WIAW #75

Good morning and happy Thanksgiving eve! I am coming at you this morning from San Diego! I got up early on Saturday morning and drove down and took possession of my apartment. The weekend was spent settling in, enjoying the much warmer weather, and getting ready to start work on Monday…no time to settle in 🙂 I am hoping to explore some more areas this weekend and see some sights. The most exotic/weird thing I have seen here so far was a guy walking around Home Depot with a big white Parrot on his shoulder. Time now for a brief look at some of the meals I’ve had for WIAW!

I picked up a bag of small mandarin oranges at Costco and have been eating them up! When I used to buy bags there were always overripe ones but this bag has had no bad ones. Maybe being closer geographically to the source helps. This oatmeal looks the same but I actually have some walnuts hiding in the warm bowl. I picked up some of them and have been adding them to my morning cereal.
IMG_3058I made it home just in time with groceries to stock the kitchen and quickly whipped up some lunch. Toast with PB, couple of oranges, and some cold almond milk.
IMG_3060I spent the afternoon vacuum sealing some chicken from Costco and ended up making some muffins. I saw this loaf recipe on Leah’s blog last week and immediately added it to my Pinterest page. I knew I needed to give it a try. I didn’t have any pear and subbed 2 flax eggs for the chick pea liquid. I was without a loaf pan and decided to make muffins out of the batter instead. Thought they would be great for work. They are fabulous! They have been great to snack on during the day and will be definitely making them again. Think I might add some nuts to the next batch. Yay for a dairy, egg, banana free muffin that tastes good! Did some necessary quality control and of course enjoyed one hot out of the oven in the afternoon 😉 I’m not a big butter fan but did kinda think some warm butter or spread would be tasty. Any dairy free spread favs?
IMG_3062I ventured over to a nearby Whole Foods that was so tiny and had almost no parking. I found another location a bit further away with a larger selection and much better parking. Anyways since I was at the cramped one I need to pick up something for supper. I decided on some ground lamb and a purple sweet potato. It was a delicious combo. I had never baked a purple spud but it was so good. Added a beer on the side for my first dinner in my new place.
IMG_3056That’s a wrap on this week’s meals from my new place. Hope you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving and enjoy some wonderful food and time with friends and family.


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4 Responses to WIAW #75

  1. congrats on dinner in the new place!!! Everything looks good. I love purple baked potatoes – but never have baked anything with them besides cinnamon or butter and honey. That looks yummy!


  2. Yay! Glad to see you’re settling into life in SD. I remember when I lived there they only had one Whole Foods in the entire county. Good to hear that they added more (even if it’s a tiny location). My guess is that your small location used to be a Mrs. Gooch’s market that was bought by Whole Foods. Maybe I’ll make it down to SD when I’m back in SoCal for the holidays next month and we can hang out.


    • The small one was the one in Hillcrest on University. There is one in La Jolla that is much larger and easier to navigate! We will totally need to catch up with you come back. Maybe the three of us can meet up again for dinner.


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