WIAW #41

Good morning y’all! Wow it is hard to believe that it is April today. I have been busy the past week looking for a new job. My current contract is up next month and I need to figure out where I want to go for the next 3 months. I have applied to some jobs back in Arizona but am thinking possibly Colorado or Washington. I had hoped to have a license to work in California be approved but it seems to be taking a long time and won’t be ready yet. Any suggestions for me?!? Time for another weekly look at another day of food thanks to Jenn and the weekly WIAW series.

I have thought about switching up my breakfast but am honestly enjoying the how good Kodiak Cakes taste and how easy they are to whip up each morning. I went to a different farmer’s market this past weekend and they had no fresh berries so a juicy gala apple has returned.
IMG_1980After a busy morning I made it home around lunch and was starving. I had a mix of quick snack like items. I had a star reward that was expiring so last week I picked up this new to me green juice from Starbucks. Definitely not sure it was worth the $6 regular price but free was ok.
IMG_2114I also had Nuttzo on some rice cakes
IMG_2096And a red Gala apple that was so juicy and sweet. It tasted like a fresh summer apple. Excellent!
IMG_2113I spent the afternoon looking for some new workout capris. I am having a hard time finding a pair that are long enough and don’t ride down. I have a pair of Fabletics which are ok but I need more than one pair. I did go to Lululemon for the first time and tried a few pairs on. I just couldn’t bring myself to pay the $90….is lululemon worth it? Any tall girl suggestions? While I was out I picked up another pack of locally brewed beer that was great. I sipped on a cold one while preparing supper
IMG_2111I had saw these organic sweet potatoes at the farmer’s market and thought it would be great for supper. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with it though. I have made ‘fries’ in the oven before but they just seem to go mushy and not crispy. I decided to bake this spud and use it as a taco like vessel. I defrosted some ground buffalo and topped it with bell pepper, cucumber, salsa, and guac. It was AMAZING! I will totally be making this again soon!
IMG_2107Added a salad on the side with some chopped daikon that I also picked up at the market.
IMG_2108Ended the day snacking on some frozen cherries and strawberries
IMG_2112Hope you all have a great first week of April and enjoy some wonderful spring food!

Are you a sweet potato fan?
Any tips or fav ways to enjoy them?
Any suggestions on where in the country I should get a new job at? 🙂


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4 Responses to WIAW #41

  1. Lulu can seam expensive but they really are worth it. The quality is fantastic and they last forever!


  2. Great eats! I love your glass {the one your beer was in}. I love sweet potatoes…if they’re roasted and add cinnamon…or some honey, cinnamon, and allspice…they’re really good!


  3. marylegare says:

    Come to Charleston, SC! I’m sure we have plenty of openings for RNs. You’d love it here! 🙂


    • Thanks Mary! Charleston has been on my bucket list for a place to go. There are a few rural jobs in NC right now but non in SC. I am looking though. Hopefully one day I can check out the area 🙂


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