WIAW #61

Happy Wednesday Friends! I am writing this post on Tuesday night after an exhausting hike. I’d been reading about these recommended hikes in the area and felt like since I don’t start my new job till next week I would try to do one this week. Mt Baldy seemed like a good one and after moving my appointment to donate platelets from Tuesday to Monday I had Tuesday totally free. The hike was extremely strenuous but provided some amazing views of Southern California and the LA area. Hard to believe it is only barely an hour from my home.
IMG_2664As I stretch out and rest my legs it is time for a look at my meals from Monday for another weekly linkup for WIAW thanks to Jenn!

My flight from Tucson was later getting into LAX than I originally planned. I still made a quick detour to Venice Beach and checked out this coffee shop called Intelligentsia. I had seen their coffee at Whole Foods but never tried it. I picked up a bag of this summer blend and brewed it up in my french press. It was really good.
IMG_2586Last week I tried a sample of this raisin bread at Costco. It is from Alpine Valley which is a company from the Phoenix area. I have had their other bread but not this before.
IMG_2600I toasted up two slices and topped it with peanut butter. Odd combo but was really delicious. I also had some unpictured watermelon on the side.
IMG_2596I made a TJ run yesterday and picked up these crackers. They remind me of Stone wheat which I used to eat when I was younger. They don’t crumble easily and I knew they would be good to take hiking. I had a few as a snack
IMG_2595Lunch was some cottage cheese topped with raspberries that were sweet as candy. Plus some raisin bread again…this time the one slice had a large whole in it 😦
IMG_2580I was starving when I got home for dinner after my platelet donation appointment. I roasted a sweet potato in the oven and cooked some ground bison which I topped with salsa. Added some peppers and carrots on the side. Yum!
IMG_2584Dessert was some more watermelon and some fig cookies which I totally forgot to take a photo of. Oops!

Any new products you have found recently?

Hope you have a great weekend…hard to believe it is almost the end of August!


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4 Responses to WIAW #61

  1. Yay for hiking! Looks like a nice trail. And I love sweet potatoes with anything on them – never tried bison! No new eats here.


  2. Peanut butter on cinnamon raisin bread…I’m intrigued! I love butter but never tried it that way but i’m keen now!


  3. I’ve never cooked bison! I do like trying new meats. What does it taste like?


    • I highly recommend trying it. It is not game tasting at all…I am not a big fan of game meats. I use it just like ground beef. It is a lean meat though so it can dry out much quicker than beef when cooking it. I have made meatballs with it that are really good.


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