WIAW #52

When I wrote the header for the post and realized it is week #52 of me joining in with Jenn for the WIAW linkup I guess it is also marking one year since I started this blog. I have learned so much and really have enjoyed connecting with so many and making many new friends. Thanks to everyone who has read or stopped by and read my posts. Yesterday I finally posted the coleslaw recipe I was talking about the past few weeks.

Now a look at some of the meals from last week.

I am switching it up and showing my hotel breakfast on the mornings I work. Since I am working 12 hour shifts at this new job it is 6-8 hours before I get a chance to eat or drink anything. I have been making Kodiak Cake pancake batter mini muffins before I leave to drive to Tucson on Fridays. I then eat the mini pancake muffins and have a small yogurt before grabbing a coffee on the way to the hospital. I haven’t had yogurt in a while but have been trying to find some protein dense foods to add to breakfast.
IMG_23567 hours later I downed 32oz of cold water and ate lunch. For work lunches I have been having another serving of Kodiak Cake pancakes, yogurt, and a Bearded Brother bar. It seems to be holding me over the rest of the day (approx 6-7 hours) until I get off and can eat and drink. This orange and ginger flavor is my favorite so far.
IMG_2360I spent Monday running errands and grocery shopping. Costco had boxes of Life cereal on sale for $4.40 so I pick up another box and have been snacking on it mid morning and mid afternoon. (Yum!
IMG_2367Dinner tonight was a cut up chicken sausage mixed into some frozen bell pepper and onion veggies from TJ. I added riced cauliflower and sauce and seasonings. So quick, easy, and flavorful oven free meal. Cold beer and carrots on the side to enjoy on this hot day too 🙂
IMG_2368Ended the day with these juicy strawberries, some more life cereal,
IMG_2362and some dark mint M&Ms while catching up on my DVR
IMG_2364Hope you all have a great week and weekend ahead and enjoy some delicious meals.

I’ve been thinking of trying out Thredup. Anyone have any good or bad experiences with it? Or suggestions for alternative sites?



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6 Responses to WIAW #52

  1. For a hotel breakfast, I’m really impressed! Off to check out that recipe I LOVE coleslaw!

    Happy WIAW thanks for linking up!


  2. Umm, those mint M&Ms look so good! I’ve never had them – I may have to try them!!


  3. Happy one year of blogging my friend!!!!


  4. Danielle says:

    Happy 1 year of blogging! Those muffins look super delicious and the berries too!


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