WIAW #58

Good Wednesday Morning Everyone! It is my last WIAW in Phoenix for a while. I have been running around town like crazy the past few days trying to tie up loose ends before I leave tomorrow. I ended up getting rid of all my furniture and will be driving to California and moving into my new home on Monday. As side from settling in I am looking forward to sleeping in a bed again. It has been a tolerable but long 2 weeks on the camping mattress on the floor! As if I didn’t have enough to do yesterday I ended my day praying that this paint would come off car. I was driving behind a truck when cans rolled off and I ended up driving over one as I was unable to swerve out of the way. The whole passenger side of my car, rims, and tires were covered. After freaking out and frantic googling a solution I tried to take it off with water. Thankfully it did come off the body and rims with washing as must have been latex based. The tires are still painted but at least the body and rims look like they did before. Phew.
CarNot sure if Starbucks still has this promo but check it out if you are interested.
IMG_2475I picked it up last week as it caught my eye. I usually don’t pay attention as the freebies are games or music I am not into. This app looks great after a quick scroll through it. Definitely need to check it out in more depth soon.
IMG_2477Time for a brief WIAW as I take a break from packing and organizing for the move. Thanks Jenn for hosting once again!

Strawberries were on sale for $0.97/lb and make a great leftover free addition to my breakfast.
IMG_2489I ended up getting home a lot later for lunch then I had planned due to crazy Phoenix drivers and traffic. There were tons of crashes on almost every major freeway throughout the day! I was starving and quickly sliced up some berries and added cottage cheese. I used to have this all the time a child. Totally hit the spot.
IMG_2486Dinner was a freezer use up meal of frozen peppers, cauliflower rice, and diced chicken burger. Added some ketchup, mustard, and relish on top. Tasty use up meal in a bowl meal
IMG_2481Ate a few remaining pickles on the side too
IMG_2491Ended the day snacking on popcorn and some frozen cherries.

Hope you all have a great weekend (Crazy that it will Aug on Sat!).

Can’t wait to catch up next week from the west coast!


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9 Responses to WIAW #58

  1. I keep seeing cottage cheese on WIAW and it is making me crave it like crazy! I need to go out and buy some!


    • I know what you mean. I had been craving it for a while but kept forgetting to pick it up. I have your blog on my list of ones to check out for SD recommendations and must go places…Happy Wednesday Julia!


  2. Best of luck to you on your move, Kate.


  3. Fingers crossed for your move!
    Cottage cheese is one of my current staples. I crave it every day until that ebbs off and I go weeks or months without it. A great topping for any kind of (vegetarian) chili, stew, … I haven’t tried it sweet yet.


  4. Thanks for the tip on that app! It looks awesome. Happy WIAW and good luck with your move!


  5. jejansonius says:

    Moving again! You are going to be a pro girl!


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