WIAW #51

Happy Wednesday! I had great plans to spend Tuesday afternoon writing this post but got distracted. It was a rainy, grey, and hot here in Phoenix today and after waiting a month my long await books all arrived from Amazon. I had been thinking of picking up a coloring book before I had even heard about the popular adult coloring books.
IMG_2347I immediately got comfortable, turned on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, and started to color. It was fun and relaxing. Heads up if you are getting the Secret Garden or Enchanted Forest books…having fine pointed markers in a must. The paper is really thick and there has been no bleeding through so far.
IMG_2346Still enjoying pancakes for breakfast. I have been searching on Pinterest for some recipes of homemade dry mixes. Thinking of giving them a try soon once I am out of Kodiak Cake mix. I grabbed another watermelon at Costco yesterday and enjoyed it this morning. Please excuse this recycled photo. I had planned to snap a photo and then my phone rang at 6am! Wrong number for an automated CVS prescription renewal. Rude!
IMG_2298Came home had a small bowl of cheerios and grabbed a small handful of raisins.

Lunch was a toasted english muffin with sunberry butter from Boulder along side some watermelon and cherry tomatoes. An odd combo but I liked it
IMG_2288Afternoon drink of this iced tea I picked up from Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago. It was a refreshing drink.
IMG_2345Dinner was a win tonight. I saw Stephanie post about TJ having riced cauliflower and knew I needed to check it out. I picked up a few bags at the employee’s suggestion as he said it was flying off the shelves. I can now see why it is so popular. It is fabulous! I cut up some red pepper and mushrooms and sweated them out a bit in a pot. I then cut up a TJ sun dried tomato chicken sausage  and added some marinara sauce and italian herb seasoning. Finally I added about half a bag of the cauliflower and let it heat up. It was awesome. I will definitely be picking up more and making it a regular part of my meals. Yum!
IMG_2340I served it along side this coleslaw made with broccoli slaw 🙂 I will be sharing the recipe soon!
IMG_2330I ended the day with some more delicious cold watermelon and some of this melty dark chocolate frozen yogurt.
IMG_2342I am off to do some more coloring while finding a new show/series to watch.

Any recommendations for Netflix or Amazon?
Have you had cauliflower rice?
Are you a coloring book fan?

Big thanks to Jenn for hosting the WIAW series. Make sure you check out everyone else’s great eats!


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7 Responses to WIAW #51

  1. Thanks for sharing your WIAW eats – love sharing mine and seeing everyone’s!
    I have only had cauliflower rice once – and I think I made it wrong. I need to try it again – I love cauliflower otherwise!
    I just watched Girls on Amazon and loved it! I binge watched all of Season 1. And I haven’t tried any coloring books recently but I need to – hear they’re a great stress reliever!


  2. Stephanie says:

    Good call on picking up multiple bags of cauli-rice. I went to TJs yesterday to get more but they were out of stock. I did get some of that broccoli slaw though. Have you ever tried sauteeing it? Try that with some green apple chunks and bacon. So good! Hope all is well with you, Kate. Have a great week!


  3. katiehanzlicek says:

    your broccoli slaw looks so good – can’t wait for the recipe! 🙂 all your food looks so good!


  4. Megan says:

    Those coloring books look amazing! I think I am going to have to order some.


  5. Sunberry butter? What is that made out of? It sounds good and interesting.


    • I picked it up in Boulder CO at the farmers market. It is made from nuts, sunflower seeds, and dried fruit. Really unusual but tasty. Thinking of attempting to recreate it soon!


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