WIAW #77

Good Morning! It is WIAW once again and I am joining up for the weekly fun. My post is a brief one today as I am off to work. Last week was a really busy one in my world. After weeks of studying I finally wrote a really intense 4 hour exam with immediate pass/fail results. I was fortunate to have my studying pay off and still can’t believe that I passed it. The exam was to provide an optional certification as an operating room nurse. It is a great certification to have on my resume although my day to day happenings/opportunities at work don’t really change with the certification (Nurses with and without it do the same thing).

Picked up this coffee at Target the other day. Not sure it is my fav but is good…could use a bit more peppermint flavor though. Good addition though to my morning oatmeal…which I forgot to snap a photo of – fail!
IMG_3096I have been enjoying spoonfuls of this Costco spread/jam lately. It isn’t super sweet like many jams can be. I’ve been having a spoonful with snacks and breakfast lately.
IMG_3112Lunch has been a continuation of hodgepodge favs. I whipped up another batch of some small walnut pumpkin muffins and had one along side. Still on the mandarin orange kick.
IMG_3111Dinner was a use up of some raw veggies with some salmon, steamed veggies thrown together as I got home later than planned from running an errand.
IMG_3093Ended the day with a couple more yummy muffins while catching up on Top Chef on the DVR.
IMG_3095Hope you all had a great week and are feeling the holiday spirit wherever you are. I dug out my minimal Christmas decorations and have them sitting on my coffee table. No tree this year unfortunately for me.


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2 Responses to WIAW #77

  1. I need to get my hands on that coffee! Dunkin Donuts is the best.


  2. BetterWithToast says:

    That coffee looks wonderful!! So do those muffins 🙂


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