WIAW #53

Happy first official Wednesday of the summer! Hopefully you are all actually enjoying some summer weather and not stormy unsettled weather. It is hot here in Phoenix but it isn’t really bothering me much. I feel like I may be jinxing myself by admitting this but I have still yet to turn on my AC in my condo. It is surprisingly cool inside (82-86) depending on the time of day. Running the ceiling fan and a tower fan at night seems to be sufficient and the savings on the power bill is the best part. Hopefully my luck continues! The downside of the temps is that the outside temp is crazy hot and I know vigorous exercise is not wise. Since I am not a fan of waking up on a day off at 4am to beat the heat, I am installing utilizing my condo gym. It was 95F at 9 am when I came back from the gym this morning.
IMG_2382Breakfast this morning was still pancakes and coffee with the addition of these ripe and juicy strawberries. I had hoped to find some cherries but the ones at Costco were kinda rough looking. These berries however have been excellent.
IMG_2379After the gym I drank a ton of cold water and ate a couple of rice cakes with Nuttzo. Yesterday I this combo on my mind out of the blue. I already had the Nuttzo at home but picked up the rice cakes yesterday. It hit the spot.
IMG_2373I was out and missed being home for lunch. I instead picked up a 6oz container of raspberries and ate them along side a blueberry RxBar.
IMG_2385I also had a couple of these excellent pickles by Ruuska. I was browsing at Whole Foods the other day and was looking for a pickle to have with dinner. I spotted these and they are wonderful. It is a small business company from Cape Cod and the flavor of these pickles is spot on. Not over powering with garlic and tons of fresh dill sprigs surround the fresh cucumbers. They are throughout some Whole Foods. I also got the spicy ones but haven’t tried them yet.
IMG_2375After a bit of pool time I made myself a couple more rice cakes and sipped on a La Croix
IMG_2384Dinner was a partial success. I cooked a fillet of salmon and some frozen beans which were good but the rice was a failure and I ended up not eating it. I think I just overcooked it in the microwave as it had been frozen.
IMG_2377Later in the evening I popped some popcorn
IMG_2378and snacked on some frozen grapes while catching up on some tv. Still addicted to frozen grapes lately! This bag is shrinking quickly as I can’t get enough of the cold snack 🙂
IMG_2386Hope you all have a great rest of the week filled with delicious food!

Are you a fan of frozen fruit?
Are you a pickle fan?

Thanks to Jenn for hosting the fun weekly WIAW linkup as always. Make sure to head over and check out the other posts.


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7 Responses to WIAW #53

  1. I still haven’t tried frozen grapes!! I gotta get on it:)


  2. I LOOOOOVE pickles but haven’t gotten on the frozen grape bandwagon yet. I need to buy some grapes first I suppose. Are they crunchy?


    • No they are almost soft/chewy-frozen…they don’t get rock hard like strawberries do. I just take them off the vines, wash, and throw in the freezer. So easy. Hope you give it a try!


  3. I can’t believe you don’t have your a/c on. I would die!


  4. jejansonius says:

    I LOVE FROZEN GRAPES! Also those pickles look fantastic, okay I’m going to have to go get some grapes those are too tempting and fruit is so delicious in the summer!


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