WIAW #76

Hi Friends! It is hard to believe that it is December officially. Although looking out my window and seeing palm trees has perks…I do kind of miss snow to make it ‘feel’ like the holidays. Hope you all had a great holiday weekend. I did end up being out on Friday and picked up some PJ pants at Old Navy for $8. The stores seems quite empty and not crowded at all. Costco was not packed at all. Odd I thought. Did you pick up any good buys? Anyhow, time to join up for the weekly WIAW fun!

I’ve had my eye on the Keurig coffee brewers for a while. I just couldn’t justify the cost and possibly/likelihood of not being able to fit it in my car with my frequent moves. Some neat flavors and varieties of coffee seemed to be only available in the K cup format. I was browsing on Craigslist on Saturday and came across one for $25. I picked it up that afternoon and it turns out it was hardly used. I stopped by Target on the way home and snagged a few boxes of coffee that were on sale for only $8. It came with a reusable filter that will be handy to play around with for my already ground coffee. Any tips or tricks or coffee suggestions would be welcomed!
IMG_3079Cinnamon Roll coffee from the new toy to go along side my breakfast. Working my way though another bag of Halo Mardarin oranges. Enjoying them while the season lasts.
IMG_0152I have been bit by the muffin making bug lately. Since finding tasty dairy and egg free snacks that are appealing seem to be challenging. I have had success lately with recipes and have even ‘tweaked’ some as well and they turned out good. This was a batch of Faith’s Pumpkin Pecan Muffins. I swapped the pecans for walnuts and lowered the sugar to just under 1/3 cup. I also omitted the coconut oil as I was using silicone liners. They turned out really good! Faith has the most appealing meals and recipes. I can’t wait to try more of her muffin recipes
IMG_3081Enjoyed with some mandarins for lunch. Also had some almond milk on the side.
IMG_0154I finally wrapped up my studying for the day with a variation of Leah’s pumpkin loaf that I made into muffins. I subbed the pear for 2 mandarins which I segmented and added to each muffin. The pumpkin/orange combo may sound odd but it honestly works and these turned out really good too. My freezer is now stocked up for the next while!
IMG_3082I spotted this frozen veggie combo at Costco the other day. It has sweet potatoes, orange carrots, yellow carrots, and parsnips. The combo in each bag is perfect. The distribution of the 4 seem to be pretty even. I find it annoying when you get a bag of mixed fruits/veggies that has more of the ‘cheaper/lower cost’ ingredient or are not balanced. 5 1/2 minutes in the microwave and they are perfectly cooked. Not mushy or over done. Two thumbs up!
IMG_3073I cooked some bison and made a lazy bowl (shepherd pie ish) dinner with some TJ BBQ sauce. I took advantage Sizzlefish’s Black Friday sale and can’t wait to cook up some fish soon.
IMG_3075Hope you all are staying warm and out of any nasty winter weather and storms! I am off work today and tomorrow and can’t wait to relax and watch the premiere of Top Chef tonight. I am a huge fan and watch every season. They are in California this time. Are you a fan as well?

Any new Costco or food finds lately?
Any muffin or snack recipes that you are enjoying?


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6 Responses to WIAW #76

  1. It’s crazy that it’s 23 days til Christmas already! Where did November go?!

    Love that mug – my mom got us the same ones but in red for Christmas last year.


    • It is crazy how fast Nov went. Hope you had a great time back on the east coast with your family. I ventured over to the Hillcrest Whole Foods the other day…what a zoo! I’m envious of you going there and surviving the congested store 🙂


  2. BetterWithToast says:

    That “root medley” looks so good! I love blends like that, so easy to get in my variety for the day.


  3. jejansonius says:

    Sizzle fish in it up huh???!?!?!?! How is it and what was the sale?!?! I loved trying it at Blend that’s for sure. Where are you at nowadays lady?!?!


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