WIAW #60

Good Morning Friends! This week marks my last week of work in Tucson. I am really looking for life to slow down and be a lot less hectic starting on Sunday when I fly back to LA. This past weekend was really busy and I spent all day Monday running errands and finally getting my car registered in California. I did get a California driver’s license last week after another 3 hour visit to the DMV. Hoping to avoid having to go back till next year!

Time to join Jenn’s weekly WIAW linkup again this week.

After landing at LAX on Monday morning I stopped by a nearby Starbucks for coffee and a egg white muffin sandwich for breakfast. I ate a yogurt while walking to the airport from my hotel in Tucson at 5:30am. I made good time getting back to my car and was able to make it to Starbucks by 9am. (Repeat photo as I was starving and forgot to take a photo :))
IMG_2525Costco to get groceries. They had massive watermelons for only $4.99….the same price as 2lb containers of strawberries. I had never seen watermelons that were this large. After cutting it all up and using every Tupperware container I own I still had extra. I ended up freezing the remaining pieces in a gallon bag. I’m not sure if it is good after freezing…have you ever ate frozen or thawed pieces before?

The raspberries at Costco looked great so I picked up a container to have with lunch. Excellent decision. I ended up eating the whole container! I toasted a english muffin and topped it with some TJ Peanut Butter I bought that morning. I haven’t had plain PB in a while and was craving it. Tasty quick meal.
IMG_2558I ended up making a trip out to the DMV to finally register the car as some documents I was waiting for were in the mailbox. Knew I needed some fuel for the waiting to come so I quickly ate these rice cakes before leaving. I am all about raisins lately….loving them as a snack.
IMG_2563I came home and cut up the watermelon. After tackling and cleaning up it was time for dinner. I had planned on having a chicken burger but it was later than planned and I didn’t feel like waiting for it to cook. Instead I threw together a strange collection of food that was appealing after a long day. Started with a thrown together salad and beer.
IMG_2559PB toast
IMG_2571I am not a fan of warm watermelon. I like it cold from the fridge. I had a small container of some that had started to cool after dinner. Juicy and really good.
IMG_2560Ended the my not intentional fruit and english muffin day with some frozen grapes and a few of the Barbara fig newton’s I mentioned last week.
IMG_2561I am looking forward to settling into my new place and start cooking next week.

I hope you all have a relaxing summer weekend. Any plans?
Ever look back and realize you unintentionally ate the same food groups/foods throughout the day?
Let me know if you have ay frozen watermelon uses or tips!



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2 Responses to WIAW #60

  1. So jealous of your $4.99 watermelon. That same melon (probably from the same exact watermelon farm) is $9.99 at the Kauai Costco. I wanted to buy one on national watermelon day but I skipped it because of the price. Have you tried making smoothies out of frozen fruit? I bet a watermelon smoothie would be really refreshing.


  2. Funny you should ask, but I just tried frozen watermelon for the first time! I really liked it! It gets very hard, but I liked it right out of the freezer. My mother-in-law uses frozen watermelon to make a granita


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