WIAW #66

Good morning friends! Time for another linkup for all the WIAW fun. It occurred to me last week that I only have eight weeks left at my current job. It has flown by quickly but means I now need to start figuring out where to look for my next job in November. I had hoped to be in the Orange County area a little longer but it doesn’t look like that will be a possibility. I’m currently deciding between snow or no snow and a shorter or longer move…..decisions, decisions.

I started my day with a cup of this new coffee I spotted at Target the other day. It isn’t as strongly flavored as the version that Dunkin Donuts had last year but still good.
IMG_2836My stomach was feeling a little off and decided to have some cottage cheese and watermelon for breakfast a little while later.
IMG_2837I am looking forward to my return appointment with the doctor in a few weeks once all the labs are back to hopefully get some info about the food allergy/sensitivities. I still wasn’t feeling great at lunch but watermelon seemed appealing
IMG_2830Mid afternoon I snacked on a few of these spicy pickles…again seemed appealing as odd as it may sound. I have seen a bunch of homemade pickle recipes lately and really need to give it a try
IMG_2839Simple piece of salmon for dinner with some carrots and frozen pepper mix from Trader Joe’s.
IMG_2842Hope you are all enjoying the last few official remaining days of summer.
Are you moving at all this fall/winter?
Have a great weekend!


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6 Responses to WIAW #66

  1. Love that you’re still hanging on to the last bit of watermelon!


  2. Andrea Schoenmetzler says:

    Go where there’s no snow.


  3. I’d forgotten about cottage cheese. I love that stuff! And that really is a big decision. So fun you get to move around so much (I’m sure it’s annoying at times too) and experience so many different cities and climates. Good luck deciding!


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