WIAW #55

Happy WIAW friends! Hope you all had a great Fourth of July weekend with friends and family. I got some wonderful news last Thursday in the form of a dream job offer. I will be moving to California at the beginning on August and taking this job at a hospital not to far from Disneyland! I am beyond excited and (nervous in a good way) about what’s to come and the quickness that things will all be happening. While I have visited Orange County and LA before I have never been to Disneyland or the parks. My Mom thinks it is ironic that I will be working and living so close to Disney now. Maybe I will have to go check out what all the hype is about one day once I move. I’ve been trying to find a place to rent/lease/VRBO/AirBNB and make all the arrangements. Today I was looking at some photos I took during the time I was in Huntington Beach to run the half marathon. That event/trip is something I think of often. I took this photo on the pier the day after the race. Hard to believe it will be my home in a few weeks.
IMG_0372Time for a break from that planning though to share my recent meals thanks to Jenn and the WIAW party!
Breakfast was coffee, pancakes with maple syrup, and cherries. Stopped by Whole Foods while they were still on sale and bought some more. Nothing says summer like fresh cherries.
IMG_2435I picked up this new to me flavor of La Croix at Target. I stocked up on Lime and Orange which I like but had never tried this flavor. It is pretty good. I usually stick to the cheaper flavors so not sure I would routinely buy this but it is a good change. I’ve been drinking a ton of water with the hot temps
IMG_2436Lunch was a toasted english muffin with Nuttzo along side some cherries and a handful of blueberries. I had taken a break from eating blueberries after having some stomach issues in May when I was eating them. I picked some up and had a handful with lunch and unfortunately the same symptoms returned immediately. Not sure if it is an irritation/allergy/intolerance/chemical or what to the berry or something on them.
IMG_2432Afternoon snack of cold La Croix and rice cakes with raisins and Nuttzo. I opened a jar recently and have been really enjoying it. Nice change from Almond or PB.
IMG_2437Last week I decided to celebrate my job news with something special for supper. I spotted this frozen pizza at Whole Foods and once seeing it was from California decided to enjoy it. It was really good. The onions and mushrooms were flavorful and excellent. It was’t overly cheesy which I like as someone who isn’t a huge fan of cheese.
IMG_2427Full of Life has a restaurant that I may need to visit one day once I move.
IMG_2422Last night for dinner I tossed together some bell pepper and onion with TJ riced cauliflower and some salsa. I added a piece of rainbow trout from Sizzlefish. I am all about quick and minimal effort required meals in a bowl some days!
IMG_2409Ended the day with some air popped popcorn again
IMG_2378And some frozen grapes. It has been my evening snack combo lately. Addicted to the cold grapes! Switched it up from green to red this time.
IMG_2438That’s a wrap for this WIAW. I’m off to continue the hunt for housing. Hope you all are having some great summer food and have a great week!

Have you ever rented off of VRBO or AirBNB?
Do you live in Southern California?
Any recommendations of things to check out? Julie always seems to find fun events and delicious food and I am hoping to check out some of her favs!
Have you been to Disneyland or are you like me and have never been?


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10 Responses to WIAW #55

  1. Happy WIAW! those eats look great- especially that fish and cauliflowet! Yum!

    I love vrbo and airbnb- great ways to see a new place. I even did vrbo for my honeymoon!


  2. Stephanie says:

    You’re going to get addicted to Disneyland. Since you will be living so close, I suggest getting an annual pass. And I need to check out Sizzlefish. I wonder if they ship to Kauai.


  3. Congrats on the new job!! I live in Northern California, but would love to live closer to SoCal some day!


  4. Kate…I don’t think I ever read your “about” page before. That’s AMAZING you’ve lost 250 lbs!! And it’s also cool that your next stop is California! I lived in Orlando for 4 years and all my friends were obsessed with Disney, but it just never appealed to me. I only went once the day before I moved because my friend got me in for free:)
    I hope you find a great place to live in. Love all your meals and snacks! We’ve been loving cherries here too!


  5. MLwhales says:

    I’ve rented through VRBO but I would never do AirBNB. VRBO is mainstream rental. AirBNB is the Craigslist version of VRBO. I would be very VERY cautious. Be sure you have a few contacts who will check in on you daily and make sure they MUST hear a response from you. Be careful with AirBNB. I would never do it. Be safe. Please!!


    • Thanks for the great advice. It seems like the listings are kinda hit and miss price wise. Once you factor in cleaning fees, and extra fees it doesn’t seem to be cheaper than hotels in some locations. Definitely need to weed out the sketchy ones!


  6. Julie says:

    You’re going to have to help me cook fish! I almost burned the house down yesterday… and adding veggies like riced cauli.

    Can’t wait for you to move here – I’d love to check out some new places with you!


    • I will absolutely show you some ways to cook it. No burning down homes involved! Can’t wait to check out some the unique and awesome events you find….including that farmer’s market with the yogurt that you frequently talk about 🙂


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