WIAW #54

Good Morning! I can’t believe it is July 1st. Is it just me or did June fly by? Happy Canada Day to my friends back in Canada today! I am starting to search for my next travel nurse job as I only have another month left at my current one. I am eyeing Southern California right now but am browsing tempting locations nationwide. Seeing as it is Wednesday it is time for another WIAW thanks to Jenn and friends.

I am switching things up on the breakfast front here this week. The other day I was in Sprouts and spotted these purple corn tortillas. I usually don’t buy them as I find they are too large in size but these ones were small and the color was intriguing. I microwaved some egg and topped it with salsa which was good but resulted in a bit juicier wrap/fold than I had wanted. Oh well it still tasted good. I enjoyed some great cherries and coffee along side as well.
IMG_2397Mid morning I had a couple of rice cakes with Nuttzo and raisins. I remember making ‘ants on a log’ as a kid (celery, with peanut butter, and raisins) and upon seeing the bag in the pantry decided to throw some on the cake. It was a great decision.
IMG_2398Lunch was a cold veggies that I had in the fridge. I had some leftover veggies from dinner and put them in a container with some orange vinaigrette and pepper to marinate them. It could have used a tad more vinegar to enhance the flavor but was a good use up. I got the idea after seeing this recent recipe from the Whole Foods weekly email. I also toasted up an english muffin and topped it with Nuttzo.
IMG_2391Mid afternoon repeat snack of my rice cake combo but added a can of La Croix. Love that bubbly drink.

Dinner was a home run today. With an upcoming move happening I need to start to use up some of the items in my freezer I cooked my first piece of cod from the Sizzlefish order that I placed a few weeks ago. I thawed the fish and cooked it in the oven after seasoning it with a chipotle blend. I then added it to a couple more of those tortillas. I was going to add some lettuce to them but the tortilla was so small that I thought it would burst. Instead I enjoyed a salad on the side. I also enjoyed a cold beer because tacos and beer seem like the perfect combo to me.
IMG_2399I some air popped popcorn which I added some siriacha sauce and mixed it through to give a bit of bite to the snack. Snacking on it while on the computer, and on a white couch though was a not a good idea. Moments after taking this photo the cushion covers were in the wash. Oops 🙂
IMG_2402Hope you all have a safe and happy 4th! I’ll be working but hope you all enjoy some great time with family and friends….and some great food too!

I recently bought a jar of nutritional yeast. Any must try recipes that I should try?
Any favorite summer dishes you have been enjoying lately?
Any plans for the holiday weekend?


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6 Responses to WIAW #54

  1. Those purple tortillas are so pretty! Love that you’re using them for breakfast.
    This summer I’m all about smoothie bowls, acai bowls, fruit and of course, ice cream!
    I’m road tripping for the holiday … should be fun! Sorry you have to work 😦
    Yay for WIAW!


  2. I love nutrional yeast on popcorn- and it won’t ruin your white couch! You ate so healthy- so inspiring!


  3. Popcorn! I haven’t had any in ages but it’s such a fun snack. Only one that disappears way too fast considering the time it takes to preapre. Actually, I’ve heard nutrional yeast makes a great topping for it, too. And I honestly like nutritional yeast waay too much to limit myself to one recommendable recipe. My advice for starting out, though: 1. Don’t believe anybody who says it tastes like cheese. It doesn’t but has a great taste nevertheless. 2. Use it sparingly at first. This has a lot to do with #1. I remember trying a vegan cheese sauce that called for something around 1/4 cup and that turned me off of nutritional yeast for a while back then …


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