WIAW #36

Hello! Time for another visit this week. I have been trying to survive this cold stormy weather in Dallas….(which people tell me is very unseasonable for this area). I can’t wait to return to the warmth of Arizona in a few months! I have clearly lost my ability to tolerate winter weather haha! Hope you all are staying warm inside if you are dealing with this nasty blast of winter weather. Now onto a look at some of the meals I have created this week.
IMG_2007I had a craving for strawberries the other day when I saw them on sale at Costco. I picked up the fresh ones and they were ok but kinda disappointing and tough. I grabbed a bag of frozen berries a couple days later and have been adding them to my breakfast and lunch.
IMG_2010Coffee and tea while snuggled on the couch under a blanket with a side of magazines and netflix and Amazon Prime. Have you guys seen the new series Bosch on Amazon Prime? I just finished binge watching it and was completely hooked by the end of it. I haven’t read any of the books but am a fan of the Law & Order tv genre. I highly recommend checking it out if you like those types of shows.

IMG_2003I am still trying to find a dinner meal routine/ideas that work with this new work schedule for the next few months. I work the afternoon/evening shift Mon-Fri so I need to pack a supper each day. I was browsing The Fresh Market and spotted this frozen roasted veggie pizza. I decided to give it a try and added some sun dried tomatoes before cooking it. It was quite good. It had a thin multi-grain crust which didn’t taste overly fake and there were large pieces of vegetables on it. It was a an easy meal to take to work for 2 days.
IMG_1988This weekend I stocked up on some salmon and baked a fillet on Sunday night. I was craving some fish and this ended up cooking perfectly. I can sometimes…(often) accidentally overcook salmon but this was just right. I added on some of the Mom’s Gourmet Wow-a Chihuahua seasoning blend that was awesome. Costco had a great deal on asparagus so I quick boiled a bunch to go on the side.
IMG_1999I popped up a bowl of this new popcorn to snack on after supper. The kernels pop up a lot smaller than usual but it still tastes the same.
IMG_2009 Hope you all stay warm and spring weather can hopefully start to appear.

Have any of you been to Shreveport LA? I just found out it isn’t a far drive and have been wondering if it is worth a visit over a weekend?
I am planning a weekend trip to Austin soon…any tips or suggestions are welcomed.
Are you a Netflix or Amazon Prime viewer? Any recent favs? I am looking forward to season 3 of House of Cards!

I have been a long time reader of Jenn’s WIAW series and have really enjoyed her hosting the linkup each week. Over the past few weeks the linkup has a had to be moderated and put on hold due to too many unrelated off topic posts being linked up. It is a shame and I hope at some point the link up can return and its original intention and everyone can just ‘play by the rules’.


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