WIAW #70

Good Wednesday Morning! It finally cooled off a bit here in California but remained humid on the weekend which was nice from the super hot temps last weekend. Hopefully you were able to enjoy some seasonal fall weather in your area. I’ve been busy still looking into my my next job location. Hope I can share some details soon. Time though now to join up for the WIAW fun again this week.

I spotted this coffee at Target on the weekend. It was on clearance and there was only one bag left. It was really good (of course since there was only one left!)
IMG_2943Warm oatmeal and coffee on these dark mornings have been on the menu this week
IMG_2965Along side some defrosted frozen strawberries and a few frozen peach slices. I finally picked up some apples on the weekend and tried one but I didn’t feel very well after eating it unfortunately. The semi defrosted fruit combo though has been tasty in the mornings though.
IMG_2954Costco had this almond milk on sample on the weekend. I tried it and it was quite good. I picked up a case and have been liking the flavor it has added to my smoothies at lunch.
IMG_2956All this job research has been keeping me really busy lately. I relaxed before dinner and wasn’t feeling like a whole beer but poured myself a mini glass!
IMG_2958Dinner was a hodgepodge snack like meal. I saw this egg less vegan Mayo at Target for only $1.99.  I am not a huge mayo eater but have been trying to come up with ideas to make a tuna salad without dairy. I added a bit of the mayo, pepper, and some whole grain mustard and chilled it in the fridge. Added some purple chips, tiny grape tomatoes, and carrots on the side. It was really good and I actually made it again into a sandwich to take to work for supper yesterday.
IMG_2949Ended the day with some frozen blackberries and some of these Barbara’s fig bars. I picked some up the other day again and have enjoyed snacking on them.
IMG_2959Hope you all have a great week and have been enjoying some delicious fall foods and meals!


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3 Responses to WIAW #70

  1. Liz says:

    I haven’t tried this, but I saw somebody who made tuna salad with avocado. I know I did that to make deviled eggs and they tasted good, but because avocados brown so fast, you can’t really make more than one serving at a time!


  2. jejansonius says:

    YUM looks good! You’re on the move again? Lady you are a movie and a groovin all the time! go you!


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