WIAW #74

Happy Wednesday Friends! I have a short WIAW post for you today. Aside from my move to San Diego this coming weekend I am currently spending my day attending  day 2 of an online webinar for an OR certification test I am taking. Attending the class and then heading off to work yesterday and today is making for a couple really long days. Definitely not ideal timing but I am trying to make it all work…somehow! Time for a quick look at the last WIAW in Orange County before we chat again from San Diego next week 🙂

Found these organic frozen berries at Costco. Funny how their selection of frozen organic/non organic seems to vary. I spotted a ton of new interesting items but resisted buying any of them due to my move. Hope the SD location will have some of the same items.
IMG_3042Keeping it simple with Coffee and Oatmeal.
IMG_3043I was up early on Saturday as I had to leave to attend a medical workshop of new equipment at a local hotel. Apparently I am quite good at sawing and drilling plastic pipes FYI 😉
IMG_3036Got home and needed to get a quick supper while using up food in my cupboards. Mixed tuna with mustard and BBQ sauce. It was quite tasty. Topped it on some toast with a side of cherry tomatoes and chips. Quick, easy, pantry use up meal. I can’t wait to shop and create some tasty meals in my new place.
IMG_3039Ended the day with a cold glass of Almond milk and some unpictured animal crackers that I have been enjoying lately
IMG_3038That’s a wrap on my short and abrivated WIAW but hope you all have a great day and a good weekend!

Talk to you all next week!


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2 Responses to WIAW #74

  1. I haven’t had a good tuna salad in forever!! Never tried mixing it with BBQ sauce though.


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