WIAW #50

Good morning from hot Phoenix! It is sure toasty here this week as most days have been 105F ish. I have yet to turn on the AC in my condo though. I face north and am sheltered by other buildings on the grounds. The inside temp has been around 80F and quite livable.  I am not sure how much longer that will last but I’m not complaining 😉 Time for the weekly look at everyone’s great posts in Jenn’s WIAW series.

I spotted the biggest watermelon I have ever seen at Costco last week for $3.99. It was humungous and filled every single tupperware and plastic container I own in the fridge!
IMG_2278I have been adding an egg white to the Kodiak Cake batter and am impressed with how fluffy it makes the morning pancakes. I added on some strawberry fruit and honey syrup from Nature Nate’s.  I discovered them while in Dallas as they are based just outside of the city.
IMG_2298I signed up for an adult swimming stroke refinement class this week. It has been kinda disappointing and not as helpful as I had hoped. I got a bit of a burn today as the pool is outside and the class is from 11-Noon. Before heading out I snacked on some grapes and a few pretzels.
IMG_2293I had to rush over to a chiropractor and massage appointment and stopped for a green veggie (and very gingery) juice. I ate the english muffin with Sunberry butter as well before  heading to my appointments.
IMG_2289I quickly ate some frozen grapes later in the afternoon when I finally got home.

Dinner was a chicken burger with an attempt at recreating that Whole Foods coleslaw I talked about on the blog last week. It was really close in flavor and I hope to try another attempt (I forgot to measure the amounts for the dressing) and then I will definitely share it with you. It was so quick and easy.
IMG_2281After dinner I enjoyed some more watermelon, and some frozen grapes and some vanilla yogurt that was on sale at Whole Foods. It got a little melty as I was distracted by looking for banana free muffin recipes on Pinterest. Have any breakfast muffin recipes without banana? I made cinnamon and raisin ones and plain cinnamon last week to eat at work on the weekend.
IMG_2295I am off to try Orange Theory today. I am excited to see how it goes and what the session is like. I finally placed my first Sizzlefish order this week and it is supposed to come today. I miss having good quality seafood and am looking forward to tasting the fish.

Hope you all have a great week. Any plans?
Have you tried Orange Fitness?
Are you a fish fan?
Any favorite breakfast muffin combinations or recipes?


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5 Responses to WIAW #50

  1. Can we swap places? New York is KILLING me. I packed my jackets away and suddenly…I am unpacking them! That watermelon…huge doesn’t even describe it!

    Happy WIAW thanks for linking up 🙂


    • I have actually been mulling over coming to NYC later in June or early July. I have some airline miles to use up but just need to find some hotel deals. Apparently the increase in humidity doesn’t co-orlate to a decrease in hotel prices 🙂


  2. Cookie Yi says:

    I would love that coleslaw recipe! I love them at Whole Foods but their salad bar is just WAY too expensive to eat at everyday!


  3. OH man, when I could eat grains, I LOVEEEEEEEDDDDDDD pretzel sticks!


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