WIAW #67

Good Wednesday Morning Everyone. Time for another weekly linkup to the WIAW fun. I had a low key weekend after a busy week at work. Part of my weekend was spent getting rid of some/hundreds of unwanted houseguests. I started seeing ants in the bathroom and after countless calls to the apartment maintenance and exterminator departments I have my fingers crossed they are gone. I am told because of the unseasonably warm humid weather here they are a problem. While living in the cooler areas of the country have it’s downsides at time the inability for pest survival is a bonus that I took for granted! They seem to love these warmer climates (Arizona and California).

I am not a huge pumpkin product fan but have enjoyed the DD Pumpkin ground coffee. I tried the Target brand this morning which was tasty. I was at Costco on Saturday and all the summer fruit seemed to be replaced with Christmas decorations and goods. It was everywhere! I picked up a bag of frozen strawberries instead.
IMG_2873I’ve felt a little homesick lately. It’s been almost a year since I’ve seen my family in person (aside from FaceTime of course). Unfortunately my work schedule hasn’t allowed for me to have enough time to make a flight home. Strawberries and cottage cheese was a childhood fav and brought back lots of memories. It was a standard fav at my grandparent’s house.
IMG_2865Paired it with some toast and PB (Berries prior to adding to cottage cheese).
IMG_2866Back to a simple old La Croix refreshing drink on a hot afternoon
IMG_2857I have mentioned before I am not a huge salty junk food person. Those foods just don’t appeal to me so I don’t eat them. Since it has been so warm here I was thinking of oven free suppers and sandwiches came to mind. I spotted these purple chips at Whole Foods and decided to try them out. They were really good! Not overly greasy or salty.
IMG_2858I picked up some turkey breast deli meat at Costco. I took some cinnamon raisin bread, added some TJ grainy mustard, and the turkey. It was a great combo and I think will be my dinner at work this week too.
IMG_2859Frozen blackberries while relaxing on the couch at the end of the day
IMG_2869Hope you all had a relaxing weekend and are having a good week. Hopefully you are having some great fall weather wherever you are!


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5 Responses to WIAW #67

  1. I seriously love that you enjoy cottage cheese. 😀


  2. Oh I love cottage cheese! Thank you for reminding me how much I enjoy it. I also love it with berries, jam, etc. Need to pick some up soon!


  3. I love Jackson’s Honest chips. I’ve tried all the flavors but I think sea salt and vinegar is my favorite. I bought that flavor by accident once thinking I was buying another flavor. I was bummed when I realized it wasn’t what I wanted, but it turned out to be a delicious mistake. The purple ones are good too. Unlike you, though, I’m a huge fan of salty snacks, and usually eat the entire bag in one day.


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