WIAW #37

Good Wednesday Morning! It is hard to believe that it is March already! Hoping that spring weather will start to appear soon and the cold winter temps will go away soon. This weekend I signed up for a one month trial newcomer special at a local Pure Barre studio. I was looking for an activity or class that worked with my schedule and didn’t require a long term monthly commitment. After seeing a lot on the web about barre I took the plunge and joined. What a different but challenging workout. My legs were shaking and are still sore! The instructors seem really nice and each class has been a different variety of movements. While I am not hooked yet I can see the attraction to it.
IMG_2030After forgetting to pick up apples I stocked up last week again. I usually buy galas but they didn’t look that good this week so I got the granny smith instead. Crispy and juicy! I also opened a bag of Dunkin Donuts Blueberry coffee that I had in the cupboard. It is amazing! Two thumbs up
IMG_2029Mid morning tea break along side some of these tasty apricots.
IMG_2027I have been trying to come up with new easy dinner ideas to take to work. Last night I broiled some brussel sprouts and frozen artichoke hearts and added some ground bison and salsa. Quick, easy, and tasty!
IMG_2028On Sunday evening I enjoyed the return of The Good Wife while snacking on a bowl of frozen cherries and Mango (and some of the always delicious TJ Cat Cookies)
IMG_2026Hope you all have a great rest of the week. I am hoping that the weather gets warmer here and I can start exploring some of the outdoor activities around Dallas.
Have you tried a barre class at all?

I am happy about the return of Jenn’s WIAW linkup. It is a fun weekly event that I enjoy participating it. Head over to her site and check it out!


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