WIAW #62

Good Morning! I can’t believe it is is the last full week of August. This summer has flown by! I hope you all had a great weekend and are enjoying the last official days of summer if you are off on vacation or not in school yet. After looking for a good Farmer’s market in the area I finally seem to have found a one that has organic and locally grown produce. A lot of the markets seem to feature conventionally grown produce that is bruised or looks like supermarket produce….odd! This market is close to my house and had some nice friendly producers. The quantity of stone fruit was incredible. I didn’t buy any though as I can never seem to time my eating of them…either they are under ripe or over ripe.
IMG_2674I did finally find this local goat yogurt that Julie has raved about. This stuff is amazing! They have a ton of flavors and if you are in the area you must try this out. So thick, creamy, and delicious! I have been enjoying some daily.
IMG_2675I tried switching up my breakfast this week but had some recipe failures. I tried making some coconut flour pancakes from a Pinterest recipe but it didn’t turn out. I would like to start making my own but need to keep looking for a new recipe. I ended up eating a bit of the failed pancake (it was quite mushy and not picture worthy though), coffee, and a bowl of semi thawed blackberries and cottage cheese. I also had a spoonful of the mango yogurt.
IMG_2689These berries are another Costco find from this past weekend. 3lb bag for just under $10. Great deal for organic berries I thought.
IMG_2681Mid morning snack of some yogurt. Yum!
IMG_2677Lunch was cottage cheese with berries also side toast and PB.
IMG_2684Yes more yogurt and I am a La Croix kick as well. Pricy but worth it. Love this stuff but not this flavor. Lime and Orange are my fav.
IMG_2572Picked up some fingerling potatoes at the market. I roasted them up with pepper in the oven.
IMG_2679And then added some ground bison and salsa along with a salad
IMG_2680I have been snacking on frozen blackberries (x like 3 more bowls!) and frozen grapes in the evening as well lately
IMG_2682I also have been liking dry toasted Cinnamon Raisin bread in the evening lately
IMG_2685I tried the cotton candy grapes at the supermarket the other day. Definitely a unique taste and it does taste like the carnival treat but I didn’t pick up a bag. Wasn’t completely won over.

Are you a fan of the cotton candy grapes?
Any good homemade pancake mix recipes?
Hope you have a great last weekend in Aug….Any plans?

Thanks to Jenn for hosting WIAW!


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8 Responses to WIAW #62

  1. Lisa says:

    Those peaches look amazing! And I would love to try that yogurt!


  2. Hapy WIAW! I’ve only tried those grapes once – they were so sweet i loved them!But then again I love all grapes. Yum!


  3. Cotton candy grapes? Never heard of them but they sound like they’d be too sweet. I’m not a huge grape fan. I’ve been loving berries lately. Unfortunately, their season is almost up. I’ll have to search for that bag of blackberries next time I’m at Costco though. Ray’s mom makes 2 ingredient “pancakes” with eggs and banana. I think she puts 2 eggs and 1 banana into her nutribullet and then pours the batter out on the griddle. I could be wrong on the ratios, but they’re delicious when done right.


  4. Wow, Great farmer’s market finds. A new market just popped up near me and I am so excited to check it out this weekend!
    My husband gets the Cherry Lime version of La Croix and is basically an addict. We haven’t seen the pineapple and strawberry version yet! Nice!


  5. jejansonius says:

    AWWWWW Cinnamon Raisin Bread, I used to love love love that stuff growing up. Like literally my dad would get a loaf and it would be gone in two days….ha


  6. Liz says:

    I make pancakes using coconut flour a lot. I typically use bananas (over ripe), plantains (really over ripe), or cooked sweet potatoes as a base. For one plantain/banana, I use 2 eggs and a maybe 2-3 tbspns of coconut flour, cinnamon, and vanilla. Mix it up and cook! They aren’t the same constancy as other pancakes, but they’re way healthier and I’m used to them since I don’t make other pancakes ever. Sweet potatoes are a much mushier alternative and sometimes seem uncooked in the middle because of the consistency of sweet potatoes, but still delicious. Personally, plantain pancakes are my favorite, you just have to buy the plantains and let them sit out for awhile.


  7. Liz says:

    Btw, consistency, not “constancy.”


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