WIAW #59

I made it to California! It has been a crazy few days and I am hoping to actually get some time to relax and settle in soon. I was planning on leaving around 4am but I ended up being awake at 2:30am so I hit the road then. I ended up making good time and was at my apartment by 9 am. After unpacking the car I head off to Ikea to order furniture and went to Costco to pick up a mattress. I ran around the area like crazy and within a few hours was  back home just in time for AT&T to come hook up services at my apartment. The rest of the day was unpacking and waiting for my Ikea order to be delivered. It finally came around 6pm. I quickly built the sofa, table, 2 of the 4 chairs, and bed in about 4 hours. Although I could tell my level of concentration was fading I still was impressed with getting it all done. I really wanted to sleep in the bed….(however I made the sofa and table first…not my smartest move!).
IMG_2495Now onto a short look at my WIAW eats!

Breakfast on the road to Cali was this Starbucks english muffin and egg white sandwich and a coffee. I had on the other day after work with a free reward and pleasantly surprised.
IMG_2525I had a craving last week for fig newtons. I picked up these Barbara ones last week at Sprouts and they are so good. I ate them as snacks all weekend long and during the drive. I got these multigrain ones and the raspberry ones. I ended up finishing them and need to stop by Sprouts  for more. I haven’t seen them anywhere else except Sprouts unfortunately.
IMG_2528Today I needed to hit the DMV and had the brilliant decision to eat lunch a little earlier than normal. I made a detour home and toasted an english muffin with almond butter and some cottage cheese with California strawberries. These berries are so good. Not the usual less ripe and tasty California berries that are sold elsewhere in the country.
IMG_2531I ended up waiting for 4 hours at the DMV just to be told that I need to have another form completed and return. This was an insane experience. So many people in a small cramped building. The lack of efficiency was definitely not something I was expecting. I have to return tomorrow to a different office and then again next week.

I was in the mood for a quick effortless supper. Beer, carrots, cherry tomatoes, and a Chipotle chicken salad totally fit the bill. If you have any great California beer recommendations let me know…hehe!
IMG_2502Ended the day with some frozen grapes and the last two fig newton cookies.

Have you had any horrendous wait times like the DMV?
Are you a fan of fig newtons? Have you tried the Barbara ones?
Any quick effortless summer meals you are loving?

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


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6 Responses to WIAW #59

  1. Aww what a pain at the dmv! So sorry- good luck next time.

    I love easy meals in the summer – eggs, frozen veggie burgers, avocado and tomato is a go -to brinner of mine. Or fruit and granola and yogurt for lunch!


  2. OMG. Respect- sorry about the DMV issues but yay…California now! 😀

    In Australia, I loved our fake fig newton treats- I think they called them fig bars or something. Now I’m craving one!


  3. Yay! Welcome to California. The DMV system is the WORST! At least they aren’t doing Friday furloughs anymore…I don’t think. Have you tried making DMV appointments online? It’s the only way to stay sane there.


  4. YUM! Your meals all look delicious!


  5. Congrats on your move! I’ve not experienced the CA DMV, but I’ve yet to have a positive experience at any DMV, so I can understand. I haven’t had Fig Newtons in years. I’ll have to try Barbara’s!


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