WIAW #56

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I have been super busy planning and figuring out my move to California. I made a day trip out to finalize an apartment on Monday. I left super early and got to Orange County almost 6 hours later. I only spent an hour or so in the area before getting back in the car and making the drive back. It was a long day on the road but was good to officially have a lease on a place. I’ll be moving at the beginning of August officially…it feels much more real now. Now on the endless list of other moving tasks to do!
Time now though for another weekly look at everyone’s great food thanks to Jenn and the WIAW linkup.
Breakfast was the last of the container of decent cherries with some frozen grapes, Kodiak Cakes, and coffee. The cherries here were awesome for a week but are now over ripe and mushy at the stores. I picked up a watermelon to enjoy this week instead.
IMG_2446Roadtrip snack was my last Bearded Brother bar and a coffee
IMG_2205I went to a small cafe called Mead’s Green Door Cafe near my new place to celebrate the lease approval. I was looking for something quick to eat before the drive home. I picked a veggie sandwich that was really good except I assumed it would have black not green olives so I removed those…just not a green olive fan 🙂 I will definitely be adding it to my list of places to check out again once I settle in.
IMG_2443I stopped for gas in Palm Springs on the way home and felt like a McDonald’s ice cream cone on the hot day. I had a bit of the ice cream but it didn’t taste great so I pitched it. Not sure if it was the ice cream or just wasn’t appealing to me. Bummer 😦

Once I got home I had almost no fresh food I thew together some veggies from the fridge that survived my weekend away and cooked a frozen chicken burger. These Costco burgers are made with hormone free chicken and only have chicken and real spices in them. Great quick supper stand by option.
IMG_2392I finished off with popping some popcorn and stretched out and relaxing on the couch after the long day on the road. (please excuse the old photo!)
IMG_2037Hope you all have been having a great week and are staying cool and enjoying some delicious summer eats! Hope you have access to fresh and ripe summer fruit in your area. I can’t wait to visit some of the California farmer’s markets for a great selection of fresh produce.

Thanks again to Jenn and friends for hosting the weekly WIAW linkup!


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12 Responses to WIAW #56

  1. sara says:

    Cherry season just ended here and now we’re moving into blueberry season-my favorite fruit 🙂 Your menu looks wonderful, thanks for sharing!


  2. Omg that veggie sandwich looks so so so good!! I wish I had one of those today. What a great day of eats – thanks for sharing. Love WIAWs:)


  3. Stephanie says:

    I miss the California farmer’s markets but I’ll be back for a week in September. Maybe you, Julie and I can meet up somewhere in OC for some food.


  4. Great eats! Jealous of your awesome California food;)


  5. caylanrodia says:

    Mead’s is my favorite restaurant. You have to try their buffalo cauliflower 🙂


  6. jejansonius says:

    Love it Kate You’re so dedicated to the WIAW posts and I absolutely love it, its such a good chronicle of what you wanted to do for your blog and where you’re going and such in life is woven into every week as well, helps me keep up in a round about way with all you’re travels 😉 you busy woman you.


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