG_3177I had really wanted to visit Peacefoods and stopped in for lunch. I got a tahini sandwich with avocado, carrots, and sprouts. It was delicious and tasted great. The bread slices were small and thin (not huge thick slices like sometimes happens). Jicama on the side.
IMG_3201I had wanted to try the carrot cake but they didn’t have it. I chose their chocolate chip cookie instead. I’m not a huge chocolate fan…don’t dislike it but not a must have for me. This cookie wasn’t too chocolatey and was really good.
IMG_3202I went out to nearby Bareburger for the first time before heading to the show. I had the bison with tomato in collard green wrap. The flavor was so good!
IMG_3145Added avocado and had sweet potato fries on the side. The fries were so good. I hesitate to call them fries at all as they weren’t greasy and seemed to be baked. They were the best part!
IMG_3146Hope you all have a great weekend and can enjoy this last weekend before Christmas!




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10 Responses to WIAW #78

  1. I love Peacefoods! Your sandwich looks amazing. I was also in New York City last weekend, and really love the warmer weather. There were so many people out though!


  2. That’s CRAZY that NYC was warmer than San Diego? What??? O_O I hope it made it really lovely to walk around the city.


  3. Oh wow!!!! You’re literally doing what I’m doing/about to to- I’m flying from NYC to California tomorrow! I think I need to pitstop bareburger one last time!


  4. I really want to see Book of Mormon! I saw Beauty and the Beast and Lion King on Broadway when I was 14. I don’t think I was mature enough to appreciate Broadway at that time. I’d love to go back someday. P.S. Coming home to Cali tomorrow!! Let’s hang out.


  5. alonglife says:

    That pumpkin pie oatmeal looks fantastic! I have yet to try bison, does it compare to beef? That burger looks great!


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