WIAW #46

Good Wednesday Morning All! Hope you are all having a wonderful first week of May. I am keeping today’s post a little shorter as I am busy packing and getting ready for my 1,100 mile journey back to Phoenix this weekend. I leave early Saturday morning and am hoping to make it back in one day but will see how things go. I did enjoy a relaxing weekend and managed to even fit in a little shopping. I posted a photo on Instagram of the new Nike capri pants that I found on clearance at REI. I have only ever purchased black capris and these are the first pair of ‘loud or colored’ capris I have bought. Ignore the miss matched stripes 🙂
IMG_2185I also decided to splurge on a Food Saver that Costco had on sale. I had tried a mid range food saver a few months ago and was skeptical but after seeing how well the chicken kept in the freezer and positive reviews I decided to take the plunge since this one was a great deal. Now I need to figure out the best deal for bags….sounds like maybe Bed, Bath, and Beyond with a coupon….any tips or hints on bags for me? I treated myself to a container of raspberries.
IMG_2181Now a quick look at my eats from this weekend.

Since I had a partial bag of frozen strawberries to eat up by the end of the week I have been enjoying them at breakfast.
IMG_2191Mid morning repeat snack of rice cakes and TJ chia/flax crunchy peanut butter. Yum! Followed by 32 oz of water…anyone else need to drink water after eating PB?
IMG_2175Lunch was a snacky combo featuring some awesome raspberries. There were so flavorful and firm yet ripe. Not mushy at all!
IMG_2182The raspberry theme continued with this delicious local raspberry lemon bar made by Bearded Brothers in Austin. It was fantastic. I saw a kale and beet variety at Whole Foods on the weekend that I think I will try before I leave.
IMG_2192I also added some TJ honey wheat pretzel sticks to the mix
IMG_2183I have been listening to library audiobooks on my iPad lately.I took a break from sorting and packing to sip on this cold La Croix
IMG_2186I had a lone pork chop in the freezer and topped it on top of a sweet potato. I had plans to eat at the table but then felt lazy like sitting on the couch and watching an episode of Chopped All Starts instead. Sipped on a Dallas beer as well.
IMG_2184Also got my green quota of the day with a salad and used up the last of my vignette in the fridge.
IMG_2187That’s a wrap for today. Can’t wait to post next week from home in sunny Arizona! Hope you all have a great week!

Do you have a food vacuum or food saver? Any tips for me?
Any favorite audiobooks or are you an audiobook fan?

Thanks to Jenn and Laura for hosting the fun weekly WIAW linkup. Make sure you check out all the great eats that everyone else has posted.


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5 Responses to WIAW #46

  1. Love the pants – so cute! We got a food saver this winter and LOVE it! Keeps all of our frozen food so fresh 🙂


    • Thanks Kim. Where have you found the best deal for bags from? Any luck with the roll or do you use the actual bags? BTW totally going to check out that Serial followup series before my trip home. I got hooked and binged Serial a few months ago. So good 🙂


  2. I love snack-y lunches…and those capris!! Hope your trip back to phoenix goes well!


  3. marylegare says:

    Love the capris! I have a pair of black with the Nike swoosh just below my knee. I like those though. Nothing beats clearance. I stumbled across a pair of Nike Pro Core shorts half price at Dick’s a few weeks ago—jackpot! 🙂 I too get super thirsty after eating peanut butter or anything packed with protein. It kind of makes sense. Protein takes some work for our bodies to break it down and process. Water is fuel! After I eat a Quest Bar which usually has 20 or 21 gm of protein, I chug a glass of water. I don’t do audio books or regular books. I read short stuff. The Huffington Post is my jam. No vacuum saving for me. But it looks like you made a good choice!


  4. As always a delicious showcase of eats! That raspberry bar looks delicious- Whole Foods is such a dangerous (yet amazing!) place to go to!


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