WIAW #48

Happy Wednesday Morning Friends! I am traveling in Tucson this week. I was eating lunch outside on the sunny hospital patio as it was nice a breezy. Apparently my iPad thought it was a tad too warm!
IMG_0116I had a great time with wonderful amazing friends in Boulder on the weekend at Blend. I am hoping to get a full recap written this weekend for you about the experience. Since I am  away I am sharing some of my meals while living in a hotel this week for Jenn’s weekly WIAW series.

I have been having oatmeal in the hotel along with a banana and sliced with this incredible nut butter I picked up at the farmer’s market in Boulder.
IMG_2233I had planned to dig into this once I got back home but couldn’t resist cracking open the jar. This was the perfect addition. Thinking I need to try making nut butters at home.
IMG_2235Lunch has been a repeat of breakfast. I find it works as a portable lunch while living in a hotel. I wanted to scope out the cafeteria at the hospital for the first few days and not depend on having to grab a meal. They seem to have some good options so I will probably give it a try later this week.

I stopped by Trader Joe’s and picked up this hummus dip for the first time. It is really tasty and went great with the carrots and fresh radishes. Perfect to munch on before supper
IMG_2229There was a Chipotle right beside TJ’s so I grabbed a chicken salad for supper each night this week. It is the only ‘fast food’ that appeals to me. I need to try and figure out some hotel room friendly supper ideas. This hotel has a refrigerator but no microwave in the room which is kinda limiting. I added some Cabo Chips to the bowl. Julie was sharing these at Blend and they are really good.
IMG_2231I went to Costco yesterday and spotted these blueberries. I snacked on a bowl of them and they were so good!
IMG_2234I have been craving popcorn and this variety from TJ has fit the bill. I usually don’t buy packaged popcorn as I pop my own but this one wasn’t oily or salty at all. Tasty evening snack.
IMG_2236I hope you all have a safe and relaxing long weekend. I am working on Sunday but hoping to go for a hike on Saturday.
Do you have any plans for the long weekend?
Any hotel room friendly meal ideas?
What do you like to eat when traveling or on the road?


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4 Responses to WIAW #48

  1. oh hotel room meals…I felt like I was on top for it then had Ben and Jerrys… 😉

    As long as you have some canned proteins, salad and maybe a roll or two, you’re good to go- And snacks! Happy WIAW!


  2. Oatmeal for breakfast is always a good idea, hotel or not! TJ’s always has some amazing finds.


  3. Oatmeal is my go-to breakfast when staying in a hotel. So light, easy to pack and filling!


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