WIAW #64

Good Morning Friends! Hope you had a great long weekend are having a good short work week. I had plans to get out of town but ended up relaxing at home for the long weekend. I have been on a reading kick lately and read a few books on my library ebook reading list. Sometimes the low key weekends are a nice change. Time to join Jenn’s weekly WIAW linkup!

I tried a new variety of coffee but wasn’t a fan unfortunately. I have seen some positive reviews for some of the Green Mountain varieties but I have only seen them in the K-cup version unfortunately. I added some egg whites to this batch of pancakes and they definitely added some fluff to them
IMG_2784Lunch was my standby of late and recycled photo of cinnamon raisin bread with PB
IMG_2596With a side of some cottage cheese (which tasted better than it looks!). I also snacked on some cold watermelon.
IMG_2786I wasn’t feeling very energetic about creating something for supper. There is a natural/organic market a few blocks away from my place so I walked over in the in afternoon to pick up something. I settled on this frozen pizza.
IMG_2714I’m not a big cheese fan and it wasn’t heavy on the cheese which was great.
IMG_2767I enjoyed a cold local LA beer while dinner was cooking
IMG_2779Frozen blackberries while relaxing on the couch and catching up on Project Runway to round out the day!
IMG_2783Hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the last few official days of summer!



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4 Responses to WIAW #64

  1. I get so much flack for eating cottage cheese but it’s TOO good- Seriously! Also, the K-Cup coffees are so hit and miss- I’ve loved the novelty of the flavors but the actual content- Not so much!


  2. That flatbread looks tasty! Love that the crust has pistachios and flax seeds.


  3. Happy to meet another cottage cheese fan. I love it but haven’t had it in ages. I love it sweet (with honey and cinnamon), plain, or even savory. On top of a sweet potato – so good!


  4. Mmm! Nice pizza and beer find! The classic never dies.


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